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Wandering Hands

I have a question: If my boyfriend is that disinterested in sex that we’re not having any of it [again], how come I keep waking up in the middle of the night with his hands down my pants?  Last night, for example. This morning, actually. 4:38 am, according to the clock. I found myself risen from my slumber, still in the dark, roused by something that was nice and annoying all at once. It took me a few moments to work out what it was: Bear’s hands. Bear’s hands rubbing…

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I Wore The Dress.

You may remember that I recently mentioned a dress that I had bought to attend an engagement party with the Bestie. Well, I wore the dress at the party. It had the desired effect. Every guy that saw me did a double take. The guys that I had known for years but hadn’t seen in a long time couldn’t believe it was me. You should have seen my transformation. I used to be a chubby, size 16, 5 ft 5 busty blonde. Well, I’d say a size 14 really but…

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I Bought a Dress.

So guys and girls, I’ve bought this dress. The Bestie I’ve Never Had a Dalliance With and I are going to a party Saturday night. We are heading out to celebrate the engagement of two of our friends. It’s a pretty smart affair; Bestie has bought a new pair of shoes, trousers and a tie for the affair. I bought a new dress. I need to talk about this dress. I don’t know why this dress has affected me quite so much but I’m pretty sure this is my “coming…

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Jock My Dating Life NSFW / Sex True Tales 

Well That’s Never Happened Before: Date 7

Jock and I have had a grand total of four sleepovers. For two of them, I was on my period and we didn’t get to fuck. We played around and did lots of other playful stuff, but not full PIV [penis-in-vagina] sex. On the other two occasions, we did fuck. And during those two times, I noticed something: he doesn’t always spring up on-demand … if you get my drift. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not something that’s caused us problems up until this point, but I have noticed it,…

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I’m Fucking Falling For You

Fuck me, I don’t even know where to start updating you with everything. I’m about a week behind in blog posts, so I’ll try to keep things nice and easy to read along with … but I have so much to tell you! “I’m picking you up after work. Wear the cowboy boots and that dress again, please,” Jock text me. It thrilled me that he’d told me what to wear. It’s a little bit of a kink of mine, I think; a man telling me what to wear, how…

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Jock My Dating Life 

48 Hours to Go: First Night Nerves

It’s exactly 48 hours until my next date with Jock. I think it’s going to be *the* date; the one where we fuck for the first time. Anxiety is taking over and I’m overthinking absolutely everything. I’m beyond nervous. That’s how I know I really like him: the thought of being in his presence makes me so nervous that I just can’t think straight. I’m not prepared for this. I wanted to book a bikini wax but I’m not sure I’ll have time for it. Between you and me, things…

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Impending Boom

Something’s wrong. I don’t know what it is, but something is definitely wrong. I feel out of sorts. Not quite right. Irritated and restless. It’s driving me potty. I’ve thought a lot about self-harming recently, but I’ve not actually done it. Not in a grab-the-razor-and-cut way, anyway. But a few mornings ago, when my hair wouldn’t go right, I scratched the tops of my arms so hard that I drew blood. I didn’t mean to, it’s just a … thing. Almost like I don’t know I’m doing it until after…

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My Dating Life Number 35: The Take-Me-To-The-Woods-Guy The Hubby 

Number 35: The Take Me to the Woods Guy [Part 2]

Continued from Here Comes Trouble: Meet Number 35. He didn’t drive the regular route back from the hospital. Not that I knew the regular route, but the hospital was in town and we also lived in town … I wasn’t sure how come Number 35 and I had ended up in what looked to be the woods.  “Why are we here?” I asked him. “Because I’m not done with you yet but people are going to be waking up in the flats. They’ll see or hear us,” he replied, pulling…

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My Dating Life NSFW / Sex Number 35: The Take-Me-To-The-Woods-Guy One Ball The Hubby True Tales 

Here We Go Again: Meet Number 35

Something has happened, people. Trouble is brewing. I can feel it. To be fair, trouble has already landed in my inbox, but isn’t that what happens when life seems to be going along swimmingly? Something comes along from your past to try and bite you in the ass? “Hello u long time no speak how u been? Xx” That’s it. That’s what I got. The message that popped into my Facebook inbox as One Ball and I were having a casual cup of tea with my mother. The message came…

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Tell Me What You See, When You Look at Me

I found myself watching some TV show about women and the way they see their bodies, and it got me to thinking. How do you feel about your body? Are you happy with it? Are there things that you’d like to change? How far would you go to change them? It’s funny, the relationship we have with our bodies, isn’t it? We’re stuck with them until the day we die but still, something about them still drives us to despair. I have the worst view of me/my body. I’ve been…

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