My Dating Life NSFW / Sex Patreon-Only Area The Work Colleague True Tales 

Act A: The Photograph

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Jock My Dating Life 

Talkin’ the Talk

Casually, out of nowhere, on our last date, Jock dropped something quite huge into the conversation. “I think I need to tell my ex that I’m with you.” Lolz, wot? We’ve known each other for eight weeks. That’s it. It feels like everything is now moving at warped speed. We’re already throwing the L-word around like it’s a game of ping pong, now we’re rushing into telling the ex. Why? Why’s he gotta tell her already? Why does he need to tell her at all? He continued … “Next weekend,…

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Jock My Dating Life One Ball 

Today, I Woke Up Angry

I was angry from the moment I woke up today. I have no idea why, I just was. Sleep had evaded me for much of the night, though I couldn’t pinpoint one specific reason for it, plus I think I’m starting to get a cold. With a big, black cloud hanging over from the second I opened my eyes, the rest of the day didn’t bode well … I got even angrier when I checked my bank balance after my morning cup of tea. One Ball is meant to send…

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My Dating Life My Mr. Grey One Ball 

Paranoid Prick

You want to know whether or not I fucked My Mr. Grey on his visit down to my end of the country, don’t you? Don’t worry, I’m not going to beat around the bush. I’ll get to the point: I didn’t do it. I didn’t fuck My Mr. Grey. And although it was the right decision – the moral one – I’m not happy about it at all. Nope. Not at all. One Ball is a good man. We’ve had our ups and downs, yes, but he’s been a very…

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My Dating Life My Mr. Grey One Ball 

I Want to Fuck My Mr. Grey

I did a really stupid thing: I text My Mr. Grey. I don’t really know why I did it. I think I was just overthinking the shitty second week One Ball and I had together, overanalysing all the little flaws I can see starting to appear in our relationship. He’s quite immature and boyish at times, and he really can’t make a decision to save his life, and there are lots of other little things that are making me think perhaps he’s just not the right kind of guy for…

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My Dating Life Number 35: The Take-Me-To-The-Woods-Guy The Hubby 

Number 35: The Take Me to the Woods Guy [Part 2]

Continued from Here Comes Trouble: Meet Number 35. He didn’t drive the regular route back from the hospital. Not that I knew the regular route, but the hospital was in town and we also lived in town … I wasn’t sure how come Number 35 and I had ended up in what looked to be the woods.  “Why are we here?” I asked him. “Because I’m not done with you yet but people are going to be waking up in the flats. They’ll see or hear us,” he replied, pulling…

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My Dating Life NSFW / Sex Number 35: The Take-Me-To-The-Woods-Guy One Ball The Hubby True Tales 

Here We Go Again: Meet Number 35

Something has happened, people. Trouble is brewing. I can feel it. To be fair, trouble has already landed in my inbox, but isn’t that what happens when life seems to be going along swimmingly? Something comes along from your past to try and bite you in the ass? “Hello u long time no speak how u been? Xx” That’s it. That’s what I got. The message that popped into my Facebook inbox as One Ball and I were having a casual cup of tea with my mother. The message came…

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My Dating Life NSFW / Sex The Guy with the Big Ears The Hubby The Neighbour's Husband True Tales 

Meet Number 30: The Guy With The Big Ears

Since I’m talking about army life and infidelity, I feel it’s about time that I told you about Number 30: The Guy with the Big Ears. I’m going to call him Big Ears for short. When we first met, he was tall, weedy, lanky, and a joker, just like Number 36: The Neighbour’s Husband. My husband [The Hubby] went away with work, a number of found-out infidelities already under his belt, and I found myself bizarrely attracted to the really tall guy with the big ears. By the time we…

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My Dating Life NSFW / Sex The Hubby The Neighbour's Husband True Tales 

Meet Number 36

Number 36, also known as The Neighbour’s Husband, was a cute boy. A soldier. Attractive, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and with a handful of tattoos. Some of them were jokey tattoos, designed to be displayed on drunken nights out, like that one on his butt that everyone joked about every time we went out drinking together. He got his butt out a lot. In fact, he did anything it took to make the people around him laugh. Number 36 had an infectious personality. When he was happy and chirpy, which he was…

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My Dating Life Number 1: My First Boyf The Bad Memory The Tie-Me-Up Guy 

When Was Your First Time … ? (Part Two: Loves)

Following on from my list of firsts, I decided to talk about my first loves. Before I continue, I need to warn you that this post contains talk of the following: controlling partners, domestic violence, cheating.   MY FIRST LOVE I have problems choosing my first love. I thought I was in love with all of the boys I dated in my younger years, but looking back now, after the bigger and better love affairs I’ve had, I know it wasn’t love at all; it was infatuation. Young obsession. Teenage…

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