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2013 – The Reflection

I set myself a few goals for 2013 and now it’s over, I feel like I should go back and evaluate whether or not I’ve managed it. Why not?

Happy New Year’s Eve!!! was the original post back in December 31st, 2012. I talk whether or not I’d managed to achieve the resolution for the year before that and I feel it’s only right to see what I managed to pull out of the last 12 months.

I want to give up smoking. Again.

Well, consider I just put a cigarette out, I reckon I’ve failed there. I’m still using my e-cigarettes but I’m having the odd cigarette. Maybe around 3 per day? I’ll make that another resolution I’ll roll through to 2014…

I want to progress within my job.

I think at the time I meant my day job but seeing as I’ve come a fucking long way in my writing career, I’m gonna say I achieved that. I started a couple of websites with the work colleague I discuss in Dipping your Pen in the Office Ink?, and they are making me money. My freelancing career is taking off too. So yes – I progressed within my other job. That still counts, right?

I want to see where things go with One Ball and hope not to get a broken heart at the end of it.

Well… I didn’t get my heart broken. I broke his heart. I’m pretty sure that’s worse because even now I still feel shitty about it from time to time. I guess I failed at that one too.

I want to find a new home to call my own rather than living with family.

OK so it’s a month or so late but I am moving out very soon! I’m gonna class that one as a pass.

I want to go to a country I’ve never been before.

Fucked that one up too – I didn’t go anywhere! Work took over and then writing took over the time I had left after that. Then you throw a social life into the mix. And a relationship. My life is chaos all the damn time. Complete chaos. I’m always late. I definitely don’t get enough sleep. I love it though. I’d be bored if life were easy. Another epic fail.

I want to go back to the other side of the world to see the people I left behind.

Didn’t leave this side of the world. Self-explanatory. Fail.

I want to get completely, truly, definitely over Big Love.

Well I don’t know if I’m 100% over him. I don’t know if I ever will be. But I’m over him enough to get on with a band new relationship where I am completely in love and for one, I believe it is truly reciprocated. So half-pass, what d’ya think?

I want to make mistakes and cry some tears, make new happy memories and travel around my home country that I feel has been somewhat overlooked. I want to get drunk, occasionally take some drugs and have some good nights out. I want to get to my goal weight of 145 pounds. When all is said and done, I just want to be happy. 

Well that’s what i said right at the end of 2012 leading into 2013 and I’d say I managed that. I DID get to my goal weight and am now even heading south of that. I AM happy – in my relationship and with life in general. Yes there are some things that I still desperately need to change, such as my finances, but let’s face it; who doesn’t?

I’ve pretty much quit drinking and aside from smoking pot, I haven’t done any drugs. All in all I would say that 2013 was a fucking great year for me. I’ve found love, found happiness, made a few changes, progressed in my career/hobby, made a lot of money, spent a lot of money, created two new websites that are actually making me money, walked on fire to raise money for kids with cancer, had some good times with my family and friends, visited new places in my home country that I’d never seen before, eaten out in lush restaurants, worn clothes I would never have worn before and much more. And even better than that – I made 2013 the year I found myself again. I went back to my quirky sense of style and my witty humour. I was just me.

I’d say 2013 was great for me. It had some up’s and it sure had some down’s but all in all, I’d say it was mostly a lot of laughs. And I met you guys too… What more could a gal want?

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