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Hot Guy At Work.

Hot Guy At Work. So today I served this guy at work. Oh man, I don’t even know where to start.

He came strutting on in, bald head with big baby blue eyes. It’s the eyes that does it – those baby blues fuck me up. They fuck me up every single time. He was wearing pale jeans tucked into big black leather motorcycle boots. Lid on one arm, big grin on his face, he came strutting towards me and I was done from the start. He works on the oil rigs off shore. He had that ex-soldier-boy look about him. He was older I guess – maybe in his mid to late 30’s? He was well travelled, had a fabulous sense of humour, and won me over in no time at all. There was no wedding ring, I noticed. No picture of another woman on his phone. He might have seen the picture of Jock and I on mine, although I did try to hide that.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about Jock. We’re still very much in love but seriously, you had to see me and this work-guy together. We had chemistry. We had serious fucking chemistry. We clicked. We were laughing and talking, chatting about bikes and places we’d travelled to, etc. I give him some advice which I’m hoping will pay off. He thanked me for being ‘ever-so helpful’. He knew I was flirting with him. He loved it. The smile he left with was even bigger than the smile he walked in with, and that’s saying something. My work colleague noticed. She thinks it’s dangerous territory.

He left and I pined for about ten minutes. I wanted him to come back. The store emptied after he’d left and I kept wishing he’d pop back in. Maybe he still will? Maybe if he takes my advice, he’ll come in to say thanks some time. Some customers do that.

I remembered his name and I looked for him on Facebook. I didn’t find him. Damn. I really wanted to find out more.

I have no intention of doing anything, of course. It’s just flirting. That’s all it ever is. That’s all it is with The Fireman and My Mr. Grey. That’s all it is with this work-guy. He was hot though. Not conventionally hot. Like your Dad’s best mate hot. But now it’s okay to fuck him.

I wonder if he thought about me after he left? I hope I made him smile. I hope that harmless bit of banter was enough to brighten up his day. It certainly brightened up mine.

Back to reality and I finally get to see my Beautiful Tattooed Jock tomorrow night unless he blows me out again… Are we holding our breath? I probably wouldn’t advise it. I guess we’ll see.

That’s how my day went. How about yours? 


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