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How To Handle The Drunk Angry Girl…

UPDATE: This is filled with bad advice. Bad advice written by me in 2014, when I was in my twenties, a heavy drinker, and had a lot of lessons to learn. If you’d like to read the newer rebuttal, check this out:


When a girl gets drunk and angry, there’s a reason behind it. It’s normally a build-up of a number of things, and when she has that one drink too many; the one that tips her over the edge, it all comes out. It doesn’t make sense. It probably won’t be in a very coherent manner, and it will most definitely baffle any man.I’m the worst for this. I can go out in the happiest mood in the world, in the prettiest dress, with the coolest shoes, and if something flicks that switch inside my head, the bitch comes out. And she’s a proper bitch too.

She’ll make shit up in her head. She’ll be adamant that it happened, even though it probably didn’t, and no amount of reasoning will make her see otherwise. She’ll focus on that one negative thing you said, take it completely out of context and twist it so much, it doesn’t even resemble the original conversation you had in the first place. No one understands how the brain twists things quite so much – not her friends, not the bouncers in the club, and one hundred percent not her boyfriend/husband/lover.

This is exactly the reason I don’t drink. I can’t handle the hangovers, I can’t handle my liquor, and I can’t handle my inner bitch. This is why I like being a pothead. As I sit and write this on my phone, laying on the couch, too lazy to go and get my Mac which is just a lean away, the only thing making the thumping headache and stomach-churning go away is the joint I have in my hand.

I get angry about anything when I’ve had too much to drink, and I’ll try to start fights with anyone stupid enough to come near me. I did that last night… I managed to call not just my boyfriend the C-word, but his friend and girlfriend too. Wow. That sure escalated fast.

So how do you handle the drunk angry girl? Everything you say is twisted against you. Everything you do seems to cause offence. She’s cruising for a fight, friends … It doesn’t really matter what you do. She won’t remember it enough to be mad at you the next day, and she’s probably going to be more embarrassed by her own behaviour.

The thing you need to remember here is that alcohol alters her mind. It makes her say and do things she would never normally dream of. She’s not really herself when she’s drinking, you know?

Whatever she says and does, ignore. She doesn’t mean a word of it. Not a single word. She has no clue what she’s doing. She won’t remember it the next day. The less you remind her of, the better. She’ll cringe with embarrassment if she’s got any class about her. Just put it down to a heavy booze-fuelled night, and let it go. Don’t bring it up in conversations, don’t take the piss out of her for it. Just let it go. Shush.

She’ll be angry at first when she wakes up. Again, just ignore it. She’s probably still drunk. She’s not back to her normal self just yet… After a while, she’ll calm down enough to have a conversation about it. Brief and to the point is your best tactic here; just get it over and done with like pulling off a band-aid.

“You were a dick last night but I know we were all hammered so let’s just all say sorry and forget about it, ok?” 

That would have done it. My boyfriend chose to call me the C-word when he first woke up. That’s not a good idea. If I was that kinda person, I could have stabbed him through the eyeball with a pencil.

We’ve had the chat now. I’ve had a lot going on, I’ve had some negative thoughts about ‘us’, my career choices, money has been tight, etc. I got family dramas going on as usual too. Things are hard for me right now. I just needed to fight. He knows this and he’s put it down to being drunk angry. I’m so embarrassed though. I should probably text his friends and apologise for my behaviour. I don’t know if I care that much about his opinion to bother.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing you can do to stop this storm once it’s started so you might as well just accept that it’s a shit night and move on. Don’t take the crap she says to heart. She doesn’t mean a word of it. And don’t play too much on it the next day, she’ll get angry when she gets embarrassed and there’s likely to be a few tears…

This is exactly why I don’t drink.

Featured image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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31 Thoughts to “How To Handle The Drunk Angry Girl…”

      1. Seb

        I’m giving you a blogging fist bump from way over here. Don’t forget to do the explosion bit afterwards, that’s my favourite part.

        1. I did it to myself…. The explosion was outstanding.

          1. Seb

            That’s what she said!


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  6. Jordan Reynolds

    I wanna fall to my knees with joy after reading this. On some level I know that just gritting your teeth and silently charging through it is the best course of action. It’s just not that easy especially when the SO has actually been a gigantic crazy bitch, it’s bait that’s near impossible to resist. Regardless it’s nice to hear from the female perspective! Charge on m’dear

    1. notsosexinthecity

      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m also kinda glad it’s not just me! But yes, we can be massive, gigantic, crazy bitches sometimes. On behalf of all the crazy, drunk girls, I APOLOGISE!

  7. NG

    Drunk is an acceptable excuse for bad behavior once or twice. If it becomes an ongoing issue, if she refuses to admit that she is a lousy drunk and shouldn’t drink, if the booze becomes more important than treating people with respect, cut the cord. Life is too short.

    1. notsosexinthecity

      This is very true. And also why I gave up drinking completely! I never know why I get mad and crazy when I’m drunk. So now I just don’t drink. It’s just not worth it… You always end up upsetting people you wish you hadn’t!

  8. Ace

    Eat shit bitch! I don’t care how drunk you are, treating people that Love you like crap, is NEVER acceptable. You are making excuses for being a piece of SHIT. And later when you are alone, you will try to blame others; ie; Men suck, they always treat me bad. NO, it’s you dumbass! See Ya!

    1. notsosexinthecity

      Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

    2. Sara

      You are unbelievably rude!!!

    3. Drunksometimesoverboard

      Ace needs help…. So Perfect never done nothing wrong… Hopefully you someday understand you’re not perfect… Nor is sometimes your significant other!!! ?

  9. anon7

    “The less you remind her of, the better. She’ll cringe with embarrassment if she’s got any class about her. Just put it down to a heavy booze-fuelled night, and let it go. Don’t bring it up in conversations, don’t take the piss out of her for it. Just let it go. Shush.”

    Girl, get help.
    It’s selfish if you want to request that someone doesn’t remind you of what you did when you were drunk. It’s selfish because you ruined their night, insulted them, botched expectations, and in general took something that should have been really great and completely decimated it. If you’ve called your boyfriend, and then in turn his friends and their significant others the C-word, that’s break-up level. And it’s downright selfish to try to say “don’t remind me of it”.

    You can’t just do that and expect to not suffer the consequences. You can’t mistreat people and use alcohol as an excuse, as if it absolves your behavior. It doesn’t.
    I’ve been on the other side of this storm, the friend who has taken care of the drunk friend who can’t stop being belligerent, and it’s horrible. Friends start avoiding the friend that consistently ruins nights. They start hanging out without her, because she’s too much of a liability, meanwhile she has no idea why nobody wants to hang out anymore. And everytime they try to give her another chance, she ruins another perfectly good friday with some made-up drama; the last thing everyone wants after a long work week, fighting over made up sh**. Meanwhile, the good friend is stuck in the middle, trying to stay loyal, but she’s getting sick of it too, and understands the reasoning of everyone avoiding the belligerent drunk.

    You can only mistreat people for so long before they check out of your life.

  10. Jeff

    You are a sick twisted bitch who needs a dose of reality. Why should anyone handle your shit. If anything you should be left in the gutter behind the club! Selfish narcisist! Get a grip or Kill yourself!

    1. notsosexinthecity

      Hahaha thanks, Jeff! Your comment was incredibly constructive on a post that was written … oh, only four years ago. I was in my twenties then, by the way, I’m now older, wiser and smarter. You’ll see that if you’ve read the rest of the blog, which I’m assuming you haven’t.

      Enjoy your day, thanks for spending the time to read my blog, and then for commenting 🙂

      From the sick, twisted bitch 😉 x

    2. Drunksometimesoverboard

      Get a grip… With modern day reality. Hopefully you pull out of your own inner demons. ?

  11. Brendan

    I’ve dealt with this before and I can tell you it’s not cool being the one who is being yelled at, belittled, name called and so on. Saying that you should not be reminded of it the next day is not fair and it is extremely selfish on your part or any one else’s that does this kind of stuff. If you cannot handle your alcohol then don’t drink (as you’ve said). However, if someone is going to ruin my night by being an angry drunk and ridiculing me for no apparent reason then I’m not going to pleased in the moment or the next day. This seems like the beginnings of an extremely unhealthy relationship that needs to be cut off permanently. You can’t have your cake and eat it too you know. You or anyone else that does this still WILL and SHOULD hear about ALL of it the next day or at the earliest convenience. Good day

    1. Drunksometimesoverboard

      Very true my friend…. To an extent. You got to know yourself. As well as know if if you know this other person… Or if you love this other person. Sometimes thing turn out great if if you speak in due time after doing as you’ve said after a period of time. Love is stronger than any addictions. Don’t ever feel your personal need before a true love! But if it where this wouldn’t most likely be an issue I believe in my investigation….. ???

  12. rich

    Thanks for this post. I would argue, however, that abusive behavior should not be “let go” the next day. As a guy, if I came home and said abusive (even if only said while drunk) things I would fully expect my significant other to let me know how she feels and put a stop to it. My significant other has come home drunk and told me to “go f*ck myself” among other things– while I’m desperately pretending to be asleep. The next day, when I do tell her what she’s done, she feels terrible about it. Through several of these sessions, I think we’ve gotten better. Just because someone is feeling drunk and twisted, they shouldn’t be allowed to be abusive– that goes for both genders.

  13. bill

    when i meet a girl i get drunk with her a few times. if she acts like the person you just mentioned i get far away. because she will do it again. next time maybe worse. i married a woman like this. after she found out i was locked in by marriage she progressively mad my life hell.

  14. Mike Rodriguez

    Ive been dealing with this issue for quite awhile now. When ever these stupid fights occur i start to lose interest and find my partner / girl a pain in the ass. My first ex of 4 years would pick fights with me from time to time, usually more so when drunk than when sober and my last girlfriend of 4 years has become hostile when drunk, calling me names, picking unnecessary fights, brings up the past, makes fun of my family…she punched me on the lip just because i wouldnt let her walk to her moms after she was being irrational. shed continue to sat mean things when all i was trying to do was deescalate the issue. ive talk to other guys about this and the all say its very common in drunk women to be annoying and hostile. how do you ignore or not take something personal, when it is a personal comment?

  15. Mike Rodriguez

    * say mean things

    1. Drunksometimesoverboard

      Maybe just slow down and look at your 4 year mark. See what in the hell your doing that leads up to you having these concurrent issues. Best of luck hope your Carma changes.

  16. Randall DeBlase

    This woman is an absolute piece of shit, and there is NO chance she’s grown AT ALL, no matter how much fuckin’ yoga she’s done. OF COURSE she has to get high to deal with her shit, SHE’S A HORRIBLE PERSON.

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