I Went On A Date With The Fireman.

Well, I’m pretty sure the title says it all, don’t you? Date is probably too strong a word but to be honest, it wasn’t far off. It was awkward, cute, and actually quite a lot of fun. And not, it didn’t lead to a kiss at the end of the night. Don’t worry. Jock has nothing to worry about.

I had been bowling with the guys from work when I got his message.

“Free for that drink tonight?”

Fuck it, I thought. Why not. I’ve already had a couple. Might as well kill two birds with one stone, right? I met him in a pub that we used to drink in 11 years ago when we were in the throes of our passion, and it all went splendidly from there.

It was really awkward at first. The last time we actually saw each other was the night he said no to me, and we all know how badly that shit went down. We chatted for a little bit, drinking our drinks, and then he suggested that we move to a better pub.

Ex Funny

Onwards we went and it was a better pub. Firstly, it was closer to my house so I wouldn’t have far to walk when it was time to go home, and secondly, it had a pool table. It turns out neither of us can play pool for shit. It was a really funny game though.

At the end of the night, we had a lock-in; just me, The Fireman and the raging lesbian behind the bar. For hours we talked, smoking and drinking. At one point we even had cigars. It was a pretty awesome night. A grown-up night. We talked politics, the justice system, and more in our slightly hazy state.

It wasn’t long before there was a bit of flirty banter between The Fireman and I. He touched my arm, and I moved a bit of fluff from his hair. If it had been an actual first date, it would have been pretty perfect. But it wasn’t our first date. Far from it.

He was smitten with me and that was very clear from the start. He’d already commented that my new hair choice of colour ‘really suited’ me, and I looked ‘completely amazing’ these days. It’s the first time he’s seen my skinny self. Clearly it did the job it was intended to do.

There was something there. Only a little spark for me. Clearly a lot more for him. But there was something. His panting for me just made me feel that little bit better. The fact that I was unobtainable now just made it even hotter. The naughty innuendos and cheesy, kinky jokes were all part of the foreplay. If we had gone home together that night, the sex probably would have been amazing.

He walked me home and things got awkward once more. At the bottom of my steps I stopped, turned to face him and hugged him, kissing him on the cheek and saying “Thanks for a great night!” at the same time. It was the perfect closing move and I’m actually surprised I managed to pull it off. I gave him just enough body contact to keep his interest alive, yet firmly reminded him that walking me home was definitely all he was going to end up achieving. It surprised him. I’m not normally quite so firm and powerful. I was just the little blonde girl to him. I’m something else now. He likes it. I can tell. He didn’t know how to react. It was quite odd because he sorta bowed his head, turned around, said thanks and pottered off up the road.

Within ten minutes he had text me.

“Do it again soon?

When’s good?”

Is he actually trying to arrange a second date here? What the fuck is going on? We met up, we reminisced, we both got a bit of flirty banter out of it…. Why hasn’t it stopped? If we don’t fuck on that first night, we don’t fuck. That’s how it goes. We both know this. Why isn’t he playing by the rules?

I tried to make a joke of it with a cheeky face and “Can’t keep away?”. I wasn’t ready for his response:

“Seems that way… I had such a good night, I just want to do it again”

He’s booking a second date, isn’t he? How does that work? He’s been with his girlfriend for three years, I’ve been with my guy for almost a year and a half… How are we booking a second date? Does his girlfriend know? I told Jock I was out with ‘an old friend’. Technically it wasn’t a lie. Would I tell him the truth? If he asked me straight out to my face, yes definitely. I wouldn’t be able to lie to him because he’d know face to face. I’m not going to offer the information though. I sense that would be an aggravating move.

I don’t really know what to do here. If I go on the second ‘date’ with him, is it a ‘date’? Does he expect me to put out? Don’t worry, I’m definitely not up for that. Firstly, I’d never do that to Jock. Secondly, I sense that it would probably be hotter in my head than it would be in real life. He’s not the same person that he was back then. He doesn’t have the same physique. He’s not the same person at all. Neither am I. I just think I should leave that in my head.

Maybe I’ll just see what happens. He’s moving away soon. Six weeks or so, I think. I’m sure I can just avoid the subject of the next date for six weeks. I’ve managed to avoid some people for years!

It was a great date though.

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