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Mr. Grey Will See You Now…

Well, the eagerly awaited trailer for the long-coming film Fifty Shades Of Grey has been released… and what a trailer it has proved to be already. There was the shock of the ‘exclusive’ Beyonce version of Crazy In Love which I had kinda predicted anyway… Just ask Bestie. I told him it would be her.


As soon as I watched it, I shared it. Of course I did. I knew of too many other women that were eagerly awaiting the release of this film trailer. This book, and hopefully the subsequent film(s) empowered women, didn’t it? It taught us that ‘naughty’ was good, and sometimes it pays to think outside of the box when it comes to sex. In other words, porn for women. Whatever works! 😉

Guess who messaged me. Of course. MY Mr. Grey. My beautiful, chiseled, fucked up Mr. Grey. Polite. Intense. Smart. Really intimidating. All the words Ana uses to describe HER Mr. Grey. All girls need to have a Mr. Grey in their lives. They need to have that one guy that controls them. That gets them so crazy right now. Crazy in love.

This is what he sent me:

Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

I miss him. It’s been a couple of years. It’s about the right kind of time that we would be planning to meet up. It’s been every two years or so for the last few years anyway. Look at what happened last time… Fuck I miss that.

I need that kinda night with My Mr. Grey. I need it. I crave it. I long for his fingers to probe the most intimate areas of my body. I want his hand grasping my bottom ribs. I’m skinnier now. I know the way I look will drive him crazy. It’ll remind him of what it was like when we first started sleeping together some ten-or-so years ago. It would have been about this time that we would have met so yeah, we’ve known each other for ten years now. We’ve been sleeping together for ten years. Wow. We’d probably be married with kids by now if things had gone to plan. I can’t work out if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that it didn’t happen like that…?

I’d love to go and see that movie with him. Valentine’s Day 2015 with My Mr. Grey and that movie, swiftly followed by a bottle of wine (for me) and a night of hardcore kinky fuckery between two people that have the one thing most relationships are missing – pure trust.

He can do whatever the fuck he likes with my body. I trust him. I trust his judgement. He knows how far to go and when to pull back. He knows when to go fast and when to go slow. He knows how to tease and do all the little things that drive me crazy. He knows. He’s good at it too. How many women can say that about their beloved other half’s? I don’t think I can say that about my Beautiful Tattooed Jock. I think he likes to think he knows what he’s doing but for the most part, he just flukes it. Isn’t that what we are all doing anyway? Fluking it?

I love Jock. And I do really enjoy my sex with him. But you know when you have that niggling feeling, reminding you of what you could be having? Sometimes I get that about My Mr. Grey. Just sometimes. Like right now.

This movie is gonna do crazy things to me. I can already tell. And My Mr. Grey has been communicating a lot recently.

Why can I sense trouble on the horizon? 

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5 Thoughts to “Mr. Grey Will See You Now…”

  1. I saw the trailer and started to think of my Mr. Grey as well….who also happens to be my husband. ..but he was more Mr.Grey ten years ago now he’s sportin gray!! Haha

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