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Season’s Greetings


Wanna hear something romantic as fuck? It’s a bit cringe-worthy, I think, so you must promise you won’t laugh at me. I had this daft idea that Bear and I should reuse the same Christmas cards to each other, just adding new messages, year after year, and he’s only gone and bloody done it.

What a fucking cutie.

It was an idea I had last year. I think I’d seen it in the papers, some seventy-odd-year-old couple had been using the same Christmas card or Valentine’s Day card for the entire duration of their relationship, almost like a journal, marking each year that had gone by. What a romantic notion, right? The fact that you could be so certain you were meant to be with someone from your very first Christmas (or New Year), that you kept and then wrote on the same card … My heart almost can’t cope with all the feels. So many feels.

I just so happened to be rummaging around in my little ‘memory box’ the other day, when I came across the Christmas card he’d given me last year. It still had the badge attached to the front, and I remember the pact we’d made each other. We promised that we’d be like that old romantic couple, writing in the same ol’ tatty cards. Two Christmas messages down, we’re on the right track. All of a sudden, I’ve gone gooey from all the romance. So much romance.

Season's Greetings 1

It made me want to do something for him. Something big and massively romantic. I’m not actually known for my romance in real life, despite the Cinderella obsession I have goin’ on. I want to do something adorably cute to make him cry on Christmas Day. It makes me so regretful that I wasted the 365 love notes on Jock. And, to make matters worse, I’m pretty sure I told Bear about that gift to Jock too, so it’s not like I can just do it again for him. I did think about it though. I could probably put together 365 love notes, all quotes taken from my blog. I remember it taking me a really long time before though, and I live with the guy now. He’d see what I was up to. We don’t spend an awful lot of time apart.

I don’t want to reuse an old idea. I want to come up with something brand spanking new and sparkly, and I’m really struggling to come up with ideas. Plus, time constraints … and money. We’re poor as fuck this Christmas. In fact, I think I’m the poorest I’ve ever been right now. It sucks balls. I want to be so generous, lavishing the man in my life with stupid, expensive gifts. I want to give him everything he’s ever wanted and smother him with love. He’ll just need to put up with the love bit for now. I can’t afford nothin’ else. We’ve already had the money chit-chat. I can’t be bothered to open up that door again right now.

But yeah, how’s that for a bloody romantic idea for you? Reuse the same Christmas cards, writing new notes (with the year) in it every December? In a few years’ time, that’s going to be an absolute treat to open each year. I can’t wait to read a few year’s worth of festive messages each time.

Christmas brings out the best in me, it would seem. It manages to pull out my inner romantic, at least.

Seasons Greetings!

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