Why Won’t He Just Put His Penis Inside Me?

I genuinely don’t understand guys. Neither do I understand myself to that matter. Mr. T. – the beautiful man that was so beautiful I had to have him…? Well, it’s fizzled out. It’s pretty much done with. He was always online on POF which really is a turn-off for me, and he was online permanently on WhatsApp yet not responding to my messages. Thats not cool. Not like I was sending him loads of messages – he’d message me, I’d message back a few minutes later, he’d read it and then never text back until a day or so later and then he’ll send me a random picture like of him in a suit going ready to go out for a drink but with no one to go with. I thought it might have been an invitation so responded with “Well if it’s any help, you look alright!”. No invitation. No message back until two days later when he then sent me a selfie of him with a heart monitor on, chest and abs rippling. The guys at work were egging me on – I want him for sex and that’s all, right? Fuck it. Let’s be brave:

“Much better than a cock shot. 

The cock I’d much prefer to see in person!”

I thought it was cute, cheeky, I-want-you-for-a-good-time. I got “Lol” in return. Thats it. No ‘x’, nothing more, just “Lol”.

Hmmm. I just don’t know how to read this guy. I think I just need to accept that he’s just not that into me. What I don’t understand however, is why he keeps relighting the conversation with a well-timed “Hey babe” or a picture of himself looking beautiful as always. Why does he do that? Is he keeping me on the sidelines just in case nothing better pans along? Am I not his type? Why keep talking to me when I’m not talking to him if he’s not into me? What’s the point? 

We’re meant to be having our first date tonight. Or tomorrow night. We never actually finalised the night. Neither of us have brought the subject up, and I’m kinda hoping he doesn’t too. I’ll want to go so I can have sex with him, but the penis picture and the way he’s been with me has really put me off. I don’t want to be put in the position where my vagina leads my head… again. Coz you know it’ll happen.

Plus there’s a new guy now. Jock is sick this set of days off and has blown me out just as I predicted all along. I’ve pretty much given up on that now. There are so many more fish in the sea for me to waste my time on one that won’t waste his time for me. Whatever. Game over. We’re talking and we’re fine, but I’m done. That’s the third time he’s fucked me over this week since we agreed to give it another shot. What a pleb.

Anyway, the new guy isn’t someone I gave much thought to when we first started chatting. He’s not my type at all. Well, he is if you count Jock but I’m not. He’s heavily tattooed. Like very little room left heavily tattooed. He’s quite short and very stocky. I can’t work out if he’s a bit of a chunk or pretty muscley. I think he was a bit of a chunk and turned it into muscle recently. He’s bald too. Not my type at all. I like to run my fingers through hair. I’m a hair-girl. I couldn’t have a relationship with a bald guy. It’s just a thing I have I guess.

We’ve been chatting for a few days and despite his appearances and the fact I don’t think he’s that attractive at all, the chat has been really good. This is just sod’s law isn’t it? Mr. T. was beautiful with no chat, and this new guy is no looks and all the chat. Can’t I just put his personality into Mr. T.’s body? That would just be perfect, thanks!

We talked about what we should do for our first date, our second date, and then our theoretical third date if we were rich and money wasn’t an object. He’s a post man so he’s hardly loaded, and he lives quite a way from me too and I don’t think he drives. It wasn’t a problem for Jock and I but that’s only because he was my personal taxi service.

He wants our first date to be Wednesday but I’m really not all for it. It’s too soon for me I think. I’m going to want to chat for a bit longer. Plus I’m really enjoying the chat. Once I realise he’s a frog I’m not going to be interested in him and I won’t talk to him anymore. It’s as simple as that and although I know it, he doesn’t and he’s proper into me already. We talk non-stop. All day and night. He’s told me that he thinks I’m gorgeous, sexy, cute, sweet, exciting, etc. He admires me in the same way that I want the beautiful Mr. T. to. Except he doesn’t.

I really don’t know what to do. I really enjoy talking to the new guy. I should probably come up with a nickname for him. That’s how unimportant he is to me…. Mr. T. got a nickname out of me and we’ve probably only sent half the messages to each other that me and this new guy have, and we were talking for twice the time!

I think I’m going to come up with a last minute emergency. I’m not ready to meet him tomorrow. I know that he’s well into me and after he meets me, he’ll be sold. I’m not blowing my own trumpet… He’s told me this. He has basically put all of his eggs in my basket and I definitely don’t want to be the girl to blow him off. How am I meant to tell him that all I really want is to have passionate, mind-blowing sex with someone with a body like Mr. T.’s. That’s it. That’s all I want. Why won’t he just put his penis inside me?

But no. I get the next guy I’m not gonna be able to shake off. For fucks sake.

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3 Thoughts to “Why Won’t He Just Put His Penis Inside Me?”

  1. Mr. T is a tool. Or just a player or narcissist. Maybe he is not into you and likes having backup plan because you are so interested, he things you be emergency sex if he’s wasted. Guys and gals that act that way, noncommittal, at even meeting once, putting it off… it’s a sign. Give up. Mature and honest people don’t play that chat game for two weeks. They’re serious about finding someone so a chance at coffee with someone will get them off their ass. Anyway, move on from all three you mention. 😉 There is another, maybe not on POF though. Online dating brings out the worst in everyone, and everyone is constantly shopping for the bigger better deal, or you are so far apart in your wish list that one is not up to the other on something enough to try. It’s just not natural. You’d pick a random stranger across the room for a smirk, sideburns something weird that that just sparks you. That doesn’t happen online. If you do put a profile up, though, women should be limited to like 20 words in their profile or be banned, just like strangers that send cock and ab photos. No words for women, just a pic, and see if a coffee date comes after a little text. If not, move on.

  2. I hate Mr T’s (yes I am using the nickname to define the genre): They might look so handsome and beautiful (if they aren’t fake) but all they can say is ‘Hey’ and expect you to do all the hard task of having a decent conversation.Well, I am the one giving up on those, I just don’t have the patience. I guess I need some deeper stimulation as well. Something that makes me ‘want’ them, besides looks. Also, there are plenty of good looking guys who aren’t Mr T’s, so invest on those 😉

  3. I’ve heard a fair number of dating horror stories since I got online in 2010, but it will take me some time to come up with good translations. But the sites are full of guys, who is “happyly married” – living in a house with wife and kids and dog. But he wants a mistress, but instead of cruizing the sites for causual sex, he fools women who are looking for a steady relation. The signs are among others, that he tests to you and want you to text back. So he can pretend it is from his work, his buddies, and so on. He wants to meet you on strange times, and often cancels meetings. Of course, he will never let you visit his house…

    I think fraud in sex is worse than fraud for rmoney. But the very concept of male honor seems to be dead, and I wonder if it is possible to revive it?

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