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I’m Fucking Falling For You

Fuck me, I don’t even know where to start updating you with everything. I’m about a week behind in blog posts, so I’ll try to keep things nice and easy to read along with … but I have so much to tell you! “I’m picking you up after work. Wear the cowboy boots and that dress again, please,” Jock text me. It thrilled me that he’d told me what to wear. It’s a little bit of a kink of mine, I think; a man telling me what to wear, how…

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Bad First Dates: Number 41 – The Savage Dog Guy

I’ve been talking about my online dating experiences in the past couple of posts so I felt it make sense to carry on the theme. After finally realising that Big Love wasn’t ever going to make his mind up and choose me over drugs and other women, and that other men on The Other Side of the World weren’t quite as good as I’d anticipated (or at least the ones I’d met on Plenty of Fish), I packed up my shit, booked myself three flights, and finally found my way…

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Bad First Dates: The Silk Boxer Shorts

My last post discussed my first ever date with a guy I’d met online. Today, I’d like to talk to you about the second man I met online, once again on Plenty of Fish, on The Other Side of the World, during a Big Love breakup. It was every bit as disappointing as the first one was, except this time around I got laid and a couple of free dinners out of it. I must’ve been going through a phase or something because my second online date was with yet…

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Bad First Dates: The Almost-Arrest

I *HATE* online dating, but it seems to be one of the only ways that I can meet men these days. I meet a lot of people in my job, men and women, some of which are actually quite attractive, but they’re always married, taken, not interested, or gay. It’s not exactly the right kinda setting to be exchanging phone numbers, and I’m also fairly certain that I could get fired for hitting on someone while at work. It’s there in the handbook, I’m sure of it. I find myself…

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