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Hot Right Now [Previously Unseen]

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Jock My Dating Life NSFW / Sex True Tales 

I Like Slow, Sensual Sex …

So, this new guy [Jock] has got me totally figured out already. Well, he hasn’t, but he’s going the right way. We’ve been texting and calling each other in that way that new potential lovers do: constant questions and answers, flirty banter, naughty conversations that you would berate other boys for. I thought I might’ve grown bored of him by now. No sign of that, though. The stuff he’s saying to me is driving me crazy. Whether I ‘like’ him or not, I’m definitely lusting after him. But I’m wondering…

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My Dating Life NSFW / Sex One Ball True Tales 

I Want to Play a Game: Fucking politics

One Ball and I are playing a game, keeping our sex life nice n’ spicy, if you like. Not that we need that, obviously. We’ve only been dating a couple of months, so it’s not like our sex life has run stale, or anything like that. But he likes games and I like games and one of us had an idea that we should play a game … so, we’re playing it. We each have written down ten things. Sexual things. Things that we want to do, haven’t done before,…

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