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Soooooo, do you remember a blog post I shared a little while ago called I Miss My Twenties? Well, it seems that if you talk about ’em, they’ll pop up. And pop up he did … This blog post is dedicated to him. ***** You always seem to message me on Saturday nights. I’m guessing that’s because Saturday night was always our night. Everyone else would be out partying, but not us. We’d be sat in your car somewhere, talking shit, kissing, touching, listening to music. I’m listening to our…

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Fiction (ish) NSFW / Sex 

It Could Have Been a Great Night

I always wondered what it would have been like if we’d introduced a third party into our sex life. I know it’s a bit too late for what-ifs now, but I do wonder, just sometimes. And I think that’s one of my prominent life regrets: not saying yes when I was given the opportunity to have one last bite at the girl-boy-girl bullet. I imagine it would have been a glorious occasion. I also wonder if we would have looked back over the night with happier, hornier memories than my actual…

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August 9th

Ah … August 9th. You might not remember August 9th, but I do. It’s a date I don’t think I’ll forget about in a hurry; one that brings a very cheeky blush to my face as I remember the things I was doing last year. Or, rather, the person I was doing last year: My Mr. Grey. If you haven’t yet read Warning! Explicit Content!, you might want to read it now. It’s proper NSFW, by the way. I sent him a Facebook post as soon as I awoke and…

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