The Perfect Penis – Is Size Important?

The Perfect Penis – Is Size Important?

A lot of the material for my blog comes to me randomly – conversations at work, conversations with friends, reminiscing and more recently when I am looking at the blogs of others. This happened to me again today and as much as I certainly don’t want to steal the content of others, it definitely got me thinking. Dangerous, I know.

The Perfect Penis – This is a post by the Best Sex Blog and as soon as I saw the headline, not only did I have the urge to read it but my mind automatically flashed back to Big Love. Now I’m not sure if I am allowed to post a picture of a penis on my blog or if I am allowed to use a picture of his penis so I won’t. Instead, I shall talk about it… A Lot. I don’t know if a man can pick their penis out of a line up but in the worst case scenario that someone I know comes across this blog, or worse – him, I wouldn’t want to upset anyone.

Big Love had the perfect penis in my opinion. It was my first circumcised penis and to be totally honest, I hadn’t become acquainted with it before we actually had sex so it all came as a bit of a shock.

Where I come from there isn’t a lot of circumcising so it was all a bit alien to me. When I do the whole ‘foreplay thing’ and I give my man a little bit of hand or mouth love, I use the foreskin as leverage. However, on this particular penis, there was no foreskin so I quickly learned that a lot of spit was necessary. Anyway, I digress.

The Perfect Penis

His cock was the most beautiful cock that I had ever seen in my life. It wasn’t too long and it wasn’t too short, it was simply perfect. It had the right amount of girth to make me feel as if I had a good sized cock inside me, and just the right hint of length to feel it deep within me. The fact that it was circumcised definitely helped – it was neatest, prettiest, most beautiful penis I’d ever seen. When he was sat down, the tip just reached his bellybutton. I couldn’t tell you how long it was because we never measured it (shame!), but to me it was simply perfection. Absolute divine perfection.

There was nothing I enjoyed more than having his cock in my mouth. I’m pretty sure he knows this as he definitely had more blowjobs outta me during our two-year relationship than he’d ever received before in his life. He did the usual tale, “No girl ever made me cum from a blowjob”, but of course, we overcame that. The first one took a bit longer, forty minutes or so, but after that, I’d managed to get it down to as little as two minutes in some instances.

One of those instances was when we were on the other side of the world, driving through the aftermath of a tornado. It was my first ever tornado and we were pretending to be badass storm-chasers, cameras in hand, ready for the action but we never quite got there… As we were driving along, all the excitement had gotten me intensely horny so I reached over, unbuckled his pants and took his length into my mouth. He came the hardest he ever had in his life or so he said. The creamy load that went down the back of my throat definitely backed up his story!

I guess I’m digressing again. Let’s get back to the perfect penis.

Since Big Love I’ve slept with 9 people, some of them new, some of them ‘recycled’ exes. I have compared every one of them to his. There I go with the whole comparing thing again! We all do that though, right?

There was the drunk guy who I couldn’t remember, the other drunk prick who I can’t remember but I do remember his cock not being hard all that much, the friend who I screwed whilst I was playing wing-woman who, again, I couldn’t remember, and the fireman who was so blah it’s not even worth remembering.

I guess The Lapdog has come pretty close to perfect penis status, offering a touch more length than Big Love, but a whole load more grit that at times, was too much for me to take. My Mr. Grey… Well, we all know how much I enjoyed his beautiful cock. And his hands, his tongue, his everything…. He has piercings though, and I prefer mine without. His is fun and all, but a little too “industrial” for my liking.

The Guy I Couldn’t Get Rid Of had a MASSIVE cock! It’s really long but too way too thin.

One Ball – Close to perfection but not circumcised and attached to an emotional fucktard.

Big Love has ruined all penises for me and I’m angry with him for that. I’m now looking for a man who can boast about a cock that is about five or six inches long with a pretty big but not too-big girth, no foreskin and is just smooth and pink and beautiful. I guess I can keep dreaming…

In my life, I have been lucky though. I’ve only come across a couple of tiny penises. Penises that I don’t think I could bring myself to pleasuring even if I wanted to. I’m not a bitch but sometimes, you wonder what a man could have done in a past life to be cursed with such a tiny offering. Size doesn’t matter really but sometimes, it really, really does.

Number 2 – Probably under three inches when erect.

Number 17 –He made me laugh, was pretty hot and had a great smile but his penis was tiny; definitely not bigger than my little finger. I went back a few times though so there must have been something about him that I liked. He never made me cum.

Then there was Number 18 who actually had the smallest penis I ever would have imagined possible. I doubt it even topped an inch and a half when hard. We only had sex the once and I couldn’t feel it at all. How he managed to cum inside me, I don’t know. We couldn’t even use a condom because it was so small. This was stupid of course, but I was young and I’m much more sensible now….. kinda.

So is penis size really that important? I know I couldn’t have sex with a guy that had a tiny penis repeatedly but then, at the same time, a massive cock isn’t the best either – The Guy I Couldn’t Get Rid Of is a perfect example of that. Sex is a very important part of a relationship for me and if I couldn’t feel a connection with his cock, there would be no relationship. I would cheat for sure. I need a cock big enough to hurt my insides when my legs are up on his shoulders and I want one that makes my mouth feel full when I get down on my knees. However, if I met the perfect man who had everything I wanted to offer, would I be able to sacrifice the penis? To be brutally honest, no I don’t think I could. I NEED a good cock. I would even go as far as to say I CRAVE a good cock. I think I found my “soulcock” – Big Love. I’m just worried that there won’t be another one like it….

Applications are being taken 😉

How about you? Have you found your perfect penis? What about the guys, how would you rate yours? Is size really that important….?


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14 thoughts on “The Perfect Penis – Is Size Important?

  1. lifeofalovergirl

    You are hilarious, lol. I just love reading your blog posts. So straight up and forthright.

    Anyway, I have the opposite experience, living in the US. I have only ever seen an uncircumsised penis once in my sexual adventures and I didn’t like it very much. I felt the foreskin made things more awkward and it didn’t seem as clean. That guy also was too rough, once “surprised” me with painful anal sex and also gave me an STD. He was quite the jerk so maybe it was more than his penis that I didn’t like.

    I like to think that I “don’t care about size” but when I read that your “ideal” is 5-6 inches, I would have to say that is smaller than what I am used to and tend to go for. I guess I’m a big cock lover after all!! My guys right now range from about 7-9 inches and that tends to make me pretty happy. Not that I couldn’t be happy with an average size or smaller cock, but I like the dominance effect and really like when they hit it deep.

    I am white but most of the men I have dated in my life are black, Supposedly black men have slightly larger penises on average. I always thought that was a myth but I guess there is some truth to it. Still the white guys I have been with were decent sized too, so I don’t know.

    I’ve never really seen what I would consider a “small” penis like you talk about. Well, not in real life. I saw a guy post a picture of his penis on Craigslist one time and it was like an inch long.

    Anyhow I tend to fall in love with the penises that make me feel really good or with ones attached to guys I am really into, no matter what they look like. I’d say if I had to pick an “ideal” penis it would be about 8 inches, kinda thick and get super hard to where all the skin is taut and shiny when he gets an erection. It would be circumsized and have that perfect mushroom head on top for me to run my tongue around during a blowjob. His balls would be medium sized, not too big and not too small. Ummm…I’ve had a few cocks like that. 😉

  2. puzzledpartner

    I rock the 6 and have always thought I had an average, run-of-the-mill nothing special penis. The comments I most often get from women had been ‘My last boyfriend was longer, but you’re definitely thicker.” When I was younger (and dumber), I was quite the closet exhibitionist sending pictures of myself into dark and seedy chat rooms all over the internet. I wonder where that adventurous spirit has gone.

    My wife’s big thing is saying I have the most talented tongue she’s ever felt and going down on her during foreplay has become mandatory.

    1. Not So Sex in the City Post author

      Ah see I’m not all that sold on the going down on me thing. It just makes me nervous really. I tend to not do that for a while when I am in a relationship or sleeping with someone new. But you can bring your penis over here anytime to let me inspect 😉

  3. Lady Taylor Lynx

    I know that men seem to be obsessed with size, but I have slept with men whose penises have been so wide/long that it has been excruciating. Give me average any day. I have also noticed that penises at a specific angle do best for me. Maybe I could get a t shirt that says: “Do you have a slightly curved, acute angled penis in relation to your body? Call me.” I’m sure that would go down well.

  4. Kay BeeBee

    I have a post called … “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight …” on this very topic … I wanna weep over a small willy … But have had some spectacular experiences on very average tackle 🙂 x

  5. Kay BeeBee

    I have a post on this very topic called “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight …” I weep in dismay over a small or x small penis … am always relieved and happy to get anything between med and x large … 🙂 x

  6. Madame Blush

    My ex also had the perfect penis, pretty much like the one you described. He’s very tall and is ‘proportional’ for his size. It was lovely an straight, circumcised too – and the perfect colour (sometimes they can be a bit funny looking if they’re too dark).

    I also had ‘sex’ once with the guy who had what I thought was the smallest penis in the world, I just couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t feel anything except what felt like a guy dry humping me, how awful for him and me! He’s a lovely guy and was recently married, all I can think about is how he’ll never properly satisfy his poor wife…it’s a cruel life! : (

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  8. Simone Noelle

    Reblogged this on Simone Noelle – Erotic Author and commented:
    Okay, let’s try to link to this fab and fun blog post from Not So Sex In The City again. My last attempt at posting this link fell short of expectations, sort of like some partners’ penis size. Cheap shot, I agree. Honestly, it’s the man that counts, not the size.

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  11. Barry

    Right, that’s it. I am going to get myself snipped. I always wanted to, but I needed encouragement from you lovely women. Thanks!


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