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I’m Fucking Falling For You

Fuck me, I don’t even know where to start updating you with everything. I’m about a week behind in blog posts, so I’ll try to keep things nice and easy to read along with … but I have so much to tell you! “I’m picking you up after work. Wear the cowboy boots and that dress again, please,” Jock text me. It thrilled me that he’d told me what to wear. It’s a little bit of a kink of mine, I think; a man telling me what to wear, how…

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Sex On Your Period?

I’ve made plans to see One Ball this weekend, which means going on a journey that takes me two-to-three hours away from where I live. My plans include a whole load of nakedness, bucketloads of kinky fuckery, and that’s pretty much it. Snacks, a few drinks, but mostly kinky fuckery. However, I think Mother Nature might have other plans for me because she’s a real bitch. I think she’s going to make me get my period. FFS. I should’ve known it was coming soon, to be fair. I was an…

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