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It’s Not That I Don’t Like Oral Sex…

“Do you really not like guys eating you out?” 

It’s a question I’ve been faced with a few times over the last couple of years, and I was asked this very same question just a few days ago from a potential crushee. Every time the cuni-question comes up, I’m met by the same responses…

“How can you not like receiving oral? I love to do it for hours?”

“Really? You’d rather give head than receive? That’s weird. What’s not to love about it?” 

“Don’t worry about that, we’ll work through that. Here, lie down…”

Whenever I try to tell a man how I feel about cunnilingus, I get laughed at, jeered at almost. It’s hard to explain, the way I feel when a man dives south and heads between my legs, so I figured I should try to work it out. Or at the very least, work out how to say it so that I don’t get the wide-eyed, open-mouthed, weirded-out look anyway.

It’s not that I don’t LIKE oral sex. In fact, I love it. The kind of orgasms I get from a hot and heavy (and usually drunk) oral session are like no other. I can’t achieve those same orgasms with other types of stimulation and trust me on this one, I’ve tried. But there’s something about it that just makes me ‘squirmy’ at first, almost as though it’s too much of the good stuff. Almost like I can’t handle it, physically or mentally. Like it’s a little too much.

I get butterflies when the prospect of cunnilingus looks promising. Those butterflies help to make the entire experience a great one (usually), but if you jump right in too fast and too strong (like so many men do), it’s not going to make bring me to orgasm. In fact, it’s just going to have me squealing like a girl in an almost tickle-induced frenzy.

It’s not that I find oral sex ticklish, but I really kinda do in a sense. That first warm breath sending shivers up and down my body, the anticipation of that first connection… One little kiss, a lick, a lap. It feels great, I love those feelings. I love the shudders of excitement, of knowing what will come next. It’s an overwhelming feeling, almost too overwhelming for me.

I think it’s the ‘everything’ factor about it. When you fuck me, it feels good. But when you start to kiss your way down my body, it’s more than that. It’s not just the orgasm that’s important anymore. It’s the build up, the way it feels as his tongue tortuously drags from bottom to top and right back down again, mixing it up with the occasional slow circle or devilish flick of my clit. Everything about it from the light kisses on my hip bones beforehand to the urgent and greedy lapping of my post-orgasmic stickiness is hot. It all feels amazing. It all blows my mind.

It’s not just a feeling but a smell too, and a taste, and a sight… Oh what a sight. It’s the most intimate thing you can do to me, as though as much of you and all your sensory organs are buried deep within me as possible. That’s the overwhelming part about it.

I know what it sounds like but I’m not overly concerned with the way I look, taste or smell ‘down there’. I’ve been told by men that all of the above are ”heavenly” (actual quote) and once, “sweeter than sugar”.

I don’t know what it is really, it’s just ‘everything’. It’s overwhelming. Almost too good to handle.

Maybe it’s because I’m vulnerable, lying there naked before you? Vulnerable and open to whatever you and your unrelenting tongue wants to do to me. Your tongue, your lips, your gently nibbling teeth…

Maybe it’s because I don’t really know what I like? How I like to be licked or lapped or kissed into a frenzy? If you asked me how to use my fingers to deftly bring myself to orgasm, I’d be able to tell you, show you, and show you once more for good measure, all within three minutes. If you asked me how a man should move his tongue around my clit to have the same effect, I couldn’t tell you. I don’t really know what works… I’ve never really paid attention. Only a handful of man have managed to bring me to the point of no return through oral sex alone. I normally get too antsy, pull him up and order him to fuck me instead. At least that way I know how to make myself cum. I’ve had years of practice ticking that box.

I think I need to be worked-up to oral sex, maybe indulging in a little light finger-banging beforehand? A little something familiar to guide me into the way it feels when your warm mouth embraces my wet pussy for the first time? Or maybe I need to date a man who has the patience to lay me down and explore me, tongue probing places never before explored, mouth hitting spots and making me feel things I never thought possible? I know I’ll cum hard if it ever happens. If I do cum at all, it’s always damn hard. And I’m also exhausted afterwards, the concentration and nervousness zapping me of any energy I had. It’s a shame because that first thrust from a hard cock after an oral orgasm is the most orgasmic sensation of them all…And almost always leads to a second harder, much wetter orgasm which leaves me practically zombie-like.

I guess I’m just a little weird about oral sex. I guess I’m just not-so-patiently waiting for the guy to come and show me how it’s done… Or at least lie back so I can ride his face to find out for myself.

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2 Thoughts to “It’s Not That I Don’t Like Oral Sex…”

  1. In that one post, you have actually captured the very essence f what it is about going down on a woman. Your description of what I want to achieve every time I kiss and lick and nibble is exquisite.


  2. notsosexinthecity

    Well those are some lovely words. Thank you so much!
    I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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