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If She Shaves Her Bikini Line For You, You’d Better Put Out!

Right guys – this is something you NEED to know. If the woman in your life shaves her legs or bikini line for you, and you don’t put out, you’re a fucking idiot. My other half is a great guy but he’s pretty dumb sometimes. For example, if you’re a… Read more »

How Good Was Your Wank Today?

Right, come on guys and girls. Let’s have a show of hands here, shall we? How often do you genuinely masturbate? Wank? Jerk off? Choke the chicken? Whatever you like to call it – how often are you doing it? And how are you doing it? I had a conversation… Read more »

So…. What Makes Great Sex Great?


I have been dating my guy for around three months now. We’ve been official for a month. By official, I mean on our Facebook relationship status’, which everyone knows means it’s getting serious! Anyway, I digress. I’m a very sexual person. You’ll recognise this over the course of this blog,… Read more »