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Date Number Two: An Emotional Goodbye?

One Ball read my fucking blog. Because of course he wasn’t going to let our breakup go by easy. I can’t work out if this is going to be a big fuck-you blog post to him, or a big bye-bye blog post to you lot. I’m battling two very different sides of myself right now. Let me tell you the story of what happened on my second date with Jock. Jock and I went shopping for our second date, stopped to have some coffees, and then he dropped me home…

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I’ve Been Outed

My worst nightmare has happened. Someone has come across my blog and knows that it’s me who writes it. That someone is One Ball, because of course he had to go and fuck things up … more so than he already has done. We’re at a crossroad here, people. This either means the end of this … or the end of us. Blog versus boyfriend. I told him that I was a dating/sex blogger, but I didn’t give him lots of information about it. Just the basics, skirting around the…

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