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Sexual Hoop-Jumping

  How many of you would demand that a partner get him or herself sexually checked out before you agreed to hop in the sack with them? I should do a twitter poll on this, you know. It would be super interesting to see the results. Because I do that. Exactly that. I’ve done it a few times. I DEMAND that a partner gets themselves sexually checked out before I’ll agree to “do bits”. Too much? I don’t think so. And I’m about to tell you why. Some of you will…

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Search Term Series: How to Hold Pee During Morning Sex

  People find my sex and dating blog with the most random terms and phrases and I’ve decided that I should write blogs based on them. Well, where I can and within reason. A few of the terms aren’t even legal (I don’t think) so I’ll probably avoid those. Also, I’m not entirely sure what some of them have to do with my blog, and why they’re directing people to it, but the ones I CAN write about, I WILL. Clever? Or stupid? I guess we’ll find out! The reason…

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Stealthing: Stealth Has a Brand New Meaning

  Every day is an education these days, apparently, and today I learned a brand new term in the world of dating and sex. Have you heard of stealthing? Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it because I hadn’t either, but it’s time to sit up and pay attention. Take notice. Because if you don’t know what stealthing is, you can’t protect yourself against it. And trust me when I tell you that you definitely need to protect yourself against this one. Let me set the scene – you’re…

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What Should You Do When You Don’t Want to Have Sex with Your Boyfriend?

*according to me.  What happens when you desperately love the man you’re with, and usually, you’d want to rip his clothes off without even a nudge in that kinky little direction, but right now and for the last few weeks/months, you just haven’t been interested in sex at all? It’s a familiar scenario, right? We’ve all been there. We’ve all felt that. We’ve all brushed our significant other away, complaining of a non-existent headache, desperately wanting to be left alone. But why? And how long do you leave it before…

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Frank’s Thoughts on Hand Jobs – My Rebuttal

This is what gave me inspiration today: The things men hate about every sex position – Cosmopolitan. I came across this ridiculously pigheaded article from Cosmo recently, and just like so many other sex-related articles shared by the magazine/website, I found it be utter tripe. Although to be fair, this one was probably one of the worst I’ve ever read. Just a heads up, he referred to handjobs as “bottled water”, and then called them “the worst”. Out of every sexual action on Frank’s list, and to be fair on the…

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How to Give Your Girlfriend the Best Head of Her Life …

I keep coming across these articles in places such as Cosmo, telling men “how to perform perfect cunnilingus” and other such bollocks. Admittedly, I have learned a few tips and tricks from articles like these in magazines and on websites, but for the most part, I find myself giggling at the ridiculous things I’m reading. There’s no such thing as perfection. Also, every woman is different. We all want or need different things to get there.  I don’t know how to make the “average” woman come via cunnilingus, therefore I…

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Porn - What's The Big Deal? NSFW / Sex Sex Tips 

Porn – What’s The Big Deal?

What’s the big deal with porn? My (female) friend called me in tears earlier, telling me that she’d found all this ‘weird’ porn on her boyfriend’s phone, and she wasn’t sure what to do about it. Firstly, who gets that upset about porn? Secondly, when did porn become such a bad thing? Thirdly, what the hell does ‘weird’ porn mean? I know what’s weird to me, but I wouldn’t imagine we (my relatively clean-cut female friend and I) have the same boundaries when it comes to porn … and sex…

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Guest Post - Splosh by @GeekyTemptress Guest Posts NSFW / Sex Sex Tips 

Guest Post – Splosh by @GeekyTemptress

I am beyond excited to bring to you the blog’s first ever guest post and who better to write it than the delectable @GeekyTemptress?  Happy reading…  Splosh I really love sex silly amounts and then I really love food. Thankfully sploshing exists and there can usually be had a myriad of giggling fun times from your very own fridge. There’s also some huge things NOT to do to yourself, but it’s fine… I did them already do you don’t have to. I think I’ve separated it out into the main categories,…

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#FingerBangMe – What Happened to Fingering Anyway?

I found myself embroiled in a Twitter chat last night about the decline of finger-banging. Oh, this is definitely a NSFW post by the way. I’m not beating around the bush (pun definitely intended), I’m talking fingering, finger-blasting, a good seeing-to with some deft digits… The decline of finger-banging is something I’ve definitely noticed as I’ve gotten older. I thought it was an age thing but if Bondara says it’s a sexual act on the decline, that would explain it. It’s a conversation me and a few of my female…

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Love Bites My Dating Life NSFW / Sex Sex Tips The Director 

Love Bites.

What is it about men and love bites? I don’t know if I told you but after my rough and ready ‘bonus night’ with The Director, I walked away with the mother of all hickeys on my neck. A big one, centre-stage, right where everyone could see it. What the fuck? You’re a 40-something year old man. What the fuck do you think you’re doing having a good old suck on my throat? Do you think you’re fucking 13 or something? I’m so angry. Honestly, hickeys are by far one…

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