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Iroha Rin [A Review]

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It’s been quite a long time since I last got my hands on a new toy to play with, so I was literally hopping up and down with excitement when I learned that I’d won Little Switch Bitch’s Twitter contest and the lovely looking Iroha Rin was on its way to me. I waited in on delivery day, tracked the van at every step of its journey, and was practically at the front door before the chap even had a chance to ring the doorbell.

“Blimey, love. Were you waiting for me at the window or something?”

Nooooooo. Not at all.



Since I had the house to myself, I figured I’d spend a little time unboxing my new plaything, making a few notes for a write-up I wasn’t even sure would make it to the blog at all. I’m not a sex toy reviewer. I mean, I like them, but I’m not a reviewer. How do you even review a sex toy? One person’s trash is another person’s treasure and all that. Plus, it doesn’t seem to matter how many new toys I buy and try, my old n’ trusted Rampant Rabbit wins every time.

Or does it … ?



Iroha Rin [A Review]

I’d never actually heard of Iroha before I entered this competition, so I thought I might do a little research into the company, background, etc. before it arrived. It’s always good to know the people behind the toy you’re about to pop inside yourself, right?

Anyway, this is what I learned the brand:

Iroha is a “pleasure brand for women, by women” according to the Iroha website, initially launched in 2013 by the same people behind the TENGA range of adult toys. Alongside the Rin, you’ll also find other toy models — the original Iroha, the Iroha+, Temari, Mini, Stick, Zen, and Rin+. (The Iroha Rin+ is a rechargeable version of the Rin.) They all look pretty cute and fairly discreet, and you’d never know from looking at them that they were sex toys.



  • Height: 148mm
  • Width: 35mm
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Weight: 82g
  • Takes 2 x AAA batteries
  • Materials: ABS, silicone


*Don’t use silicone-based lubricant with silicone toys, folks. Water-based all the way.

With the batteries in it weighs just over 100g. For some comparison: my Sky remote weighs 205g and my iPhone comes in at 173g. Yes, I did weigh them all.

It’s waterproof up to 50cm — and I can confirm that it works great in the shower!

I read something about an “anti-dust coating” on the website. I don’t know what it is, or why more things aren’t coated with something that repels dust, but there you go. (My toy picked up a fluff-load of dust as I was taking photos, so maybe it doesn’t actually work that well … ?)

There are two colour combos:

Akané is the one I have — a cream shade on the shaft and orb, with a pinky-red base.

Kogané is a whiter/more pale shade of cream on the shaft and orb, with a mustard yellow base.



I was immediately intrigued by the shape and design of the Iroha Rin and spent a few minutes admiring it. It doesn’t look much like your average sex toy, which is good if you’re as crap at putting things away when you’re finished with them as I am. Twitter seemed to think it was some kind of lemon juicer but I didn’t make that connection myself. I’ve never owned a lemon juicer. I don’t even think I’ve ever juiced a lemon. Unless you’re talking metaphorical ones then I probably have.

I think it looks like one of those old fashion bowling skittles. What do you think?



The squishy, ball-shaped tip of the Rin feels fleshy and matte. Soft. Not quite how real skin feels, but close enough. I found myself absentmindedly running circles over the ball with my thumb and likening it to how it feels when I tease him and run my thumb over the head of his cock. The Rin’s fleshy tip is more flexible than he is, though. And squishier.



I read on the website that the Iroha Rin was suitable for internal and external play, though I was slightly concerned about clenching and tearing the squishy tip right off the shaft. That hasn’t happened, thankfully, but I’m still a bit … cautious about using the toy anally. I have a little anxiety-driven scenario running through my head that involves me in A&E, requesting help because the squishy tip got ripped from the toy and ended up stuck in my ass.

There’s nothing to suggest that would happen, but I worry a lot about stuff like that, ya know?



I then [finally] turned my attention to the various power settings that the Rin offers. There are four of them, and you use the button on the coloured base to turn the device on/off and flick through them:

  • Low constant
  • Medium constant
  • High constant
  • Pulse on/off


Push and hold the sunken-in-but-raised button on the bottom for a couple of seconds to turn the toy on and feel the first setting’s vibrations, then just press again to work your way through the rest of the settings. You can turn it off by pushing and holding that button in for a couple of seconds, in the same way you turned it on.



I’ve always found the first/lowest setting on most toys to be a bit too light and dainty for my liking. The Rin was no exception, and the vibrations are widely dispersed over the squishy orb, not really giving me the focused vibrations I need. It’s nice for a gentle, massaging sensation, but it would take me a frustrated while to try and reach orgasm through that setting on its own … unless you wanted to see me frustrated and bratty, in which case it’d probably be a good choice.

The medium and high constant settings were both good ones for me, though still quite gentle. The high constant got me there easier and quicker, but I actually quite liked the lower rumbling of medium for when I’ve got a little more time on my hands. I particularly liked the medium setting on my nipples. I wasn’t as much of a fan of the high setting there, and there were times when the buzzing almost seemed to numb my nipples completely.

The pulse setting is a great one for edging. There were a few occasions where the medium and high constant ones almost sent me over the edge by accident, but I had more control with the pulse setting … just in case you were wondering. I also very much appreciated being pulsed into orgasm, rather than just buzzed into it.



The Iroha Rin isn’t actually as powerful as other toys I own. If I rate the Rampant Rabbit as a 10/10 for power (which I do), the Rin will probably tip the scales at about 6/10. Maybe a 7/10 with brand new batteries. I don’t think it needs to be any more powerful than that, though. Half of the appeal of the toy for me was that fleshy, ball-tip — and I actually found it a little fascinating. I watched it wobble and ripple on the top for a full five minutes when I turned it on and tested the settings for the first time, marvelling at how the ball seemed to move completely independently from the main shaft.



All of a sudden, I have Wiggle by Jason Derulo in my head.

“Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.”

The website says that you’ll get about four hours’ worth of fun out of a set of fully-charged batteries, and I’m inclined to agree. I didn’t play for four hours straight, but I reckon I’ve probably managed to get about four hours out of the fresh batteries I put in after the ‘tester’ [manganese] batteries ran out.




This is possibly one of the quietest toys I own, and it’s definitely a discreet toy that I’d shove in my suitcase or weekend bag for quiet travel fun. You could easily get away with using this in the shower, with other people in the house, and I’ve also successfully managed to use it a few times with my significant other just one room away. He’s never heard it. I’ve asked him. We experimented and he couldn’t even hear it as he walked past the door. 

The Rin is not very quiet when you forget to turn it off before placing it on the bedside cabinet, though.




I’m just going to spend a moment talking about the packaging because even though it’s not *that* important, I am trying to reduce my plastic waste. Excess packaging is a turn-off. Keep things eco-friendly and fun, peeps.

(Little reminder that the Rin+ is a rechargeable version, taking away the need for constant replacing of batteries.)

I liked the slimline packaging that my Iroha Rin came in, and the box is really beautiful and elegant looking. There weren’t lots of bits of plastic or waste, and it didn’t come in a massive package. I once received a sex toy delivery that was basically loose sex toys in plastic bag-style wrapping, bouncing around in a big cardboard box with a bunch of airbag stuffing. Not cool. Thankfully, Iroha has kept things slimline … and safe. No bouncing around for this toy.




With just one button on the bottom of the toy, there’s nothing complicated or fussy about the design. I actually really like how the button is raised but still set in a bit, on the base. It stops me from accidentally bumping it and changing modes at the crucial moment. I’ve had that exact problem with a couple of other toys I’ve been road-testing recently and I honestly can’t tell you how bloody frustrating it is.



I really love having the Iroha Rin in my toy collection, and my boyfriend seems to enjoy using it too. We’ve used it together – him on me, plus me on him – and he’s got a thing for the medium intensity constant vibrations rumbling through his balls. I’ve had lots of fun with that!

It’s not the kind of toy I would grab if I had to get things done in a hurry. I tend to reach for it when I have some time on my hands and can really spoil myself a bit, or if my lover and I have time to mess around. I need more focused vibrations than what the Rin offers for a quickie orgasm, but I would still be SUPER SAD if the toy broke or I lost it. I’d replace it in a heartbeat.


Out of 10, I’d rate the Iroha Rin a solid 9.   

Check out the Little Switch Bitch’s blog right here.

You can find more information about the Iroha Rin right here.

Or you can buy it directly from Tenga [UK] for £36.99 right here.

If you’ve got one of these and have a few things to say about it, feel free to leave your comments in the space below.

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* I won the Iroha Rin in a Twitter competition and decided to review it for fun.

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