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Nudge, Nudge

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Spoon me, please. Throw your arms around me, draw me in close, and let my ass nestle into that space beneath your stomach where it fits so perfectly and snugly. I’ll do that little butt nudge you like. You know the one: a tiny little sign that’s barely a sign at all, subtle enough to almost miss but obvious enough to let you know exactly what’s on my mind.

I’ll drop the nudge in casually like I’m stretching or positioning myself into your hug, but I’m really making sure your cock knows my ass is very close. My cunt is very close. Close enough for you to feel the radiating heat. Maybe even close enough for you to sense when I clench and tense. I’ll know if you can feel it; you’ll release that silent explosion of warm breath on the back of my neck. It’s like a groan or a moan, but without any sound. It’ll give me goosebumps, probably the first lot of many.

I’ll make a little yawning sound as I do my little stretch-and-position and you’ll think it’s cute. You’ll take a deep breath, inhaling the scent of last night’s perfume as it flows and weaves around the locks of my hair, and it’ll become one of those moments you remember. One of those smells you remember. Someone will walk past you one day, trailing Forever and Ever Dior in their wake, and you’ll be instantly transported to that time we lazily spent the morning in bed together, fucking the tiredness away.

Sex, tea, sex, coffee, sex, shall we get breakfast now?

I’ll do it again, the nudge, and I’ll keep doing it until you can’t help but nudge me right back; until your cock starts to stir and twinge as best it can against the restraints of your underwear; until the only thing you can think of is tugging my underwear down to my knees and sliding into me, slowly. But first, before I let you do that, I’d quite like those kisses you keep promising me, softly planted across the back of my neck. Feel free to carry them on across my shoulder as you trail your fingers across my skin. Scoot up close, too. I want as much of you touching me as we can manage, our bodies slotting and fitting together like a perfect puzzle. Your knees behind mine, your arms wrapped around me, make it so I can’t escape your clutches, please. And hold on really tight, as though you’ll never let me go again.

We can shuffle me out of my underwear together, our arms and hands doing half the work, our feet pushing and kicking down to finish the job. We can do the same with your underwear, too. I want us both naked. Maybe even a little chilly. Let’s wrap the duvet around us and snuggle in close to preserve the heat. Isn’t that what winter mornings are for?

You’ll feel how wet and warm I am when you nestle in behind me and that’ll spur your cock on even more. My body articulating just what it wants, with no words needed, you’ll know that it’s time to fuck me. And that’s just what you’ll do. You’ll push yourself inside me, little bit by little bit, revelling in just how good it feels and wanting to make it last, gripping my hips just a little bit harder than you think is okay to keep me perfectly in place. I want that. Hold me exactly where you want me, please. Own me. Stop me from getting overexcited and trying to nudge myself back onto you. Make me wait. You love it when I’m bratty and impatient, right? Make me that way. Please. You’re the boss … even though I like to think I am.

Eventually, we’ll both get bratty and impatient. It’s inevitable. You won’t want to carry on fucking me slowly and nor will I. Our bodies won’t let us, the urgency of morning duties calling to us both. You’ll increase your speed, forcing yourself into me a little faster, a little harder. Your hands will roam free, groping and grabbing at the flesh of my thighs and slapping the one ass cheek you have easy access to. You’ll make sure to slap hard enough to leave a red, raised print of your hand on my skin because you know I love to see how I’ve been owned by you afterwards. I’ll catch a glimpse of it in the mirror when I get up to make our drinks and won’t be able to stop my knowing smile as it creeps across my face.

Neither of us will last for long. Not the first time. But that’s the beauty about lazy mornings: we can curl back up in bed and go for round two after coffee and a trip to the bathroom. Round three after we’ve caught up on social media. Round four just after that. Our lazy morning sex will end up frenzied and passionate, nowhere close to the sweet and sleepy point it all started from. Soft kisses will be replaced by bitten flesh, trailing fingers switched for mouth-covering hands to muffle groans and grunts that we have absolutely no control over. It’ll be the sound of you getting close that gets me there. It always is. Knowing that you’re going to come, hearing that you’re about to come, makes me twinge even when sex is the farthest thought in my mind.

Kinda like how my morning butt nudge always makes your cock twinge.

Spoon me, please.

Nudge, nudge.

Featured image – a doodle by me.

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  1. Carl Hunngus

    Glad the abstinence phase is over ???

    1. notsosexinthecity

      It’s not 🙁

    1. notsosexinthecity

      That’s a good wow … right? ?

  2. very tenderly story 🙂

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