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#FreshlyPolished – After School Boy Blazer

“Gosh, it’s been a really long time! How have you been?” 

Luke couldn’t believe his eyes when Shelley walked into the conference room of the hotel. He hadn’t expected her to turn up to their school reunion, but he was glad that she had. She hadn’t aged. In fact, she looked exactly the same as she did on their last ever day together. Long, dark hair with those big brown eyes, the denim jacket she was wearing now replacing the blue blazer they’d worn in school together. She even had the same dark-blue nail polish on she used to wear back then too. Aged just 16, they’d been already dating for almost a year, but the end of school had signalled the end of their romance. Her parents had moved her away. Luke hadn’t seen Shelley again. Until now.

“Good, thanks. You’ve aged well! Let me guess … never married, no kids?” 

“Hahaha, nope to both. How did you know? Am I that ‘unmarryable’?” He pretended to look offended at the thought.

“Not at all, it’s just my response when people ask me how I look so great – no marriage, no kids.”

She touched his arm as she laughed again, her head thrown back and those shiny, red lips wide open to reveal exactly the same shiny white teeth. Literally nothing had changed, right down to the sparkle he felt when she touched him. All of a sudden, he was filled with the same urge to kiss her that he’d felt aged just 16.

“Can I get you a drink, Shelley?” Luke was very aware that he was daydreaming, staring at her as he did so.

“Red wine. Large. Please. I need it to survive this night. Same old cliques, same old gossip.”

“I hear that. Come with me to the bar. Let’s ignore these bores.” He took her by the elbow, directing her to the bar in the same way that he would direct her to the form room they shared for two years, a decade and a half ago. Nothing had changed.


“It’s been lovely catching up. I’m suitably pissed, as is everyone else around us by the looks of things.” 

Shelley was a little drunk as she unsteadily rose from the table they’d shared for the last two hours. They’d been reminiscing about their time together over fifteen years ago; stolen kisses shared behind the biology block, and that time they’d rushed home at lunchtime to an empty house, eager for some ‘alone time’ so they could fumble and finger-fuck their way to nowhere.

“It has been lovely catching up, almost as though we’ve never been apart. Strange, don’t you think?” 

Luke was a little drunk too. He barely touched alcohol now he was a “sensible adult”. He just wanted to share something with her again. If that meant three bottles of red wine then so be it.

Shelley moved closer, still sexy even in her tipsy state, wrapping her fingers around Luke’s arm as she beckoned him to get closer.

“I don’t think it’s strange. It’s wonderful. I also think I feel the same teenage lust for you.”

He stood and stared at her for just a moment before they moved in for the kiss at exactly the same time. As though just one look between them had signalled that it was okay, that they could fall into each other’s arms again. As quick as they touched lips together though, she moved apart.

“There are people everywhere!”

Smiling to himself, Luke motioned for her to follow him. They made their way across the conference room, weaving in amongst the drunken party-goers, laughing at all the drunken snogs going on around them. Some relationships would be ending as a result of tonight’s adulterous night, and perhaps some would be beginning too.

He spotted a room slightly off the main conference room, almost a corridor that led to nowhere, and he pulled her into it.

“Where are we going?”

Shelley giggled as she let him lead her. Luke could feel himself falling in lust with her all over again. He couldn’t believe how much he wanted to fuck her. It had been eighteen months since he’d last gotten his hands on a woman, but he knew more than anything he wanted to get his hands on Shelley right now. As soon as he had her out of sight, he forced her against the garish pink wall, kissing her deeply. She responded in the same way she did fifteen years ago, moaning lightly into his mouth.

“I can’t wait for you to touch me …”

He stopped her words with another kiss, letting her lead his hand to the bottom of the frilly summer dress and underneath it. Lightly grazing the skin on her inner thigh, he felt the heat of her before he got anywhere close to her pussy.

“I want you to take your underwear off and put them in my hands. Then I’d like you to turn around.”

He’d always had a thing for her butt back then, and he wanted to see if it was still the same beautiful white ass he remembered. She was just as obliging now as she was then too, giggling to herself as she bent down. In moments her panties were in his outstretched hand, and he hastily stuffed them into his pocket.

“I’ll be keeping these. Just in case you run off and don’t come back again.” 

Shelley turned herself around, placing both hands flat on the wall and bending slightly. She knew what he was after, that’s what he always wanted back then too. He never really wanted to fuck her in the ass, he just liked to play with it. It had been one of those things he’d spotted in one of his dad’s naughty VHS tapes. Shelley drunkenly obliged one evening, and it soon became his favourite thing to do.

Dropping to his knees, Luke hovered his hands above the pale curves of her hips. He moved his face forward. He wasn’t touching her, but almost, and the anticipation was killing her. He’d never been very good at holding back when they dated before. This was a brand new concept for her.

“Oh, I remember this butt …”

Luke barely got the words out before he stuffed his face deep into her ass, kissing and licking it, every now and again letting his tongue slide down into her wet pussy. It was like a dream come true for him, a fantasy he’d wanted to relive for over fifteen years. He devoured her, his mouth hungry for more of her, his hands massaging her ass cheeks and every now and again giving them a playful slap. Not too hard, he didn’t want the people just ten feet away to hear. This was a moment he wanted to share with just Shelley, although the excitement of knowing they could be caught at any moment was overwhelming.

After School Boy Blazer-2

She was dripping wet as he moved his arm underneath her, reaching up to play with her clit. He wanted to do so much, but he’d settle for making her cum. He knew she was getting close. He could feel her clenching, thighs shaking and tight from their standing position, ass tensing and releasing against his tongue. He kept up with his relentless play, adding a second hand to pinch a nipple beneath the soft cotton of her dress. Judging from the sharp exhale of her breath, she loved her nipples being played with just as much now as she did back then.

“I’m gonna cum.”

It was barely audible, the muttered groan under Shelley’s breath, but it was just loud enough to encourage Luke to increase the intensity of his fingers on her clit. She held her breathe and shuddered against him, desperately trying to hold it in and not make a sound. Scratching her nails along the garish pink and textured wallpaper, she came with a gush that Luke greedily lapped up with his tongue. He wanted to drink her all in, every last drop of her, not knowing when he might get to taste her sweetness again.

He held her for a moment after her orgasm, keeping her steady as she found her legs again.

“Are you okay?” He whispered, holding her arms as Shelley stood up and re-arranged herself. Pulling her dress back down to its original position, she laughed.

“Are you keeping my underwear?”

“Absolutely. I don’t know when I might get to see you again! By the way, do you know you’re wearing almost the exact same colour nail polish that you were wearing on the last day we saw each other?” 

He pointed to her hands, knowing full well he’d never forget the way those blue nails looked against the pink hotel wall as he lapped at her ass.

“Haha! You know I’ve always loved dark nails. This one’s called ‘After School Boy Blazer’. I felt it was apt for a school reunion … ”


To be continued …

This was written for #FreshlyPolished by Sex blog (of sorts) and you can find more information here and the other entries here. You can also find her on Twitter.





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