Comparing Lovers…?

I came across this interesting post from Life of a Lover Girl and it got me to thinking – did I actually compare lovers?

I guess in short, the answer is YES! I think deep down, we probably all compare lovers, and this is definitely the case after a break-up, or when you have quickly moved from one guy to the next, or even multiple partners at once. I also agree with the Life of a Lover Girl in the case that I probably wouldn’t admit to any of the men that I am sleeping with that I was actually comparing them.

For example, I recently told Guy I couldn’t get rid of that I had met someone new and we were seeing each other – One Ball. I wasn’t going to tell him at all to be honest, as we hadn’t exactly parted on the best of terms, but we have been “kinda talking” since that point, and I’m over it. He was confessing how much he was missing me, and once he was done, I dropped the bombshell:

“I’m seeing someone else”

What happened from here? The obvious, of course:

“Is he as good as me in bed? Have you told him to say ‘stop’ yet?”

“I bet his cock isn’t as big as mine!”

“Does he know how much you love your neck being kissed?”

“I bet you are bored in bed with him already. Don’t forget, I know what you like, and I know that not many men will give it to you!”

Of course, it would have been so easy to just tell him that One Ball was fucking DYNAMITE in bed, and I had enjoyed every damn second of it. That would have been comparing them though, and as much as I want to judge them both in my head, I would never admit to them that they were being “scored” by me. Instead, I told him that I wasn’t into comparing lovers and he needed to get over it! This was about a week or so ago, and he’s still doing it. In reality, I wanted to tell him how badly he kisses, and how much he pissed me off. I won’t though – I have too much dignity for that.

I like to think that I have more class than to do the whole “His cock was bigger than yours” crap. In reality, I’m just too classy to say it out loud; I’m definitely thinking it in my head though. I will always compare every guy I kiss to the Big Love. I will always compare every fuck I have to that I get from My Mr. Grey. The Guy I couldn’t get rid of will always be known as the worst kiss of my life. See – we all judge, whether or not we like to admit it.

It makes me wonder though; how would I be judged in bed? I like to think I’m the girl that gives amazing blowjobs, but as yet, I still haven’t made One Ball climax in my mouth. I also like to think I’m the girl that does what the “Nice Girls” don’t , but from reading other blogs I have recently discovered that even the “Nice Girls” have badass sides. Can I kiss? Of course I like to think so. I don’t think I’m very good on top – I used to be a much bigger size than I am now, and I guess I’m still pretty self-conscious. I also used to struggle to get a rhythm when I was on top. I’m much better on the bottom. I buck my hips to meet his; I wrap my legs around his waist, shove pillows under my ass, scratch his back and hold onto his shoulders, etc. I like to think I’m pretty good in bed, and a lot of guys tell me I am. Maybe they are just being nice, like when us girls say “Yeah, you’re totally the best I ever had” to pretty much every guy they are in a long term relationship with. Or is that just me? How would you rate yourself in bed? And am I as good as I like to think I am?


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  1. Hahahaha…. I’m sure I’ve told more than one guy that they were the “best ever”, but in my defense it FELT like it at the time or I wouldn’t have said so. 😉 I’ve had guys tell me I’m great in bed too but I sometimes wonder WHY. I mean, I’m really pretty submissive in the sack so I don’t DO a whole lot.

    Still the Professor says the chemistry is some of the best he’s ever had (which is how I feel about him as well) and the Married Guy that was the best sex of my life acted pretty impressed with me too. Granted, if a guy is doing a really good job on ME, I want to make him super happy and will give my best blow jobs. Ditto if I just really like him a lot. When its a guy I just met and he’s NOT so hot in the sack I don’t have the same motivation to please.

    Everyone has a different idea what they like in bed too. Its not just women that are complicated. I’ve found men to have totally different wants regarding blow jobs. One of mine, for example, won’t let me near his balls and jumps if my tongue even touches them and another wants me to be kind of rough and put a whole ball in my mouth and suck and pull on it, lol.

    I heard a woman once say that she puts a condom on with her mouth!! I don’t know any tricks like that, haha. I honestly wonder what makes some men think I’m so great, but I’m glad they do. Since I’ve found that I orgasm a lot more easier when I don’t try to focus so much on pleasing HIM, then I feel I’ve become a bit more selfish in bed, but it helps me orgasm more and guys LOVE that, so IDK.

    1. I guess it’s each man, or woman, for themselves Hahaha! I’ve been known to lie and say they were the best even though they aren’t…. It’s a heat of the moment thing. You can hardly turn around and say they were shite although I’ve wanted to on more than one occasion lol!

  2. I always assume all lovers compare all lovers to all lovers. As soon as my wife said she slept with someone else, my first question was ‘How big was he’? I figured she only wanted someone else because I wasn’t good enough/long enough/hard enough.

    Sex comes with some amount of stress. I feel like Woody Allen in bed. ‘Does she really like this or is she screaming her head off just to be polite?” “Has she cum yet? Can I cum yet? If she already came and I haven’t cum yet…is she expecting to cum again?” “Why is she stimulating herself during sex?” “Is she having trouble getting there? Am I hitting the wrong spots?”

    I also think you should tell Guy you can’t get rid of ‘it’s none of your business, it’s better simply because it’s NOT with you’, and then STOP talking to someone so co-dependent, needy, and spiteful. You don’t need more toxic people in your life!

    1. I always love your comments. Wow! I guess I never really thought about it from the guys perspective. You guys have it rough too eh? I told the guy I couldn’t get rid of that I had no place for him in my life. I’m hoping he’ll take the Damn hint this time…..

  3. How you’re compared depends partly on how the previous relationship ended and, how satisfied your previous lover was. I’ve had very few bad lovers so I consider myself lucky. Whether or not you’re a bad partner remains to be seen so, come by and we’ll compare notes. Haha

    1. Hahaha sounds like a good deal! I’ve had my fair share of bad lovers so you’d best be good 😉

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