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Beautiful Penis, Complicated Relationship Status.

Weird things are happening and I don’t like it at all. I want my Jock back. My Beautiful Tattooed Jock. I need him back. I want my silverback gorilla! 🙁 Geek Boy… Well. I’m not really sure where to start. Things started to get very hot despite the fact I… Read more »

Here We Go Again. 

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So. The fucking Ex. She’s back. Jock and I had been sailing along just splendidly for a while. Well, not exactly splendidly but we were doing OK. To be fair, nothing exciting had happened in a while. It was inevitable that something would go to shit. It just had to… Read more »

If She Shaves Her Bikini Line For You, You’d Better Put Out!

Right guys – this is something you NEED to know. If the woman in your life shaves her legs or bikini line for you, and you don’t put out, you’re a fucking idiot. My other half is a great guy but he’s pretty dumb sometimes. For example, if you’re a… Read more »

Dating a Man With Kids…

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Actually wrote this a couple of days ago (before the fight) but forgot to post it. Shan’t waste it! 😉 Is it actually possible to be a bit jealous of an eight year old child? It’s a question I’ve been thinking about for a while, but I know the sort… Read more »

Things Girls Think About When Her Bloke Goes Down On Her

I came across a pretty funny post on the Lad Bible on Facebook. In fact, Bestie shoved it down my face like he does with so many of their funny and sometimes quite offensive posts. 14 Things Blokes Think When Going Down On Women was the post in question, and… Read more »

I Bought a Dress.

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So guys and girls, I’ve bought this dress. The Bestie I’ve Never Had a Dalliance With and I are going to a party Saturday night. We are heading out to celebrate the engagement of two of our friends. It’s a pretty smart affair; Bestie has bought a new pair of… Read more »

Emotional Hoarding: The Hubby’s Letter

In a previous post (The Nation of (Emotional) Hoarders), I talk about the little things that we keep from past lovers – all those love letters and mementos of the romantic and adorable times you had together. I mentioned a letter that my Hubby had sent me, apologising for punching me… Read more »

You’re Probably the Best I’ve Ever Had.

Things have been plain sailing with Jock and I recently. You can probably tell – the blog is always quiet when there is nothing going wrong. There is only so many times you can say “I’m in love!” before someone slaps you around the face and tells you to man… Read more »

Today it’s August 9th…

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If you have been reading my blog for some time now, you may already know about August 9th. For those of you that don’t, and also for those of you that simply don’t remember, let me educate you. August 9th is My Mr. Grey’s birthday. Do you know what that… Read more »