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Online & Accidental (The Story of the 10 Inch Dick)

Content Warning: Discusses unsolicited dick pics & brief mention of sexual assault.  The other night I received the biggest cock shot I’d ever received in my life. Bizarrely, it wasn’t sent to me via a social media account associated with this blog. It was via a social media account associated with an entirely different website I manage. A website that is 100% unrelated to sex, dating, relationships, any of it. I received a message – a question related to the website. He was asking for advice. An hour later, when…

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Big Love My Dating Life My Mr. Grey One Ball The Best Man The Hubby 

Bad Text Sex, Good Car Sex, The Exclusive Chat

I’ve been quiet recently. Sorry about that. It’s been a busy few days, but I thought it might be time to update you all with what’s been happening in my life. Are you ready? Drink in hand? Snacks close by? Then I shall begin … Big Love Let’s start with the Big Love obsession. Because, at this point, there’s no way it’s not an obsession. I was happily trundling through my two-week breakup crash course of sad, soppy movies that would absolutely make me cry, until, just like that, I…

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