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Sex On Your Period?

I’ve made plans to see One Ball this weekend, which means going on a journey that takes me two-to-three hours away from where I live. My plans include a whole load of nakedness, bucketloads of kinky fuckery, and that’s pretty much it. Snacks, a few drinks, but mostly kinky fuckery.

However, I think Mother Nature might have other plans for me because she’s a real bitch. I think she’s going to make me get my period. FFS.

I should’ve known it was coming soon, to be fair. I was an emotional wreck. I cried about Big Love for three days, for no reason. I had that dull ache in my abdomen for a couple of days, but I’ve recently changed my pill and I just kinda assumed that the random cramps, spotting, and weird mood swings were just a result of that. Being on the pill gives me the advantage of knowing just when my period is going to come … usually. But when I went to the bathroom this morning and spotted that telltale splash of red in my underwear, I was totally unprepared for it. It’s early, but that’s one of the joys (not) of this new pill: it’s making me bleed randomly, without warning, with two almost-full periods a month, in some cases.

Fuck you, Mother Nature.

So, I took a stand. I took two of my birth control pills today, I’ll take two tomorrow, and hopefully, by the time the weekend comes around, my period will have stopped, leaving me free to enjoy the kinky fuckery I’ve planned. My hormones might be totally up the creek, but at least I’ll still be getting laid.

If One Ball and I had been in a long-term relationship, I’d probably just have had sex with him on my period anyway. If he wanted to, obviously. But I don’t feel like it’s the kind of thing that I can do with someone I’ve only been dating for a few months. I honestly have absolutely no idea what his thoughts are on it, because we’ve never really discussed it before, but it kinda gives me the ick. It’s messy, I don’t think it’s particularly pleasant to see (I’m not great with blood generally), and although I’m horny as hell when I’m on my period, I don’t feel all that sexy. I feel bloated, achy, crampy, spotty, sweaty, and grumbly. Who would even want to fuck me?

But he’s not even seen me with my makeup properly off yet. And I haven’t let him feel me with stubbly legs yet. And we’ve not really crossed the boundary from newly-dating into coupledom just yet. I put period sex in the same bracket as those things – stubbly legs and no makeup. They’re reserved for boys that last a bit longer than just a couple of shags, you know? It’s a ‘me’ thing. Those things make me feel good and ready to battle the world. With stubbly legs, no makeup, and my period well and truly in process, I don’t feel like I can even make it out of bed, let alone anywhere else.

I almost can’t wait for the menopause, to be honest. I’m fairly certain I don’t want kids, and tampons/sanitary ‘equipment’ is just expensive after a while. I started my periods when I was 12 or 13. Do you know how much I’ve spent in tampons in that time? For a tiny piece of cotton wool, wrapped up into a fluffy little bullet, for me to shove right up inside my vagina because Mother Nature dictates I should have children one day. And Ibuprofen for the period pains? And the COUNTLESS hot water bottles I’ve had to buy? How are condoms free from family planning places but tampons and sanitary products are not? And how come men just have condoms but women have all these contraception options with a shit ton of side effects? It’s a joke … but not a funny one.

For now, I’ll still with my pill-plan to hopefully get the period stopped until a time that is more convenient for me. I’m not travelling all that way just for a fucking cuddle.

Wouldn’t it be great if having kids was like a check-box form that you filled in at the end of high school? Do you want children one day: yes/no? Tick yes and you’ll have a fist clenching your insides for one whole week of the month – and probably longer – while dispelling clumpy bloody from between your legs, until the day that you do actually get pregnant and then … well, that just all sound like a bunch of non-fun to me. If you tick no, though, you’ll be in for a life of fun, frivolity, and passionate sex with no worries of coming on your period halfway through, plus a much happier, less-hormonal disposition. It totally makes sense to me. Bring me that check-box form.

But anyway, what are your views on having sex on your period?

Yay or nay?

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18 Thoughts to “Sex On Your Period?”

  1. Ick, awful isn’t it?! There was a period of a good couple of months earlier this year where I bled the whole time (damn my fucked up body!) so I learnt to just get over it, sex is sex, as long as his face is nowhere near my river of red I can forget that it’s happening! D always seemed to have white sheets though, so gross and embarrassing

    1. So gross! I generally have pink or black sheets so its never a real drama for me on that front. It still pisses me off though. Bloody Mother Nature…. Literally 🙂

  2. Love the idea that you could a get a tweet once a month to let you know you’re not pregnant! Please, technology, work that one out….

    1. That would be epic eh?

      *New Tweet from @MotherNature Stop panicking. You are not preggers*

  3. I’m about to leave on a fuckfest trip as well and there will be SERIOUS rage if Mother Nature attempts to ruin this for me! Continue on with the double pill!!

    1. Oooooh I shall keep my fingers well and truly crossed that this doesn’t happen to you as well!!!! Double pill has began…. will commence until the red stuff has stopped. I have two days to stop it. Bring it Mother Nature! 🙂

  4. I admit I never read past where you wrote how you wouldn’t be getting laid because you have your period. I have never thought that was a block, and I’ve been blessed with lovers who were never squicked out by a woman’s monthly flow. If he’s not willing to get his “Red Wings”, or afraid of getting some blood on his willy, he’s definitely not worth the lay anyway.

    1. I loved this comment! I guess that’s very, very true…. What about me though? It grosses me out! Lol!

      1. Well, ask yourself why that is? Why do you think of your own blood as “gross”?

        You’re not. It’s not. It’s just blood.

        It’s washable; sheets, towels, even you are washable! =) The clean up can be tossing some thing in the wash, and continuing the sexy time in the shower as you soap each other up and rinse off.

        And, for more thought provoking reading, here is my personal post inspired by reading yours!

        1. Haha I know all this. I’m not very good with mess…. I detest the monthlies!

  5. I feel your pain. Having waited literally 6 months to sleep with someone, and having only a week to be with him as I am leaving town for good this weekend, I was hoping to spend the entire week naked in his bed, on his floor etc etc. But alas, just been visited by Mother Nature. At least I got a good 2 days out of it, was so worth the 6 month wait…But who knows, maybe he is into this sort of thing, perhaps I can “subtly” bring it up in conversation, preferably when I am already naked…

  6. I am totally, always down with sex on my period. I have no problem. This probably comes from being a squirter though- let’s just say I’m used to very, very messy sex.

    1. I can be a squirter with the right guy & the right technique. I have a tendency to gush when I cum…. I guess I’m already used to messy sex! Maybe I just need to get over the sex on the period thing? Man up girl! Haha! 🙂

      1. Tess

        Totally!! Embrace the grossness of sex haha!

  7. LOL Here where I live (in the US) condoms are pretty darn expensive, unless you get them at the health dept for free. I always thought they shouldn’t charge for them. In any case, sorry about your period. That sucks. Still, I have had sex with the Professor while on my period and it was actually kinda hot. It was a surprise and I started bleeding DURING the sex but that was okay and we just threw down a towel. Since then we have also had sex when we knew I was gonna be on it. In some ways it seems a little gross, but it almost is more intimate because that is a time when you normally WOULDN’T. So for that reason it was sexy and we even have a video of us having sex when I was on my period (not that you can see that) and I came a lot.

    1. Yeah condoms can be expensive here, but you can get them anywhere these days – the local Doctor’s and family planning clinics give them away for free, and you can even buy them in the pound store!

      I’m not completely adverse to sex on my period, but it’s a long-term relationship thing for me. I must admit that the times I have done it, it feels much better – more intimate perhaps? And more lubricated haha! I guess we all have our little things – I can’t let just any guy go down on me, and I can’t let just any guy have sex with me when I’m on my period. Thankfully, Mother Nature kept her distance 😉

  8. I never knew that a girl taking birth controll pills will stop her period? This is news to me. But I’m a guy, so what the hell do I know.

    I personally have sex with my GF of 3 years on her period. It’s more of the girl’s comfort or discomfort in having sex on period. I heard that most women find it nasty. Most men do also.

  9. Lady Taylor Lynx

    I live in a country where free condoms are everywhere, thankfully. I think the reason I freak out a bit when I am on my period is that having someone go down on me is possibly the single most awesome thing in the universe. I have no problem having sex on my period, but I don’t think I would feel comfortable with someone going down on me at that time of the month, even if they wanted to. And without that, sex for me is just not quite as enjoyable.

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