My Dating Life NSFW / Sex 

THE LIST: What’s Your Number?

In order, as best my memory would allow:

Number 1: My First Boyf

Number 2: The Tie-Me-Up Guy

Number 3: The Bad Memory

Number 4: The Actor With The Small Penis

Number 5: The Fireman

Number 6: The Fireman’s Sister

Number 7: The Garden Shed Guy

Number 8: The Garden Shed Guy’s Girlfriend

Number 9: The Guy Just Out Of Prison

Number 10: The Guy Who Was Actually Gay

Number 11: Sailor Boy

Number 12: The Lurch

Number 13: Hot High School Kid

Number 14: Hip High School Kid

Number 15: High School Bully

Number 16: The Boy On Pills

Number 17: The Bus Driver

Number 18: The Postman

Number 19: The Lapdog

Number 20: The Oh-My-God Guy

Number 21: Monobrow Boy

Number 22: The Copper

Number 23: The Drunk Army Guy

Number 24: The Older Guy

Number 25: The Married Guy

Number 26: The Girl I Can’t Forget

Number 27: My Mr. Grey

Number 28: The Hubby

Number 29: The Prison Warden

Number 30: The Guy With The Big Ears

Number 31: The Best Man

Number 32: The Supervisor

Number 33: The Asshole

Number 34: The Fake Italian

Number 35: The Take-Me-To-The-Woods Guy

Number 36: The Neighbour’s Husband

Number 37: Big Love

Number 38: The Stripper

Number 39: The Drunk Guy On The Other Side Of The World

Number 39a: The Almost-Arrested Guy

Number 40: My Mate’s Date’s Mate

Number 41: Mr. Silk Boxers

Number 42: The Savage Dog Guy


Number 43: The Guy I Couldn’t Get Rid Of

Number 43a: The Really Beautiful Man

Number 44: One Ball

Number 45: My Beautiful Tattooed Jock

Number 46: The Work Colleague

Number 47: Someone New

Number 47a: The Dom

Number 48: The Director

Number 49: Brown Eyes

Number 50: Bear

Letters indicate we did not have sex.


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