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I Still Hate The Ex.

I still hate the ex. He was meant to have been coming over tonight. He was going to come to mine tonight, go see his daughter tomorrow, and then come back to mine tomorrow night where he would then stay for three days as he was around my way for a course anyway and it just made perfect sense. Well, that was until the fucking ex got involved again. Fuck the fucking ex.

We’re still not on happy ground, Jock and I. He text me after I had finished work to say he was looking forward to seeing me tomorrow. I was confused… wasn’t it tonight that he was meant to have been staying at mine? At that point, he conveniently decided he was ‘kidding’ and would be over later. I saw it as a get-out-of-jail-free-card and said I had work to do anyway. It wasn’t a lie. I do have work to do. I’m probably not going to do any of it because I’ve got a family sized lasagne for just me and the Bestie, and X Factor is on at 8pm. I’ve got my priorities, you know?

The fact of the matter is I’m still pissed at him. He asked me if I was still angry with him…

Me: “I’m pissed off with the stupid situation again. And the fact you hid it from me.”

Him: “There is no situation. I dealt with it!”

Me: “For now. And you still hit it from me”

Him: “Because I knew this would happen. I get shit from her then I get shit from you for getting shit from her. I can’t win!”

Me: “Fine. See you tomorrow.”

I’m not allowed to be pissed because she’s still interfering in our relationship. That’s what he’s basically saying right? If he had put a stop to this right at the very beginning when I first had an issue with it, we wouldn’t be in this position now. It’s a fucking joke. Yet he STILL won’t fucking stand up to her. He won’t put a stop to all this bullshit. Why? Why won’t he just stop it?

We haven’t spoken since and that was 4 hours ago. He’s not at work and he’s seen my message so I know he’s now ignoring me. What’s the chances we ignore each other again tomorrow and he doesn’t end up coming to mine at all? I reckon pretty high. What about you?

I’m super annoyed about this entire situation. Like super, super annoyed about it. It frustrates me that she still has so much power and control over him, and what frustrates me even more is that he sits there acting like it’s not a big deal when it is. It’s a fucking big deal. And now I’m not even allowed to be pissed off about it? What the fuck is all that about? What the fuck is this guy on?

Do you want to know what else pisses me off? They are fighting and have been fighting supposedly for the last two weeks. If that’s the case, why is it that she posted a picture on Instagram of a screenshot with Jock and her having a funny conversation about something the kid had said… just a week ago? Clearly I can’t bring that up to Jock because then he would know I had been stalking the crazy bitch ex from hell, but seriously? They’ve been fighting for two weeks yet she’s posting pictures of conversations they’ve had, laughing and joking, in the last week? Why is this starting to feel like it doesn’t make any sense? Why am I starting to get anxious? Why don’t I want to see Jock tonight? What the fuck is going on?

So yeah. It looks like my plans are screwed. Until he actually needs me, you know, when he needs a place to crash while he’s on his course.


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One Thought to “I Still Hate The Ex.”

  1. NirvRUsh

    you’re sure he’s not banging his again? i don’t get why he’s covering for her at your expense.

    also, it’s been 4 weeks since your 6-weeks-ultimatum thing. he gonna get it together in two more weeks?

    why are you putting up with this shit? (granted, it’s much easier for an outsider to say that. i haven’t emotionally invested in this like you have.)

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