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I need to add another one to the list of men I’ve slept with. Yes, that’s right; I finally did One Ball, and it was fabulous! It started with a message on an online dating website, then we met for a quick lunch, then we went for a hot chocolate or two, and then we shared our first kiss, which was just perfect. Then I decided it was time to take things further – he came to mine to watch a movie. The movie was Ted – we laughed and ate candies, and then the hardcore making out began.

The kisses weren’t bad; perhaps a tad sloppy. He’s rusty thought; he had already admitted he hasn’t really dated since his divorce. Then his hand moved lower and through my leggings, he bought me to climax. It was amazing. I tore off his shirt; he ripped off mine. Piece by piece, the clothes came off, and the lights were turned off too. I was nervous. I’m always nervous the first time with a new man. I was nervous about what I looked like naked too, because I recently lost a bit of weight but in my head I’m still the fat kid. I was also nervous because everything else about him had excited me, and there was nothing about him that had irritated me as yet. In my head this meant that he would have a tiny penis, or his one ball would look weird enough to freak me out. Turns out, there is still nothing that bugs me about him. His cock is a beautiful length. The Guy I Couldn’t Get Rid Of had a massive cock, but his was all length and no girth. One Ball has it all – length, girth, smooth, beautiful cock. He hovered above me for just a minute, both of us holding our breaths with excited anticipation, and he plunged deep into me. OH MY GOD! It felt so perfect.

I felt that beautiful pain of a big cock inside me. I don’t get that pain with a lot of people and I fucking love it. He pulled my hair a bit, rolled over so I was on top, scratched my back, did me doggy style – it was pure, unadulterated lust.

I tried to give him head, but he kept pulling me on top of him again. I loved the way that it felt in my mouth, and the fact that I couldn’t fit it all in. I can deep-throat most cocks that I have come across, but this one I just couldn’t manage. I simply adore giving head – it’s one of my favourite things to do in the bedroom. Or anywhere else for that matter. It gets me so wet, hearing the groans, and feeling them squirm. He wouldn’t let me do it. It annoyed me. Afterwards he told me that it took him forever to come to climax through oral sex alone, and he thought it might have been because of the one ball thing. Apparently, all of his exes had just given up doing it. This has now given me a new challenge, and we all know how much I love a new challenge. I will make this guy come in my mouth if it is the last thing I do!

At the end of it all, he didn’t come at all. He told me earlier on that day, he’d jerked off because I had told him I didn’t want to rush things, and we wouldn’t be sleeping together yet. He didn’t want to be a walking horndog. It was a cute gesture, of course, but it kinda backfired as I came three times, and he didn’t even come the once! Poor guy! I guess now I owe him a couple.

There was something about him – he had this smell that drove me nuts. It wasn’t BO; it was something else. It didn’t smell sweet, or salty; good, or bad. I think it must have been a pheromone thing, but whatever it was, I couldn’t keep my hands off him. Afterwards we lay there naked, pillow-talking. I kept kissing, and touching, and then he got hard again so we fucked a little more. It was just perfect. He still didn’t come though. I could smell his smell long after he had left, and it made me even hornier. There was just something about, and the only other person who’s smell has had that kind of impact on me was my husband….

That was the other night, and he went away to see his kids for a couple days. It’s now two days later and I am seriously craving this guy. I haven’t heard from him, except for a few messages. I don’t disturb him when he is with his kids. He only sees them every other weekend. I cannot wait for him to come back. The more I get to know him and the closer we get, the more I want him, and the more I think about him. This concerns me, because he is only going to be living around this way for 2 more months, and then we’re either over, or it’s long distance. We may have fizzled out by then, of course, so I’m trying not to think that far in advance.

I do have a problem, however. My Mr. Grey has mysteriously decided that he wants me again. A few weeks of barely speaking because he didn’t have a clue what he wanted, and now he’s all “back on” again. He wanted to come down and see me next week but I put him off by saying that I didn’t have a day off from work, and therefore it wouldn’t be the greatest time. Now he’s asking about the week after. This just proves my point – the only thing you need to get laid and/or a potential boyfriend, is another lay/potential boyfriend!

I don’t know whether I should tell either of them what is going on though…. It would potentially wreck my chances with both of them. However, what if they both decide I’M something they DO want, then what do I do?

How do I find myself in these positions…..?

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