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Wandering Hands

I have a question: If my boyfriend is that disinterested in sex that we’re not having any of it [again], how come I keep waking up in the middle of the night with his hands down my pants?  Last night, for example. This morning, actually. 4:38 am, according to the clock. I found myself risen from my slumber, still in the dark, roused by something that was nice and annoying all at once. It took me a few moments to work out what it was: Bear’s hands. Bear’s hands rubbing…

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The Day My Moisturiser Tried to Kill Me

Let’s talk about bees. The black and yellow fuzzy kind. The ones that are lovely and need to be protected at all costs and definitely not killed because there will be no coffee and chocolate without them. (Or so I read.) – 🐝🐝🐝 – I’m deathly afraid of bees. And wasps. And anything that looks remotely like it could be a bee or a wasp. (I panic about regular flies an embarrassing amount.) I’ve jumped off balconies to get away from bees and wasps, ran into walls trying to flee…

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How to Make Him Love You in 34 Days

Shit. It happened. That moment I was so fearful of finally happened … the one where Jock said the L-word to me. Well, actually, it didn’t happen. But it kinda did … And then it got kinda awkward and complicated. I should probably explain myself. Back when One Ball and I were dating, he drew me a doodle one day. It was a doodle of a dinosaur. In fact, why don’t I just show you? Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, Jock said something to me that went…

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