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What Should You Do When You Don’t Want to Have Sex with Your Boyfriend?

What Should You Do When You Don't Want to Have Sex with Your Boyfriend?

*according to me.  What happens when you desperately love the man you’re with, and usually you’d want to rip his clothes off without even a nudge in that kinky little direction, but right now, and for the last few weeks / months, you just haven’t been interested in sex at… Read more »

Guest Post – Splosh by @GeekyTemptress

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Guest Post - Splosh by @GeekyTemptress

I am beyond excited to bring to you the blog’s first ever guest post and who better to write it than the delectable @GeekyTemptress?  Happy reading…  Splosh I really love sex silly amounts and then I really love food. Thankfully sploshing exists and there can usually be had a myriad of… Read more »

#FingerBangMe – What Happened to Fingering Anyway?

I found myself embroiled in a Twitter chat last night about the decline of finger-banging. Oh, this is definitely a NSFW post by the way. I’m not beating around the bush (pun definitely intended), I’m talking fingering, finger-blasting, a good seeing-to with some deft digits… The decline of finger-banging is… Read more »

What To Do When You Accidentally Break His Penis

There’s nothing more annoying than spending three hours primping and preening yourself, getting ready for a good night of action after a few weeks away, only to get there and break your boyfriend’s penis. Oh yeah, I broke his penis. Friday afternoon, I went for a bikini wax. Someone New… Read more »