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Beautiful Penis, Complicated Relationship Status.

Weird things are happening and I don’t like it at all. I want my Jock back. My Beautiful Tattooed Jock. I need him back. I want my silverback gorilla! 🙁 Geek Boy… Well. I’m not really sure where to start. Things started to get very hot despite the fact I… Read more »

Here We Go Again. 

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So. The fucking Ex. She’s back. Jock and I had been sailing along just splendidly for a while. Well, not exactly splendidly but we were doing OK. To be fair, nothing exciting had happened in a while. It was inevitable that something would go to shit. It just had to… Read more »

Dating a Man With Kids…

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Actually wrote this a couple of days ago (before the fight) but forgot to post it. Shan’t waste it! 😉 Is it actually possible to be a bit jealous of an eight year old child? It’s a question I’ve been thinking about for a while, but I know the sort… Read more »

Emotional Hoarding: The Hubby’s Letter

In a previous post (The Nation of (Emotional) Hoarders), I talk about the little things that we keep from past lovers – all those love letters and mementos of the romantic and adorable times you had together. I mentioned a letter that my Hubby had sent me, apologising for punching me… Read more »

He Lied.

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One Ball met from me from work. As did the Bestie I’ve never had a dalliance with. We went for coffee, chatted, laughed, joked… It was a pretty awesome evening. It made me very happy to see my Bestie and my new guy getting along so well. Until the Bestie… Read more »