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Life After LLETZ – What They Don’t Tell You

Right, peeps, this post isn’t going to be a pretty one. You’re not going to want to read it and it’ll probably make you squirm if you do. I’m going to tell you my story of what happened once I was diagnosed with High-Grade Dyskaryosis, before then having a colposcopy, and requiring a procedure called LLETZ — Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone. Also known as LOOP, it is invasive and pretty painful even though they say it won’t be. You can read more about the actual procedure here:

#SmearForSmear: From Normal Girl to High-Grade Dyskaryosis & Potential Cancer Scare No.2!

After LLETZ or LOOP treatment for those abnormal cells, life doesn’t go back to normal for a while. In fact, it can take up to four to six weeks for life to go back to complete normality. You can’t use tampons for four weeks, partake in any heavy lifting, have sex, go swimming, etc. You are likely to have some mild bleeding and it might make your next period/periods heavier. It might also put you at an increased risk of miscarriage and will also increase the chances of you not being able to carry a pregnancy full term. It’s funny how those things weren’t explained to me before I had the procedure done. It wouldn’t have affected my answer anyway; of course I would need to have LLETZ done. They have found precancerous cells on my cervix. Those bad boys have gotta go. It would have been nice if they had told me all of the risks beforehand though, you know?

The sanitary towels were the worst. If, like me, you’ve never used a sanitary towel in your life, not only will you not have a clue which ones to buy, but you won’t really know how to use them. I don’t know how much blood and stuff there’s meant to be in the pad before you change it. I also don’t know how come it doesn’t matter how big the towels are, blood and stuff always manages to end up on my underwear somewhere. Not being able to use tampons is killing me. I’m not a big pant kinda gal, nor am I a sanitary towel one either. There’s no way you can’t see the outline of the towel if you take a closer look at my ass, I’m sure of it.

For the first few days after having the LLETZ treatment, I had no bleeding at all. I had some clear, slippery discharge tinged with a bit of brown (*sorry for the TMI – girls SHOULD talk about this stuff more!), but no blood. The next day, I had a vomiting fit (caused by my other bowel/digestive problems) dislodged something inside me with all the heaving, a small scab fell out into the toilet and I had the tiniest bit of blood. I panicked, of course, but it soon stopped. At that point, because nothing else was happening (no discharge), I figured I could go without sanitary towels as they are very uncomfortable to wear and seem to agitate my chuff. A LOT!

Then, four days after the treatment, I figured I would test the waters with a cheeky little bit of solo play. Don’t do this. I’m not sure if it was the contracting of my orgasm or whatever, but something happened up there and within ten minutes, I started bleeding. Now, I’m not sure if it was the orgasm that caused it, or my period (which would have arrived four days early, had it been that), but I haven’t stopped bleeding and so far it’s been over 48 hours. Fresh, bright red blood. It doesn’t look like time of the month stuff, you know? It’s redder and fresher than that.

See, no one told me about any of this. No one told me how long I would need to wait before I could masturbate or have an orgasm. I didn’t use a vaginal toy because I’m not allowed to insert stuff into my vagina for at least four weeks, but I thought it might be OK to ‘double click the mouse’, so to speak.

I would advise against this, ladies. Maybe leave it a bit longer than I did before you test the waters. For fuck’s sake.

See, I know what you’re asking: why is she telling us all this stuff? I’m telling you this stuff because it’s all stuff I didn’t know. I thought I knew what was going to happen, but in reality, I had no clue what was about to unfold in front of me or the magnitude of it. Surely the fact that you can’t touch your nether regions for four weeks would tell you how serious the operation was, despite them calling it things like “simple”, “low-risk”, etc.? This is an actual operation to remove precancerous cells from the parts of you that are meant to give life, not take it. I won’t apologise for talking about the crap coming out of my nether regions because I wouldn’t mean it if I did. I wish someone would have told me these things before I went in and had that awful LLETZ procedure done. My chuff is ruined. Bits have been taken out of it. It was fine before. I always liked my chuff. I’m sad for my chuff right now.

(It’s not ruined, it just feels that way right now.)

The thing that annoys me the most is that this whole scenario has been caused by the HPV virus. It’s a sexually transmitted infection. They don’t talk about how you’re going to feel once you find out you had that godawful virus in your body. From what I can work out, because medical professionals seem to be very reluctant to talk about it with me, all precancerous cells are caused by a strain of the HPV virus which many of us have without any symptoms. Some strains cause genital warts and herpes and some cause cancer. I think those are strains 16 and 18 but, again, I’m not 100% sure about that.

I don’t know if I have tested positive for HPV and that’s the scariest thing. I don’t know if it is something I can pass on to the man I sleep with. How long have I had HPV for, if I have tested positive for it? How many of the men in my past would I need to contact? Do I even need to contact them at all? When I asked the female doctor over the phone whether or not I had tested positive for it, she said if I had been tested, it would be noted on the letter that told me about the high-grade dyskaryosis. It didn’t, so she was sure whether I did or didn’t have it. She couldn’t answer the question.

When I went in for the colposcopy and LLETZ treatment I asked the gynaecologist whether or not I would be HPV positive and he couldn’t answer the question either. I would be tested for it at my next smear and colposcopy examination in six months, apparently. So what does that mean for me now? I’m in a new relationship with my Someone New – is HPV something I can pass on to him? If I can, is it really worth me embarking on a new relationship all the time I’m going through this? It’s hardly fair on him, is it? Or myself for that matter. But that aside, why can’t anyone answer my questions? What does this all mean for my sex life? Why is everyone being so vague? What’s going on here that I don’t know about? Am I being paranoid?

It’s now been 6 days after the LLETZ procedure and I’ve been bleeding heavily and solidly for over 48 hours, although that could be down to an early period. I feel very under the weather, exhausted in fact. I have period pain-like cramps that are so much worse than period pain cramps, and only strong, prescribed painkillers are getting rid of the pain. Even then, only briefly.

Only three more weeks to go (hopefully) and life will be back to normal – no more bleeding, no more sex ban, no more weird pains. Maybe I’ll be lucky and it’ll mostly be over well before then? Let’s hope no bad biopsy results come back.

My body hates me right now.

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66 Thoughts to “Life After LLETZ – What They Don’t Tell You”

  1. Just a bit of info about the HPV test that might clear things up. They can test your initial cells (smear) for HPV (they do if there are low-grade cell changes), but they won’t have done because your high grade of changes meant you needed the colposcopy anyway. They probably don’t have your old smear any more, so that’s why they are saying they will do it at your next smear. Basically, there’s no treatment for it so the only reason to want to know if you have it is because some types raise your chances of getting cervical cancer, and since they are treating you for pre-cancer cells anyway, they won’t be worried about your HPV status for now. You body clears it by itself, within a couple of years usually. It may already have done so even if you once had it. Yes, you can pass it to Someone New if you do have it, although condoms can cut the chances (doesn’t eliminate it). No-one seems very worried about men and HPV, cos the only symptoms they get, if any, is genital warts (those types of HPV usually aren’t the ones that are the cervix-bothering ones tho, IIRC). That’s why they are being a bit vague – there’s no guidelines or protocol re HPV and preventing transmission – the attitude seems to be ‘if you have sex, you’ll probably get HPV at some point, there’s no treatment, your body will clear it, it might raise your chances of cervical cancer (not all types do), but hey ho, we’ll vaccinate girls and hope for the best.’ So in a nutshell, yes, you’re probs being paranoid 😉

  2. I always get quite excited when I see you’ve left me a comment because you always say the BEST things! When did you get so smart and wise lady?? Lol!

    Thanks for your comment, it’s definitely helped. I’ve been walking around for a week thinking I was a dirty disease whore that had slept with too many men and was now paying the price. It’s good to know thats not quite the case!

    Still waiting on results. One week gone. Have you noticed how much slower time goes by when you’re waiting to find out whether or not they need to cut more chunks out of the inside of you? Even when probably are being paranoid! 😉

    A new revelation though – gastro are all of a sudden somewhat worried about the ‘poo problems’. (Always back to the f***ing poo problems) and are now choosing to shove a camera down my throat. Doesn’t that sound like the worst? I’d rather they went back up my ass! Let’s hope my gag reflex keeps at bay…

    Ugh, more poking and prodding. I just can’t get a break. Love hearing from you though.
    Thank you xoxo

    1. Jessica Hicks

      Just been for my 6 month check up ?

      I had CIN 1, 2 and 3 in my Large Loop Excision biopsy.
      The lady (always forget what they’re called) told me that they had taken a large biopsy and a small sample of good cells from right the way around the bad ones to make sure they got it all.

      So i went for my check up today and she took another smear to make sure the severe dyskariosis area was fully removed and haven’t come back or starting to form again.
      I don’t think i had half as much bleeding as when i had the actual biopsy done, got auch bad cramps and bleeding as if im on.
      The lady said there was like a puss button or something (basically the wound healing, not actually puss or anything but cant for the life of me remember what the actual term was she used, thats what formed in my head! ?) and as she needed a sample she’s opened up the wound pretty much ?
      Not sure if im back on sex ban or not but i was looking forward to actually getting down to it with my partner but now im so put off and in pain, just guessing its back to sex ban for another couple weeks while i reheal!

      But all jokes and pain aside, im grateful the lady has taken it thoroughly to make sure its not back or whether i have HPV thats caused it or not.

      Actually relieved to find this blog where we dont have to feel ashamed. Ive been told i may have got it this way as 1. i may have missed the HPV vaccination at school or 2. i have underactive thyroid which is an autoimmune disfunction meaning my bodys not 100% fighting illnesses well enough to stay well like most fighting fit ladies and gents.

      1. Abbey

        Hi, imposing now lol. I don’t have my 6 month check up till April and after reading what you have said I’m getting a little worried, I had HPV and I had CIN2 and I have had nothing but issues since I got it removed in October, I got PID and really bad periods and pains and I come on between 4-7 days before I’m due but I get little bleeds through out and I think I manage maybe 5 days where I don’t have to wear a pad or pantyliner! Due to the fact if I’m not bleeding I have god awful discharge which to me I think smells really bad and makes it so my sex life isn’t as it should be and even when I do get down and dirty with my other half I end up with blood spots after which then stops us from having our time. I’m alway in some sort of pain and it gets me down so much, the reason I’m worried is because if I haven’t healed by the 6 month mark how much longer will it take and will I be in even more pain after the check up. I know you have only had yours today so you won’t know how long it will last but did you have any similar symptoms like I’m experiencing?

        Thanks in advance ?

      2. Ger h

        I have had a underactive thyroid since i was twelve and this year a blood test showed i was gone over active, then my smear test came back abnormal, had colosopy and biopsy done , 3 weeks later was told need lletz treatment for cin 3 , im all over place at min but I think that change in thyroid and smear are all connected threw hormones, so my thyroid was probably warning me in a way , sounds funny but it’s what I think . And this waiting is a nightmare between each visit, treatment and results.

  3. Rose bud

    Hi, im grateful u write above the lletz, I hd mine almost three weeks ago, and I already hd sex 2 times. My gynecologist didnt told me anything obt do and don’t. Im bleeding after having sex. Its now from your articles that im being aware of no sex. Just two weeks aft my lletz, I had genitals herpes. Im married and I hd never been infidel. Right now im so tensed, feeling like dirt, so many question arising in my mind, Did I hd dormant herpes before wedding, did I infect my hubby. When will I stop bleeding. I really need help n support .

  4. Kristine

    Hi there ladies,

    I had the same experience with not really knowing what to expect after I had that lletz thing for cin3. You seem relatively normal girls like me and I couldn’t be annoyed reading through some of the other bullshit forums telling me it didn’t hurt lol. Or that the f##### colposcopy was going to take nearly an hour with my legs in the air. Now I need to ask yas, I’m about 8 weeks after the lletz now. Woke up 2 weeks ago on a Japan flag bit more bright than normal aunt flo and I’ve had bright red bleeding on and off even prior to the lletz. Which by the way can happen from cin3 but they blamed my contraception until they were wheeling me to surgery lol Anyone else had this? Few pains here n there aswell. Seems to daft to ask but when should we see the doc again?

    1. Jellybaby

      Hi ladies,
      I had a lettz done 3 weeks ago I had cin 1 cin 2 cin 3 I also have hpv . I can’t walk far without vomiting I still can’t lift/carry heavy things. I had a period a week ago. I’m experiencing a very sore stomach that’s making me feel unwell and a severe headache. I also had a red rash down on my neither regions last week. I can’t do anything anymore life has gotten harder and it’s harder to cope and nobody understand what I’m feeling… it’s making me feel very low…

  5. Dani

    Hi! I just came across your post and appreciate your honesty sooo much! It’s been refreshing, I feel like a lot of people beat around the bush a lot!!
    I had my Lletz treatment a week ago today, I’ve been fairly lucky with only a small amount of discharge, similar to what you mentioned. Thankfully no bleeding yet. I’ve had a few small period pains but nothing major. It’s my birthday in 2 weeks and I was hoping to reward myself (and my boyfriend) around then (it’ll be 3 and a half weeks by then ) wow I’ve never counted down to sex before…… I’m hoping 3 and a half weeks will be ok but I am worried and I don’t want to start bleeding 🙁 the doctors also don’t tell you the emotional effects. I cried like a baby the first night after my treatment, the stress, relief and then panic that it wasn’t over yet! I’ve felt so sluggish and don’t feel clean at all wearing pads constantly. Glad someone else feels my pain! X

  6. on the 5th of April 2017 I had lletz procedure done to me at the private clinic I’m a mother of 3 and a type 2 diabetic before lletz and biopsy I feel no pain at all but pap smear result requested my doctor to go for lletz even through I don’t feel any pain , is that normal to have lletz while feel no pain only small blood clot came out after I have sex with my partner it happen only twice and after smear test they did lletz for me up until today I feel no pain Why? but I’ve never done sex I’m waiting for six week and its driving me crazy

  7. Nancy

    I had lletz yesterday and I feel so auful.the imotional trauma that comes with it is terreble I think they should put one into counseling before the procedure.

    1. Queatlez

      I know I’m a bit late to this, but I totally agree that there should be some more sensitivity from the nurses/doctors who perform the procedure. I had a full on breakdown with the speculum in me crying uncontrollably. Luckily my husband was in the waiting room and I asked them to fetch him. I don’t know how I would have made it through if he weren’t there.

      Honestly, they act like it’s any old body part. It’s not. Especially to us who have experienced some sort of sexual violation in the past. I found it very tough to deal with and it was painful for me.

      Also, they’re not really forthcoming about what this means. I’m an educated woman, if you won’t give me the info, I’m going to find it elsewhere, so why not just give me the info.

      And for the love of god, tell me before you stick in the speculum and before you adjust that fucker. Then I won’t jerk and wince in pain each time you do it.

      1. Loz

        Yes! I had the same experience.
        I ended up have a lletz under general anathestic.
        Can someone tell me how long this awful black discharge lasts for?!

        1. Jez

          Hey. I had a LLETZ about 5 weeks ago. I didn’t have any black discharge as such. I had a slippery yellowy discharge for about a week, and then I started bleeding a bit. I had what I thought was my usual period around the 2 weeks mark (I’m lucky – they are short and light) but at around the 3 week mark I thought I was haemorrhaging I was bleeding so heavily! Thankfully that only lasted for a couple of days, but it left me feeling so tired and totally drained. The slight discharge continued for about another week and thankfully since then I’ve been all good.

          Got my results yesterday saying that the changes go higher up and that I need repeat treatment. Bit scared but trying not to panic.

  8. Char

    Argh, FINALLY a page that has a tonne of rugged truths to it. I had Lletz done with local anaesthetic last week due to CIN3. It hurt. Like so bad. I cried during the procedure and cried after (not even really a crier, and pain threshold is pretty high – I played netball 15 mins after a root canal, aint no thang).
    I described it to my friends as feeling like being f***ed by a transformer with lava on the end of its d*ck.
    After it was done I was pretty crampy for like a day or two off and on, and not too strong, more like period cramps. Mostly just kinda felt violated in a way? Feeling very vulnerable and oh so needy!! When they say no sex for 2 weeks after, I actually don’t even think a guy could stand to be around me long enough to get it in right now, full wild banshee mode.
    Today is day 6, nothing but watery weirdness so far. Not a fan of feeling like a baby knockin about in a wet nappy. Pads suck, this no sex business is rubbish and the no exercise is absolutely devastating. I’m hoping to try a tiny workout on the crosstrainer tonight to test the waters (ha like literally). No impact so hoping if I go easy it’ll be ok. Overall though, I just havent had the bounce in my step since. So tired. Very emotionally unstable and feeling nauseas – though I think its that over-tired nausea maybe. Anyway this forum has been the best so far – I was getting sick of these woman who say the procedure was a walk in the park, and they felt no pain – sooo not relatable!!!

  9. Rethabile

    I have been diagnosed of HPV 16 – 18 and my Doctor has recommended that i go for LLETZ surgery and my appointment has been done already.
    Please tell me of any side effects that i should be aware of. I am 32, do not have any children; is this not going to affect my chances of having children too?

    Please help

  10. Tink

    Rethabile, I’m 34 and had two LLETZ precedures this year ? I was told in respect of having kids the procedure can increase your chance of a preemie baby and miscarriage slightly, but it very much depends on how much of the cervix they have to remove. However, I was also told if there is concern during pregnancy they can ‘stitch’ the cervix to ensure you carry to term. All in all it doesn’t sound like it affects it too much. I specifically asked as I also have no kids. In respect of side effects expect period type pains. I considered mine to be worse than a normal period and needed codiene for the pain, last about a week then could manage with paracetamol/ibuprofen for the next week or so. I only suffered discharge but think some have bleeding. Hope that helps!

  11. Rethabile

    August 9, 2017 at 8:48 pm
    I have been diagnosed of HPV 16 – 18 and my Doctor has recommended that i go for LLETZ surgery and my appointment has been done already.
    Please tell me of any side effects that i should be aware of. I am 32, do not have any children; is this not going to affect my chances of having children too?

    Please help

  12. Kstar

    Hi Rethabile,
    As far I was ever told was it doesn’t affect your chances of getting pregnant at all. However, in some cases during pregnancy they may need to put a stitch or 2 in your cervix as an aid the pressure of pregnancy.

  13. Mel rowntree

    Hi. I had lletz on tuesday. Very heavy bleeding since. Ended up in hosp to stem bleed. Had another procedure done for that. All the docs keep telling me is to not bath or shower for 4 weeks. Is this right? Im dying for a bath 🙁 xx

    1. Annelies

      I ended up in hospital for 2 nights about 3 weeks after my surgery. The bleeding has finally stopped 7 days after my haemorrhaging. But now I have this stabbing pain and a swollen tummy. Few like an idiot everytime I go to the doctor because they tell me it’s all fine without actually checking me. It’s all part of it they say.
      I’m married and haven’t had sex for 4 weeks now. My yummy is so sore it has made me very insecure and sad about the whole sex thing. Has anyone experienced the stabbing pains without bleeding too ?
      Thank you !!

  14. Kstar

    Hi there, yes that sounds right not to bath. I did get an infection about 3 weeks after the lletz from bathing even with anti septic in the water. Not worth risking the infection it was grim!

    1. Nicole

      Hi I had my lletz 10 days ago under GA didn’t really feel anything other than slight period pains and very light bleeding untill day 8 all of a suddon I started bleeding I couldn’t get off the loo for over an hour 4 pairs of trousers in 2hours and 14 sanitary towels I went to a&e was put on a ward got told I have an infection they packed me out to stop the bleeding and out me on 2 different antibiotics through a drip for 24 hrs which made me sick feverish and feeling completely shitty and medication to stop the bleeding they don’t know what has caused the infection. I was told i could bath after having the op so i did daily could that be the reason?? Also never got told about heavy lifting I am a mother of 3 and a community carer so I’m up and down like a yoyo. I am really scared even the thought of letting my partner back down there I feel violated. I definitely do not feel the same way I also have the hpv infection and feel dirty and currently awaiting biopsy results my mood is unbearable. After losing my mother to cancer 5 months ago and all this I’m an emotional wreck my mother never had this procedure although her smear came back abnormal 14 yrs ago and the doctors/nhs writing to her continually she always said she didn’t want to know we then found out in March she had 2 tumours on the brain and within 4 weeks had passed away my mum they said they couldn’t find the primary cancer or where it had started but I’m sure if my mum had found out and gone through this 14 yrs ago then she may still be here now. I learnt a lot from my mum just wish it didn’t have to be this way . I wish you all the best with your personal journey x

  15. Claire

    Hello. It’s so nice to read these messages.
    I had my letz yesterday due to high grade
    Moderate changes and I must say I found the procedure awful. I really did bloody hurt and had to have 2 local injections as the first didn’t work and I nearly jumped out then chair when she started. I feel like utter shit today and so fatigued. Came home with about 15 gauzes up my foof as the bleeding wouldn’t stop.

    Told me it will be 3-4 weeks before I get my results ?

    1. Claire

      So today 11 days after the procedure I bloody hemorrhage. So back to hospital is was to get more local and re-courtarised. Back to square one now for the healing process ? Has this happened to anyone else?

      1. notsosexinthecity

        Hey Claire,

        I’m so sorry to hear this! I had really bad bleeding after mine, but I wasn’t referred back to the hospital. I was given blood-stopping drugs and painkillers to make it stop, and they worked pretty well for me. Mefenamic acid and Tranexamic acid, I believe they were called.

        I’m sad that you had a crappy experience. Did it get any better for you?


      2. Annelies

        Yes happend to me. Spend 2 night in hospital because the said the extreme bleeding that they couldn’t stop came from an infection. Did they tell you why ?
        Now 7 days after my bleeding and 4 weeks after my surgery I have stabbing pains in my lower abdo. It scares me ! Hope you are ok by now.

  16. VAL

    Wow! Firstly I’d just like to say how refreshing this forum is compared to some of the others I’ve seen. I love everyone’s honesty! Really great to read you girlies being so open – so thank you!

    I’m now on day 7 after having my LLETZ procedure (I think I had CIN2) I found the whole procedure pretty awful! And I absolutely cannot stand the women who are saying it was like a walk in the park! I’ve got a couple of friends who’ve been through it in the past and either their memories are complete crap or they are just bloody clueless I duno! As they don’t seem to recall being in any pain or bleeding for days on end! Both telling me they were totally fine afterwards like it was just nothing! So I’m thinking it depends what CIN they had maybe but I duno! All I know is that I had a lot of water gushing stuff right after the procedure! Then light bleeding for the last 5 days a lot like spotting – dark red/ brown & copper colour with what’s seemed to be discharged colour! And now all of a sudden (day 6) just as I’m getting ready for bed out of nowhere I start bleeding BRIGHT RED blood – really runny! Leaked right through the little pantie liner I had on through my knickers and onto my bed!!! I panicked and really freaked out! The nurse gave me a piece of paper after the procedure blabbing on all about no tampons no swimming no sex etc and right at the end of the letter it says if your suddenly start bleeding heavy bright red to get to bed and elevate your legs & if the bleeding doesn’t stop to contact the GP! So now I’m like WTF!!? I’m in slight pain and discomfort but have been experiencing slight cramps, some sharp shooting pains & some horrible dull pulling pains ever since the procedure! So not sure if the pain I’m feeling now is any different…oh & to top it all off my period was actually due on Sunday but it didn’t come so I’m now 3 days late. My period is never bright red blood and I have very light periods so I don’t think it’s my period! Or could it be?! I’m so confused! I think it’s a bit of a piss take that we don’t get more details about the after effects of LLETZ! Like the paper I was given doesn’t say anything about what this bleeding means! But it bloody says it’s happens rarely! But reading the forums it doesn’t sound rare at all!!! What is all this bleeding about please?! I’ve had enough!

    1. notsosexinthecity

      Hey Val! Thanks for reading & leaving your comment. I’m definitely in agreement that there isn’t enough information on this.

      Re: your bleeding … I had truly awful periods for a while after the actual procedure, and I bled on and off for quite a long time too. At one point, I was in so much pain with so much blood, I was given a combination of drugs which were meant to stop the bleeding and the pain. They made me sleep a lot. I want to say mefenamic acid and tranexamic acid … ? Something along those lines anyway. They both worked — the bleeding stopped and the pain subsided. I had a few of the painkillers left over and found they worked great for the worst of my period pains the months following too.

      For quite a long time, my body seemed to be all over the place. I bled randomly, for no reason. I attempted to have sex a few weeks (7 or 8, I believe) after the procedure and was in agony. I bled terribly too. I also know of a hundred and one other women who seemed to have no problems with this procedure, but it was the worst thing I’d ever done. I thought I needed it a second time around and I cried for two hours at the very thought of it. I think some women are lucky and some aren’t … I wasn’t. From what the doctors tell me, I had all the worst-case scenarios: non-stop bleeding, painful sex for months afterwards, bleeding during and after sex for months afterwards, the worst cramps I’ve ever felt in my life. I actually imagine it to be like childbirth. I don’t know what childbirth feels like, but that’s how I think it’ll feel.

      Everything (pain, random heavy bleeding) lasted for about 3 or 4 months if I remember rightly. Life did go back to normal, but I do still bleed irregularly. My cycles used to be every 28 days on the dot, now they’re even more sporadic than they were before. My last 7, for example, read 28 days, 30 days, 29 days, 19 days, 30 days, 26 days, 20 days … My period used to be 3 days, 4 at most, and now it’s 5 or 6 days.

      My story wasn’t the best but I hear they’re not all that bad … I hope yours gets better, but don’t forget to keep us updated!

  17. Mon

    Hi ladies.

    Thanks so much for these posts they really helped clear some of my concerns.

    I had the Lletz procedure done on 27th September and I must admit I have never hurt so much down there. I was fortunate enough not to have the bleeding, however now a week and a half after having the procedure done I have a brownish/ dirty red looking discharge and the smell is horridness!!! ?

    I ser my gyno again on Friday the 13th but this smell and discharge is a bit concerning and was wondering if any of yous experienced the smell?

    My period is also now 3 days late, I never had irregular periods before and that worries me too as hubby and I started trying to conceive two months ago. Did this procedure screw with my chances of falling pregnant now???

  18. Amanda

    Hello everyone, was good to read all these posts, was reassuring that i wasn’t the only one experiencing the smell, pain, and irregular bleeding.
    I had my lletz treatment 5 months ago approximately. It was thankfully not painful for me, but the smell of the discharge after was horrendous, my periods have been really heavy and long since, used to be four days or so and now is over a week and very heavy.
    I also experience bleeding after sex, and randomly through the month.
    So yeah apparently offensive smell is normal, i carried baby wipes with me and used them between pad changes to help make me feel a bit fresher.
    And apparently irregular periods, heavy periods, and bleeding between periods are normal too.
    But does anyone know if this is always going to be the case or will it eventually settle down??
    As to the question of conception after lletz treatment i haven’t a clue. I really would phone for medical advice on this one.

    1. Sheusheu

      Hi all! Day 10 after LEEP for CIN 2 and 3. Started spotting only on day 3 and since then just teeny spots hardly anything and this watery strange smelly discharge that I have chalked up to the stench of the remaining precancerous cells washing themselves out? It’s a guess. I had a fiddle about also and no problems at all. Orgasm fine. No bleeding at all. Pelvic pain is rough today. The more I do around the house the worse the pelvic pain gets. So. I’m trying to force myself to stay put. I have never ever wanted a bath so bad!

  19. Charlotte

    Hi all such a good page I have mine done a week on monday and im so scared of heammraging or bleeding heavy im thinking of not having it done plz help

    1. Amanda

      If i was going to do it all again, i would definitely ask more questions. One being if i choose not to have the procedure what would be the out come. Would it definitely lead to cancerous cells.
      I imagine everyone reacts differently to the procedure.
      But this erratic bleeding is wrecking my head. A small price to pay though if it means cancerous cells are avoided.
      Make a list of all the questions and ask them, a professional is the person best to talk to.

  20. Kstar

    Hi Charlotte,
    As of Tuesday of this week I now have a normal functioning cervix lol. I had mine done in January of this year. Don’t back outve it, the longer you leave it the worse it will be to get rid of just go for it. This forum will defo have you prepared. If it’s too painful tell them it’s too much. Take painkillers before you go and go to the loo it’s get a bit cold lol.

  21. Kerrie Magee

    Ugh this is really freaking me out , I have an appointment on Monday for lletz treatment for cin3 and I really don’t want to get it !! I am TERRIFIED!! I had twins 3 years ago and went through over a year of extremely heavy periods so even every month I still worry if I will bleed heavily and this procedure I am faced yet again with facing this trauma ?

  22. Michelle

    Hi everyone, just seen all your comments on this forum and it seems to be one the best I’ve read.. I’m looking for a bit of advice really, seeing if anyone has had a similar experience.. I had a colposcopy & loop diathermy last Tuesday, the whole procedure was horrible, uncomfortable & just felt asif even when they numbed me.. it still hurt, still felt everything they burned away so much and since the second day I’ve had black discharge with tissue and a foul smell, I’ve had sudden severe stabbing pains in my ovary and constant shooting pains in my lower abdomen and pain in my lower back, I seen the gp (who seemed totally hopeless, clearly knew nothing about the procedure & looked at me asif I was daft!) anyway.. I got antibiotics that was 4 days ago and there’s still no change other than more black discharge.. I feel horrible & im just dying to feel better.. never mind the nagging fear of the biopsy results.. although if margins are clear they have removed any precancerous cells but the not knowing is driving me crazy! I have two young children and feel like I can’t concentrate on them due to my worrying & the pain. Anyone else had an experience like this? Thanks. X

  23. Deb

    Hi Michelle
    Just thought I’d reply seen as I had lletz on the 5th of Oct looks like just before you,for cin2 still waiting on results the lletz treatment wasn’t so bad for me but really bad pain 3 days later which as now got better lasted almost a week the discharge is still going strong atm but just a slight smell I had what you described as stabbing pains twice yesterday but if your feeling unwell in yourself and the discharge is causing you concern get this checked by your go ok but hang in there it does get better I hope your feeling better soon ?

    1. Michelle

      Hi Deb thanks for your reply.. it puts my mind at ease when you hear someone else has similar symptoms as what I’m experiencing. I’ve had two children and the pain and just the feeling of being unwell and the memory of the actual procedure (which I watched on the monitor) for me personally was more painful (afterwards) than childbirth. I had a womb infection after my 2nd pregnancy and the symptoms other than the black discharge is exactly the same so don’t feel the antibiotics they gave me are strong enough or just aren’t working! Go gave me same antiobiotics they usually give for B.V, think I will make another doctors appointment & hopefully find the right medication so I can concentrate on healing and feeling better! I hope your healing well & quickly, TC, Michelle. X

  24. Kstar

    Hi Michelle & debs,
    Maybe it was just me but I was in pain before I had it done which seemed to improve then blew up again. I would describe the colposcopy as a party for the sadistic. I thought they were trying to find the lost catacombs of Egypt, felt like asking if a ladle would help but no they found cin3 with some lumpy bits lol. It does sound like an infection Michelle soz it took mine 2 weeks to heal and I still bleed irregularly. After some research online this could be triggered by stress ladies. I came across it at like 2.30am so I can’t find the link. So, we should try and De stress lol

    1. Deb

      Lol kstar that made me laugh there but your right ? as far as the stress goes it’s easy said than done ain’t it really I mean all the waiting about for my biopsy results I’m surprised I still have my hair lol well any way I got them finally I was told they were cin2 when I got my treatment well the smear said cin2 my biopsy came back cin3 ?? any way it’s been 4 weeks all is well atm discharge as stopped so getting easier just stressed abit about my next smear which is 6 mths frm now ? anyways I wish all you ladies well an hope u heal quickly an all the best to you too Michelle I hope your feeling much better XxxX

  25. Abbey

    Hi there,I’ve been searching google since having my procedure and can never find what I’m looking for. I had my learn treatment on thurs 5th Oct, 3 needs to numb which made helped a little bit not very much at all as it was soooo uncomfortable from start to finish. I had tiny bit of blood and discharge within a hour the pains started. Then the dark smelly disgusting discharge… yep I got an infection, don’t understand why because I took the next 3 days off work and rested. Anyways it wasnt till the tues that I was told I had an infection so 2 lots of strong antibiotics, I felt so tired, constant cramps in lower and upper abdomen, back ache, headaches (single mother of a 5 year so wasn’t easy) i have barely slept since with the pains and the tablets. My period came a few days early and oh my f**king god the pains intensified so much I wanted die! I’m guessing it was my period as I was due but only last 4 days, mine are usually 6 days long the blood was fresh and loghtigher than normal. It’s now almost 3 weeks later and I’m still getting sharp pains up my fu and in my stomach, I’m still sooo tired but better than after it happened. I have endulgeds in some fun with my other half. Which gave me cramps after but like you lot have said 4 weeks of no sex isn’t fun lol. Anyone have any symptoms like mine? I don’t know if to go back to the doctors for the 10th about it all. Still waiting on results from lletz but from what she told me I should be all clear *fingers crossed*
    Thanks in advance

  26. Benn

    I’m writing this for my wife who is Indonesian. She had lletz surgery which seemed to have been successful but around 3 weeks later she started bleeding profusely. The numerous clots were the size of oranges. When we went to the emergency department and told them what was happening the lady gave her a tampon and told her to wait. When I came back to the front desk with one of the clots as evidence along with a whole bunch of agrovation on my part, she was admitted. After 4 or more hours in emergency and with more clots coming out I started to get even more annoyed and frantic with the response we were getting. Thankfully by this time I had done some reading of websites including this one, which armed me with valuable information. Finally we were admitted to the gyno ward where the first arrogant doctor cane in and announced there’s nothing to worry about and they’ll monitor her overnight. At this point I lost my shit and said she is bleeding to death and all you want to do is monitor her. The nurse from emergency couldn’t tell how much blood had been lost as she wasn’t monitoring it. I told the doctor I want a full examination and that from what I’ve read whilst playing doctor google, that there is a procedure where the bleeding can be stopped by pouring acetic acid on the wound to cauterize the wound. This was diismissed as a possibility. Finally we got to see a doctor who was willing to examine her and straight away saw that the scab on the artery on her cervix was bleeding and squirting blood every time her heart beated. He cauterised it immediately and thankfully the wound healed and was successful.
    My advice is that should you find yourself in this position keep strong and demand further consultations/examinations until the doctors have found out what the hell is going on. I shudder to think what would have happened if my wife hadn’t gone to hospital and didn’t have me there to fight for her wellbeing. Ps all this happened at Frankston Hospital in Melbourne Australia

  27. mandy

    hi 3 weeks post lettz for cin3. I didnt have any pain during treatment. Some mild cramping and watery discharge with what looked like streaks of charcoal and a little blood up till 2 days ago.Had 1 day clear no towels then my period started today. beware around day 7 told by my GP it is common to get an infection which i did strong antibiotics worked.. Please also be aware that your iron levels can get low. Plain dark chocolate has lots so enjoy ladies

  28. Loz

    This has to be the best post I’ve read on this! I think I was a bit naive about it all, I got a letter after my smear to say I had severe dyskaryosis and they had arranged a colposcopy appointment for me. Straight away, I panicked thinking I had cancer! I text a friend who is a nurse and she reassured me that it’s very normal and she has also been before.My appointment letter arrived the next day and it was for in 2 days time so I didn’t have time to worry about it too much! When I got to the hospital the doctor said those words ‘pre cancerous cells’ and my mind went into overdrive! She said they would remove the abnormal cells (this wasn’t explained on my letter). The procedure itself i didn’t find painful, just very strange. Just felt like there was something fiddling around up there! Took about 20 minutes and at the end I was given a piece of paper that basically said; no swimming or baths for 2 weeks, no sex for 4 weeks, you may bleed for up to 4 weeks, your periods may be heavier/more painful for 3-4 months. I’m a very active person, I have a horse and I play hockey. I didn’t think to ask if I could carry on with these things as I don’t think I realised how serious the procedure actually is?! But they didn’t mention anything to do with exercise or taking it easy!!
    I was quite lucky in the fact I haven’t had any period pains or soreness, I’ve just been blessed with discharge and bleeding! So after 3 1/2 weeks I thought I’d be ok to have sex so me and my husband did, wasn’t painful but there was blood. I’ve bled on and off, not heavy, just randomly. Left the sex for another week, tried again, even more blood this time! Now I’m bleeding a little bit each time I go to the loo. Don’t want to risk it getting worse so wont be trying sex again for a while 🙁
    After reading all these replies I’m shocked at how little information is given! I feel if they had mentioned exercise then I wouldn’t still be bleeding 5 weeks later as I would have stopped riding and playing hockey and would have tried to take it a bit easier! And I wish they had mentioned the emotions, I’ve felt so crappy with myself and have just cried randomly a few times, my husband doesn’t know what to do with me!
    I’ve said if I’m still bleeding in another week I will make a docs appointment to see if they can give me anything!
    Thanks everyone, nice to know I’m not weird!! 🙂 on the plus side, I got my results back and its nothing worse than just the abnormal cells, just got to have another smear in 6 months.

  29. Vickie

    Wow I wish I had found this site a couple of weeks ago. I am 3 weeks post lletz under general. They attempted the local but there was issues. I had a black discharge for 2 weeks. I have been extremely tired and had 2 weeks off work. At 2.5 weeks I had a bright red bleed, wasn’t sure what it was. Went into emergency and found out I had a small tear and my blood was to thin. Went on antibiotics and blood thickening tablets. I
    have suffered from some pain in the area but found hot water bottles/ heat paks have helped. I am scared of the sex side of things as my partner works away and is due home next week and still don’t feel comfortable or confident. Thank you for all your comments. Glad i am not alibe in thid. The medical profession really do need to give more information. Once again thank you 🙂

  30. Tamara

    Hello ladies,
    Thank so much for all the info.
    I just had my LETTZ treatment 5 days ago. The treatment did not hurt at all, however, i recommended you to rest as much as possible at least 3 or 4 days after treatment. Since I did not have any symptoms the day after the treatment I went straight away to work and I start to bleed heavily, i think that because I work as a waitress and I am moving up and down cause me to bleed.
    Another symptom I am experiencing it is an odd smell from vaginal discharge. I don’t know if its normal or I should get worried. Have you experienced that while you were healing?

  31. Belle


    I had 2 lots of lletz treatments , the first one was because I had CIN 3 and the 2nd one was because I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, with the 2nd treatment on order to make sure all the cancer was gone and I had clear margins they took alot of my cervix this was on the 11th Dec, I recently got a letter to say that I had clear margins in my 2nd lletz and so I do not need any further treatment , the lletz itself was unpleasant, I have a tilted cervix which made the procedure even more difficult than it should be and it took over an hour.

    They lay you on a contraption of a bed and hoist your legs in stirrups and raise the bed up so your fufu is headlight for the colposcopist, I had about 6 injections into the cervix of anaesthetic, at this point my legs started uncontrollably shaking and I felt like my heart was going to jump out of it’s chest , the nurse then told me the injections contain adreanalin which helps with the bleeding? And that the leg and heart this is perfectly normal.
    In the letter it stayed i was not allowed to use moisturiser this was when I found out why , rhe nurse stuck a great big sticky pad to my leg with a load of wires coming out (my husband, who had insisted he come in with me god love him) asked what it was for, rhe nurse said it’s to ground you so you don’t get an electric shock from the machine (I am not sure if all of them are the same) .
    So the procedure begins, it I found it uncomfortable, I could still feel the tugging and movements and the smell of burning flesh made me feel sick, to make sure she got all the affected areas she kept moving the (Sorry forgot what it’s called) plastic thing they shove in you to open you up so that was painful as the injections do not numb the vag walls or openings etc.
    Once they removed everything they swabbed me in brown liquid which is another thing to help with the bleeding apparently.
    At this point I was told i had to wait 6 weeks minimum for sex, bath, heavy lifting, tampons etc etc

    I bleed straight away only light and pink but with black steaks and the most awful smelly discharge, I had to wear towels all the time and change them hourly just to get rid of the smell , I could smell it all the time (I contacted the nurse to ask if this meant infection and she said no the smell was normal and caused by the brown stuff they swabbed onto me after the procedure, thanks for the warning) so girls if you get a smell it’s vinergry acid smell then it’s normal from the gunk they put into you.
    The smell and light bleeding with black bits lasted a couple of weeks to which i then had my period, the worst period I’ve ever had , heavy and painful (my GP said this could last 3-6 cycles fab).
    I’ve been so tired and sore that I haven’t even thought about sex other than my husband asking me if I am ok for it yet but he totally understands (baring in mind that mine was actual cancer and not just CIN so there is more to it for me.
    Fast forward to today and I am suffering from pain in my lower abdomin and pelvis right down into my thigh , so bad that It makes me feel sick and dizzy, GP seems to think it’s not connected with the cancer/LLETZ but I’m not convinced and waiting for a scan.

    What the drs/nurses will never tell you is about the mental feelings , the crying because you smell and feel disgusting the fact my husband is scared to touch me for fear of hurting me or how about how you come home and tell your loved ones that you have pre cancerous cells or worse cancer and watch your mum break down in tears as her heart breaks and she is scared to death of loosing her daughter , to try and tall to your dad or brother about it all when it’s really difficult for them to understand the ‘women’s’ things.
    The letters coming through the post that say McMillan and scares the hell out of you before you open it it’s a hard hard time and nobody offers you help with all of this.

    I wish you all luck x

  32. Sharon

    In December 2017 I was told my pap smear was normal. Then in Jan 2018 gynae calls me to tell me the lab had sent the prior year report and in actual fact there is a problem and they can’t rule out a high grade lesion. So I’m booked to have a Lletz procedure this Friday – under GA – am terrified as I have already had breast cancer 7 years ago. And reading all the comments on how long and unpleasant the recovery can be, is scaring me even more.

  33. Sarah

    They tested me for HPV but I was negative, still had CIN2 changes to my cervix, which to me makes no sense? Also, they never told me if they did a LLETZ or cone biopsy? How do I know? They just said they would take as little as possible since I was young, they didnt even wait for a couple of years to have it done (like they usually do, Im 23, since most Cin2 blows over on its own in a couple of years… they did tell me it doesnt increase my chance of preterm labour, but studies online are all over the place. this one finds no risk, but a norwegian study found 17% gave birth before week 37, which is an insane amount (But I dont thinkt hey took things into account the same way as the british study). Im so confused, did I have a cone biopsy or LLETZ? Cause I also hear these are different in regards to risk, Im angry at the lack of information and terrified Ill give birth preterm (Im 7 weeks pregnant currently)

    Whatever they did, they used heat/laser, not a knife. And it took about 10-15 minutes, no general anasthesia just a shot in the cervix (which goddamned hurt lol). Can I have access to my medical files? To know wtf I had done and how much they removed, cause I also hear that matters…

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  35. Jade

    I just want to say thank you for this. I have been so worried. I had LLETZ on the 28th feb 2018 and I’ve only just calmed down with the bleeding. Nearly 4 weeks straight heavy bleeding.

    Your truth and honestly has helped a lot. Xx

  36. Yasmin

    Hi ladies
    I had the lletz procedure done on the 15th feb CIN2 and had sex 3weeks after also got a nasty infection ( due to a bubble bath that I wasn’t aware I had to avoid)
    I’ve had sex a couple of times since then and I’ve had some bleeding not bright red but a dark colour
    Also some discomfort whilst having sex
    I’m worried that the cells will come back or is it just that my cervix is still healing?? Some people have said no sex for 5 weeks and then 4 weeks with condoms but the gynaecologist said avoid for 2-3 weeks, I’m contemplating going back to the gyno I wish they told me everything even the gory details so I know exactly what to avoid
    Does anyone have any similar experiences??
    Yaz x

  37. Lola

    Hi everyone!
    I read this after my lletz biopsy and mine was not so bad after all but there are still some things I wish my doctor told me right away. I had cin1 for almost 4y and then it got to cin2 and my private doctor told me it would be best to do biopsy to see how much tissue is affected. The procedure was quiet fast and almost completely painless. The nurse gave me some pill to calm down just for prevention and I think it was wise to take it just so that you dont freakout.:) They also put this sticky pad on my tight but it was no big deal. I really didnt feel any stabbing with needle ..either my doc was super gentle or was it because of the trick she used I dunno but she made me caugh and only later she explained that this was when she used the needle!! Procedure was finished in 5-10 minutes and I was told i should rest and I can take some days off work but dont really need to. I decided to stay home for 4 days and it did hurt first two days..Like period cramps but it got better. Later when I started to work each time I walked a bit too much it started to hurt again. I didnt use any painkillers. Just resting as much I could after work. I had some discharge and yes ii did smell a little but nothing so disgusting that would affect me emotionally!! My only frustration was the fact I had to slow down..not being allowed to ride my bike and not walk too much. By the 10th day I started walking more and I also started to bleed a bit more (bright red blood) so I went to my control app today (day 12) and doc told me I bleed because I didnt rest enough so now I have to lay down a couple of more days. But it i ok and I am very happy my results were fine and we were able to cut it all at once. I just have to go back in 4 months for a control pap. I wish I walked less and rested for full 2 weeks but I hope it Will ne fine. I am advised to use condom till the next check up and not to have sex for 4-6w.. hope I helped. P.s. there is really nothing you girls should be ashamed off!! Health is the most important thing.. so dont be hard on yourselves.


  38. Samantha

    Hi, just been reading through this forum. I am extremely worried.. I have my LLETZ procedure booked for Wednesday (18th April) but they can’t give me the local anaesthetic due to having a very fast heart rate. Hearing that people have felt it even with the anaesthetic would I be stupid to be trying to have it done without? I have very severe CIN3 and am only 26 and have no kids. I would really like to hear more about what to expect afterwards? I am currently on the pill but have been bleeding non stop for 3 months already, I can’t cope with anymore bleeding. They’ve given me transexamic acid and have tried me on norethistorone but neither have done anything to calm it down. Beginning to panic that I’m going to become anaemic with the amount of blood I have already lost let alone more to follow after this procedure. ?

  39. Bloat.

    I have read 1000 of posts regarding this in the last week, it seems there’s is pain, discharge and blood but everyone experiences it at different stages.

    This is day 7 for me.
    Procedure was very straightforward. Days 1 – 3 I had no pain, no discharge and felt fine … Normal!
    Day 4 I woke in the middle of the night with server cramps, they have lasted for three days, bed ridden. Painkillers just aren’t cutting it. I am extremely lethargic and bloated, my lower back feels like it’s constantly cramped up. Those ladies with husband’s/partners count yourselves lucky, doing this alone is hard and unexpectedly very emotional – why I cry while eating a sandwich, I will never know!
    I have the typical watery vinegary smelling discharge – it started out clear with coffee granulars and is now a light brown colour that just falls out. ‘Vagisal’ helps with pH and smell also carry baby wipes, they make you feel normal for at least a moment in time!
    …. Bring on the next few weeks, they sound as though they will be full of surprises and blood! Ha!

  40. Astri Pearse

    Did my lletz procedure 4 days ago. Got cin 1 and cin 2 and will wait for hospital to ring in 3 weeks for surgery results.. A good 12 hours rest after the procedure (general anaestathic but gotta back to business with 2 kids at home, juggling with school run, lunchboxes, house work and all the boring stuff. Dont have any bleeding but smelly discharge down there, its a brownish yellowish discharge that makes me a bit uncomfortable. Just using pantry liners this 2 days and full pad the first 3 days after procedure. They taken off my IUD contraceptions during the procedure which I’m glad while the sex ban happens but when its passed 4 weeks i literally dont know how’s the sex life with my husband. Do we use condoms, or pull out or him having a snip – although I’m not 100% if we dont want anymore kids! So glad i found this forum!!! Thank you for reading my comment!

  41. Stephanie

    Has anybody experienced bleeding and cramping from exercise three months after leep and deep cone. I had adenocarcinoma it was early enough that a deep cone and leep were able to remove it with clear margins. My next 3 month checkup is August 1. I’m hoping to hold off until then but getting frustrated. I have cramping and bleeding after sex, abdominal workouts, running, and now walking too. Anybody else experience this? Thanks in advance!

  42. Frustrated

    Thank you for being so honest, I had my LEEP procedure a week and three days ago and have ridden the emotional roller coaster. I am a very active exerciser, and being told to sit still and not do anything the first week was torture. I cried two days ago because it seems like the blood is never ending and I’m so so tired of wearing pads. Today blood is thinning and tapering off (hopefully), maybe I’ll get to exercise next week with no issues. It doesn’t help that it’s summer and I can’t go swimming either for four weeks. I did play with myself a bit last night (orgasmed) and I was worried about bleeding but so far nothing terrible. My biopsies came back with no further cancer, thankfully. They’re going to remove my uterus as a precaution in two months so I get to do this crap all over again, and no exercising again for four-six weeks after the hysterectomy. This blog really helped, and reading the other comments did as well. Thank you, ladies! I do not feel alone.

  43. MrsWaltey

    Hi Ladies!

    What a breath of fresh air this page is and boy do I wish I’d have found it a few weeks ago! So I had my regular smear on 4/9/18 and on 28/9/18 receive two letters…Letter one being the result stating I had Severe Dyskariosis and a positive HPV result! To say I was freaked out by this would be an understatement – hubby away on a stag do, feeling totally embarrassed that I have contracted an STD and have severely abnormal changes! Letter number 2 the appointment for LLEtz on 2/10/18! This was the straw that broke this camels back!! Why such a fast turnaround? Does this mean what I think it means? Is this the Big C?
    So I attend the appointment at my local hospital – can’t thank them enough for there sensitive treatment (I know it’s their job n’all and they get paid for it) I was by this point a blubbering wreck!! Normsllly I’m quite strong and assertive but ladies this has broken me.(this being prior to the procedure) so the Consultant explains the reason etc for the appointment and I am able to see my notes which clearly state HPV16…..insert further eruption of tears here!!! He explains that smears are only being tested for 16 & 18 as they are the most severe type which can lead to Cancer and I shouldn’t be so worried….a little more composed but definitely a lot less dignified we crack on with the procedure……now I’m the proud owner of 4 kids so gynae procedures I am used to but this was something else….. after explanation of the anaesthesia I’m internally injected and quite quickly I feel like I’ve ran 20 marathons (at this point i feel it’s necessary to have the hubby with me) within seconds I get uncontrollable disco legs which I can’t control for the life of me…..the lovely nurses explain that it’s all normal side effects to the anaesthesia!
    The Consultant at this point is almost ready to start the procedure (all which is visible on a tv screen which I decided wasn’t for me to see after an initial peep!)
    He explained that he would need to take more of the cervix than expected – which I’m fine with as I gave more than definitely done my bit for society and st this point ask him to remove the whole thing just to make sure there’s no comeback- he gently explained he wasn’t able to do so – hey ho!
    The actual procedure it’s self wasn’t as bad as I anticipated there wasn’t pain as such but a significant burning sensation and the smell was horrific! I was advised to stay for 20minutes following the procedure and was made some nice sweet tea and sent on my way!
    I took the remainder of the week from work and not am I glad I did as I was strangely exhausted (which could have been due to the pain killers) but the discomfort and discharge was horrific!! By Sunday I developed this foul smelling discharge which I can only describe as rotting cabbage like – stupidly i returned to work on Monday and yesterday had to be collected from work as the discharge and smell has intensified pain unbearable and I was feeling faint! After a pointless trip to my Gp who was kind the wiser of the procedure taking place a quick feel of my tummy he prescribes Penicillin which I have now commenced! On strict instruction that should it (smell pain or discharge) get worse I’m to go back to him for swabs etc or A&E if out of hours… reassured do I feel? I’m going on holiday next Weds and to be totally honest can’t think of anything worse than sitting on a crowded flight for 5.5hrs smelling like rotting greens! Hoping that the antibiotics kick in work their magic and I can doesn’t a week away awaiting the results on our return!!!

    I love how open and honest this site is but haven’t seen many posts about after results etc and next steps ….is anyone willing to share the good bad and ugly of what comes next??? Coz I like the rest of you awaiting results would love to hear how you are all doing now and what to expect!!

    Peace & Love
    MrsWaltey x

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  45. Emma

    Just stumbled on this page as I’m sitting depressed at work soaking through my second pad of the day :/ I had my LLETZ on 26th April, two weeks exactly today and I feel like I’ve been through the rainbow regarding the discharge thing! Firstly, I didn’t find the procedure itself bad at all. BUT I wish there had been more info about the after effects. For the first few days it was fine, light brown discharge very minimal. Day 4 and the black bits appear. Then this weird watery discharge which smells AWFUL. Cue depression and anxiety as I’m sure everyone else can smell it (apparently they can’t). Feeling faint and dizzy so prescrived penicillin for a possible infection. Weird watery discharge and bad smell goes. Hooray (think I). But my body isn’t letting me off THAT easily. My period is due in two days and it obviously decided to join the party and came 4 days early. Cue clots and more blood than the opening scene in the Shining. I’m normally a tampon gal too, so it’s probably I don’t normally witness directly the emissions during Aunt Flo. I hate pads but right now I might as well take out shares in sanitary pad brands. I’ve spent a fortune on them trying to find ones that suit – liners are too thin and the massive pads make me waddle which isn’t a good look at work.There’s a faint discomfort too which I’m sure is my poor little sore cervix reacting to the trauma of my heavy period. Awaiting my results back from the LLETZ but quite frankly I have been obsessing over the healing process I haven’t had time to process any anxiety over the results. Obviously, as other folk have said, I wouldn’t have ‘not had’ the LLETZ because I don’t want cervical cancer. BUT for the love of all that’s holy, please can gyno departments make a full and frank disclosure to women about the side effects of the treatment? A

    I’d kill for a long bath right now. But apparently that’s not allowed either. Back to sulking and the wonderful world of pads for me then!

    Love to all x

  46. Kerry Marsden

    Thankyou ladies for putting my mind at rest …..cant believe the emotional rollercoaster you go through from finding out your smear is abnormal to having and dealing with the lletz procedure ……they make it sound like a grand day out to hospital with all the trimmings ……its not !!! My first lletz got cancelled due to my anxiety getting the better of me and bp being sky high , so was too risky to do … week later a few diazapam thrown down my neck and we tried again ……successful this time and not as bad or as painful as i thought , just the initial anesthetic and the smell of burning flesh and uncontrolable leg shaking …slight bleeding , slight period type pains and weird looking soil like discharge …..all normal apparently , bk to work as a hca 3 days later , felt fine , glad it was over ……..Till i reached the 3 week mark post lletz , i actually thought i was gonna bleed to death , couldnt stand or walk with out leaking down my legs , spent most of the day sat in the loo crying about the golf ball sized clots i was passing , and the amount of pads i was drenching through …..trip to a&e advised by colposcopy then admited to gynea ……apparently hadnt rested enough ( something i wasnt advised i needed to do after the initial procedure )and possible start of infection which could become serious due to a blood defficiency i have (IgA)….legs akimbo again more swabs done , 2 lots of antibiotics that make you feel vile and meds to stop the bleeding , and fingers and legs crossed ……4 weeks post lletz , still slight bleeding , still feel sick from antibiotics (still a week left to take too) and feel like ive been kicked by some supersonic horse in my nether regions, still feel emotional , vunerable and absolutly knackerd., lethargic used to being on the go , but these past few weeks have floored me …….they tell you none of this glamourous stuff when you go for it though ….id have rather of known all these possibilities beforehand no matter how gorey ….Any way bk to docs on friday to request bloods doing ….pretty sure im now anemic too thanks to blood loss ……its been reasuring reading all you lovely ladies stories though and knowing im not on my own going through this …..thankyou x

  47. This is so beautifully and honestly written. You captured all of my same feelings and frustrations perfectly.

    I’m 6 days post op with a trip to the Emergency Room on day 4. My scab came off as well. Followed by an alarming amount of blood. I told myself everything was fine for 2 hours, then I finally called my Dr, who sent me to the ER. They patched me back up and said it wouldn’t have stopped bleeding had I not come in! I’m so glad you ended up ok…

    Thanks for this post, and the full chapter. Youve really been oc great service to my mental health.


  48. Porgey

    Hi, this forum is great! Thank you for the honesty, really does help what to expect and also to know im not the only one feeling an emotional wreck which lasted around 5 weeks post lletz treatment for myself! I was wondering though, if anyone is experiencing sharp pains in what I’m only guessing is the cervix area. I’m in my 6th week now after the lletz and they are only short sharp bursts of pain in my left side, but was wondering if anyone else experienced this and is it normal or something I should be concerned about?

  49. Nicki

    Hi Guys
    Interesting reading i had my Lletz procedure today 7 1/2 hours ago i have HPV and had 1 out of 3 biopsies that was high grade precancerous cells under a GA woke to itching and rawness – now sitting down is very overrated as i feel like i have had “sorry for the comment” a ram rod shoved in my nether regions and they left it there. No other pain so far but good to read your comments so i know kinda what to expect in the coming days and weeks

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