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The Third Date

My blog is broken which is uberly frustrating seeing as I have so much to tell you. I had to write it down so you can just expect a massive influx of blog posts when it’s finally up and running again.

*Edit: There will be a huge influx of posts coming. I’m sorry in advance. Not having the blog for almost two weeks has killed me! 

So, what’s been happening with you? Things have been as exciting as always here. I’m pretty sure Plan B is gay. I also blew him out and it would appear that things have fizzled out. That kinda makes things easier for me to be fair. The Director has my full attention. We had our third date and I’m not going to lie, it was pretty amazing. I shall talk about Plan B later. He’s not important right now.

The Director and I went to see a film for our third date – Legend. I groaned when I learned it was a Kray-style gangsta film but my mood was slightly lifted when I learned it starred Tom Hardy. ‘Hotasfuck‘ as The Director would say. He took me for dinner beforehand in an American diner and we laughed and chatted and held hands just like new couples do. Then we went for a quick drink before the movie started. While we were in the bar a group of 40-something year old friends were looking at us quite obviously and laughing. It really got his back up to the point where I thought he was going to go over and say something. He’s very protective of me it would seem. He kept asking if I was OK and telling me how much it was irritating him, and how he found it disrespectful to him but above that, me. I tried to reassure him. I currently have bright blue hair, of course people are going to look at me. I would imagine quite a few people would laugh too. I do it to evoke a reaction. I wouldn’t have rainbow coloured hair all the time if I didn’t want people to react to it.

I know why people were looking at us. It’s because he put his hands around my waist and he kissed me. There were a lot of young lads in the bar and I think he was marking his territory a little. Maybe those people were laughing because of the way we look together? I know all about this because I had this exact same thing with Jock. I’m the 20-something year old that looks five or six years younger (so I’m told) with bright blue hair, huge boobs, a load of piercings and slutty thigh-high boots. He’s the 40-something year old with slightly greying hair and laughter-lines around his eyes. He’s clearly in his 40’s. He doesn’t look old but he does look established. He definitely doesn’t look my age that’s for sure. And I don’t look his. I think he’s aware of that even though he doesn’t want to admit it. It was very clear how much it annoyed the fuck out of him and it’s not something that’ll go away. In fact it’ll just get the worse the longer we’re together because he’ll continue to look older and I’ll continue to look younger. I’m one of those gets-better-with-age bitches! (I like to think the weight loss helped obviously!)

Despite the slightly uncomfortable start to the date, things improved vastly and just like our first two dates, he still couldn’t keep his hands off me. Even when we were sitting in the cinema he couldn’t keep his hands to himself. He was stroking my hand or resting his hand on my leg. At one point he was stroking my inner thigh through my tights. I wore the cutest tartan dress and slutty knee high / thigh high boots. Tights were necessary. Thigh high black socks didn’t quite give off the right look… I didn’t want to look like a total slut. Just a bit of a slut. Clearly I hadn’t banked for the fucking walk of shame this morning. The ‘I just got laid parade’ was today sponsored by no makeup and slutty thigh high boots.


I’m starting to really like this guy. I say starting to, I’ve been starting to like him since day one. I get a good vibe from him. He’s just the right combination of good and bad. I can’t explain it. It just kinda went unspoken that we are now in a relationship. It just happened. It was natural. He deleted his profile and I stopped chatting up other men. I don’t need to chat up other men. This guy has more stamina than any other 20-something I’ve met and he’s got everything else I think I want from a man too. Apart from the fact he shaves his chest. That really fucking irritates me. I genuinely do not understand why men do this to themselves. Or to me.

But yeah. That was our third date. Apparently it’s still going pretty well. I think I might be on to something here!


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