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The Girl I Can’t Forget.

So… I was talking to My Mr. Grey about the book that I’ve gone and self-published on Amazon, and he asked if he was in it. He knows a bit about it of course; he’s been in my life long enough to know most things about me. Of course he was in it.

Of course! 

It was THAT night that we shared in the hotel for his birthday. That night where his fist somehow slipped into me. That night where we both pushed a few boundaries and fell too hard, too fast, and ended up totally screwing it up. As he JUST messaged me:

My Mr Grey

I decided to read it again, seeing as we were talking about it, and I ended up having this strange thought process, leading me back to the night I accidentally slept with one of my friends… my female friends. I haven’t really gone into the sexual experimentation I’ve done in my blog yet, so perhaps its time to introduce things a bit more. The men in my life have had more than their fair share of the limelight!

Anyway, you’ll find out our story if you keep reading. She slept with My Mr. Grey ten years ago. Holy shit! It was ten years ago?! I’ve never quite forgiven her for that. She knew what he meant to me even back then. She slept with him in my kitchen for fucks sake.

Anyway, this happened a little while before she slept with My Mr. Grey….

I need to give her a nickname but I can’t really think of one. In fact I can, she was the first girl to EVER make me climax through oral stimulation alone. Girls had made me climax before. In fact, Number 4’s SISTER made me cum pretty hard using my rabbit moments after I had used it to bring her to orgasm. I should probably talk about The Fireman soon… He played a pretty big role in my life when I was younger.

I should probably talk about sleeping with his sister too… Two more stories for two new days! 😉

Anyway, back to the girl who’s nickname I can’t think of, she was a regular party-goer with me and the Bestie I’ve Never Had A Dalliance With. She was one of THOSE girls – she’d turn up to the opening of an envelope. She’d be the first girl at the party and the last girl to leave at the end of it. She was a bigger girl but that didn’t stop her – she was beautiful and she had this appeal with men. And me it would seem…

Lesbian We’d always had the cheeky snog when we went out drinking together – it was just one of those things that you did in your late teens when you were starting to play around with people of the same sex. This one particular night though, she stayed at mine and we had been drinking. We were hammered and that was putting it lightly. Bestie had gone to bed in his room. I had gone to bed in my room next to his. She was on the couch in the living room. It had been about twenty minutes or so after we had turned the lights off, and she lightly tapped on my door and let herself in.

“Hey girl, are you awake?”

I was, but barely. I can’t remember exactly how the conversation went but it included something to do with her being horny. It resulted in her pottering back to the couch with my Rampant Rabbit in hand.

Twenty minutes or so later, she peeked back into my room. I was awake. Of course I was awake. I had been listening to her wanking on my couch for the last twenty minutes. The next thing I knew, she had slipped into my bed and we were kissing. We were really kissing. She was running her hands all over my body and through my hair and I couldn’t think. I remember the whole thing as clear as it were yesterday. It was one of the hottest nights of my life for no reason really. It was just… passionate? Two friends that had clearly had some sexual tension for a while and decided to act on it after a drunken night out.

She was peeling my underwear down as I was lifting my vest top over my head. Her kisses were running down my thighs as she lowered. She was still dressed and I remember trying to take her clothes off but she kept refusing. She wouldn’t let me touch her. She just worshipped me.

Her tongue lapped at me and she knew EXACTLY what she was doing. She knew where to lick, where to probe, and where to circle. She knew when to move away and kiss my lips, my thighs, that little place at the back of my knees that makes me squirm whenever someone touches it. She knew what she was doing and it didn’t take her long to make me climax. Hard.

That night is the night I remember when I can’t get off. When he’s lapping at me and getting nowhere, I think about her on that night. I think about the way that she toyed with my nipples as she played her tongue around my pussy, and the goosebumps that rode all over my body. I remember her kissing me and tasting of my own sex. I remember her looking right into my eyes as she ran her tongue from the very bottom to the very top, the way she slowly and then faster circled her tongue around my clit. I remember all of those things. Just remembering them gives me goosebumps.

It was a crazy night and one that we never, ever got to recreate again. I sometimes wonder if she realises the impact that night had on me? I wonder if she realises that I still think about it now? I went to the christening of her first child just a few months back… I’m sure she’d blush if she knew how I remembered her back then.

So yeah. The Girl I Can’t Forget.

That’s her nickname!


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