You’re Probably the Best I’ve Ever Had.

Things have been plain sailing with Jock and I recently. You can probably tell – the blog is always quiet when there is nothing going wrong. There is only so many times you can say “I’m in love!” before someone slaps you around the face and tells you to man up…

I spent last weekend with my beautiful Jock. It was amazing really. Saturday he picked me up straight from work and we did the family thing – socialising with my Mama Bear for a bit before we went back to his. With an open fire in the yard, he cooked me steak, chicken and jacket potatoes. I’ve never seen a man go “Bear Grylls” on me but he managed it with the flair of the fully qualified chef that he is. Wrapping it all up with plenty of tin foil and butter, he cooked the food on the fire and we ate snuggled up on the couch, with candles all around us, lights off, romance in the air. It’s not conventional, by any means, but it sure is beautiful.

We had a conversation on the couch on Sunday evening. I was due to come back home that night but instead, because I had a late (10am) start on Monday morning, I stayed one more night and let Jock drive me to work. It was a first for us – he’s never seen me in the morning before work before. He even made me sandwiches to take with me, packed lunch style. He really is the most perfect man on the planet.

Anyway, back to the conversation and we were talking about sex. I can’t really remember the exact conversation as I had smoked a spliff and we’d already fooled around. I played with myself in front of him for the first time. It was nerve wracking but out of this world; the spliff definitely letting me leave some of my inhibitions behind.

It started with the kissing just like it always does. Those soft kisses that he starts on my lips and trails down to my neck and my collarbone. Those soft kisses that leave me weak at the knees and wet in the crotch. Before I knew it, he was touching me everywhere except where I wanted to be touched and I tried to push his hands to where they needed to be. Instead, he moved his hand and growled in my ear – “Touch yourself”


The word was like music to my ears. I’m sure this guy can read my mind. Just a split second before he said those words I thought to myself – if he won’t touch me, why don’t I touch myself? Well I did. And it was explosive. I made myself gush. In fact this is something I’ve recently taught myself. Guys have managed to do it to me before but I’ve never quite managed to make myself. My Mr. Grey is a firm favourite when it comes to men making me squirt. Well I’ve managed to teach myself and that night, in front of Jock, I let him feel what I had done to myself. I didn’t let him have sex with me, of course – he made me wait so I will make him wait… except I can make him wait a whole lot longer!

A little while later, still on that couch in my post-orgasmic state, we had the conversation.

“Do we have good sex?” he said.

“You were there just then, right? Of course we have good sex. I don’t do that for just anyone!” was my reply, closely followed by “Do you think we have good sex?”

He looked at me, straight into my eyes and simply said “Baby, you’re probably the best I’ve ever had!”


Those that have been following me for a while may remember a post I wrote a little while ago called Would You Want to Know Your Sexual Review? In this post I talk about whether or not you would want to know if you were good in bed? If you could find a link to a page where someone publicly wrote down what they thought of you, would you want to read it? It’s always nice when someone gives you a good sexual review isn’t it? It would seem that I have been given the thumbs up from Jock. That’s a good thing – I always vow to leave a lasting impression and I’m open enough about a lot of stuff to normally be able to get that impression sorted. I’ve done that with Jock and I know I have – he’s never, ever going to forget fucking me.

From the little things that he has said, his ex wasn’t very nice to her about his performance in the sack and his manhood size. I’ve already talked about the fact that he doesn’t have the largest penis in the world but we have figured each other out now – we know what works and what doesn’t. For example, he can’t spoon me because it doesn’t work and we both get frustrated but when he throws my legs over my shoulders and pounds into me as I lay on my back, my orgasms are earth-shattering. We got this shit sorted and we are both having very good sex – it’s no holds barred sex. We know how far we can go for now. We know what works and what doesn’t. I’m letting rip on him and I can tell that he is lapping it up. Anyway, after the comments that his ex left him, I’m boosting his confidence something crazy and I’m enjoying what it is doing to him more than he is, I think.

He walks around like this cocky little shit but I know he’s got this hidden soft side. I’ve seen it now. I know he gets insecure even though he says he doesn’t. He worries about how he looks by my side even though he tries to act like it doesn’t. I see that softer side to him and I know that I am making him feel good about himself. I like that I’m having that effect on him because he is having exactly the same effect on me. It’s addictive and I would love each and every one of you to find the person that makes you feel that way. It’s a beautiful feeling. It’s as powerful as any drug.

So there you have it – that’s what’s been happening with me. I’m probably the best sex he’s ever had.

How d’ya like that? 😉

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