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Things Girls Think About When Her Bloke Goes Down On Her

I came across a pretty funny post on the Lad Bible on Facebook. In fact, Bestie shoved it down my face like he does with so many of their funny and sometimes quite offensive posts. 14 Things Blokes Think When Going Down On Women was the post in question, and… Read more »

I Bought a Dress.

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So guys and girls, I’ve bought this dress. The Bestie I’ve Never Had a Dalliance With and I are going to a party Saturday night. We are heading out to celebrate the engagement of two of our friends. It’s a pretty smart affair; Bestie has bought a new pair of… Read more »

Emotional Hoarding: The Hubby’s Letter

In a previous post (The Nation of (Emotional) Hoarders), I talk about the little things that we keep from past lovers – all those love letters and mementos of the romantic and adorable times you had together. I mentioned a letter that my Hubby had sent me, apologising for punching me… Read more »

10 Things I Hate About Sex

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I have a huge blog-crush on Thought Catalog, which is probably patently obvious judging by the amount I re-blog them, as such. This post definitely made me laugh and I definitely feel that it deserves a bit more attention. It also makes me wonder what sort of things that you… Read more »

He Lied.

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One Ball met from me from work. As did the Bestie I’ve never had a dalliance with. We went for coffee, chatted, laughed, joked… It was a pretty awesome evening. It made me very happy to see my Bestie and my new guy getting along so well. Until the Bestie… Read more »

I Asked the Question… And Got No Answers!

I finally decided it was time to bite the bullet and ask My Mr. Grey what the deal was between us. I huffed and I puffed and I paced the room, and I wrote that message and I stared at it for a while before I pressed send. This was… Read more »