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How Good Was Your Wank Today?

Right, come on guys and girls. Let’s have a show of hands here, shall we? How often do you genuinely masturbate? Wank? Jerk off? Choke the chicken? Whatever you like to call it – how often are you doing it? And how are you doing it? I had a conversation with a male friend (as always) this afternoon, and he told me that was soooo horny, he had already masturbated three times that day. Now, I appreciate that I was off to a running start with my two wanks, but…

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I Wore The Dress.

You may remember that I recently mentioned a dress that I had bought to attend an engagement party with the Bestie. Well, I wore the dress at the party. It had the desired effect. Every guy that saw me did a double take. The guys that I had known for years but hadn’t seen in a long time couldn’t believe it was me. You should have seen my transformation. I used to be a chubby, size 16, 5 ft 5 busty blonde. Well, I’d say a size 14 really but…

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