Online & Accidental (The Story of the 10 Inch Dick)

Online & Accidental The Story of the 10 Inch Dick

The other night I received the biggest cock shot I’d ever received in my life. Bizarrely it wasn’t on this blog Facebook or other social media page. It was on a different website I manage. A website that is 100% unequivocally unrelated to sex, dating, relationships, or any of it.

I received a message – a question related to the website. He was asking for advice. An hour later, when I hadn’t responded (because it was Saturday night and I was busy), I received another message. It was a video. A video of the biggest cock I have ever seen in my life. Not just a cock either; he was jerking it off furiously. No cum-shot, perhaps disappointingly, but, still … I’m not even joking with you when I tell you it was somewhere in the region of nine to eleven inches long. Bear verified this information, moments after he stared sadly at his own nether regions, wishing his own penis were bigger.

Online & Accidental 2

Yep, that happened. I saw it for the first time right next to Bear. He saw it too. It was hilariously fun trying to explain that one away. I mean, how do you even start to explain that one away?

Do you know the guy? 


When did he like the page?

Like, 12 hours ago? 

What were the first messages? 

Nothing untoward, just a few general chit-chat / advice messages. I hadn’t responded to them yet. I didn’t really get the chance … 

Did you like looking at it? 


Do you wish my cock were bigger? 


Not even a little bit? 

No. Absolutely not. No. 

But his was huge. Why did he send you that? 

Seriously, Bear, I don’t know. I literally have no idea. I didn’t even get the chance to send this guy a message. He was too busy sending me dick vids by accident. 

So you’ve never spoken to him before?


On any of the pages you work on? 


Oh. What are you going to do about it? 

Block him, ban him from the page, probably report him. I mean, that’s something else, isn’t it? If he dropped his trousers in front of me and showed me that, I’d probably scream. 

The conversation went on. And on. And then Bear had a shower, and it went on some more. And then he went to the shop, and then we chit-chatted about it some more. And then I got in the shower, and then he asked more questions.

Seriously? I didn’t even ask for the dick. I didn’t want it. Even if I had that thing in real life I wouldn’t want it. I’ve done big dicks. I don’t like big dicks. I like a decent, regular, normal, man-sized dick. You know, somewhere in the region of 5 to 6 inches, a decent bit of girth on it, the specifics aren’t overly important. (See: The Perfect Penis – Is Size Important?) But a 9 – 11-inch dick? Nope. No, thanks. Absolutely not. I wouldn’t touch it. I’m only little. I actually don’t know quite where I’d put it.

But, big dick aside (HUGE), what the fucking fuck? He said it was by accident. Who accidentally sends a video like that to someone? I have never accidentally sent a video like that to someone. I have never accidentally sent a nude to someone, that I can think of, so sending a video takes some special fucking skills, surely? I mean, I know it’s via Facebook messenger and all, but was there really any need?

Plus, if I’d have sent a video like that of myself to someone I didn’t know – someone who ran a public page NO LESS – I wouldn’t try to carry the conversation on afterwards like nothing had happened. I would have blocked them. I would have been mortified. I would have dug myself a hole, crawled in it, used my hands to scrape that dirt back over myself, and then I would have cried until the dirt slowly suffocated me. I would most certainly not have tried to carry on the conversation, after a swift “Sorry about that, the video wasn’t meant for you.” 

Admittedly, he added a few “fucks” in there for good measure. Not the point.

My boyfriend saw that. My boyfriend with serious mental health problems. This is a totally safe, non-sex, family-friendly website that I very often have open on my laptop. That video could quite easily have been seen by Bear’s 15-year-old son. Shit. Imagine. Bear’s 15-year-old son probably wouldn’t have recovered from seeing that truncheon being thrown around. We’re talking actual elephant trunk. No lie. He woulda needed three hands, and probably a bit more. If revenge porn wasn’t illegal, I’d totally show you, but I’m not going to jail for that spudhead and his voyeuristic dick.

I mean, what is a gal meant to do about this? If he’d dropped his kecks in front of me, swinging his cock around like a broad sword, it would have been an actual criminal offence. He would have been arrested, there would have been statements, there might have been a court date, if we were lucky and there happened to be CCTV or something, but because this has been done online, and his advances have been entirely rejected, it’s okay to play it down like it’s some sort of accident. Like it doesn’t matter?

I’m sorry, but it feels like I’ve just been sexually assaulted … a bit.

Why are the rules so fuzzy when it comes to this shit online? I mean, when I write a sex blog, I expect a few unwanted advances, and perhaps even the odd cock shot. I accept that because that’s what I write about and I know what kind of world I live in. That’s sad, right? Sad, but true.

The website behind the Facebook page that received this obscene video message isn’t sexually related in the slightest. It has nothing to do with sex. NOTHING. The fact that this message was sent to it, is honestly so horrifying. If this guy had “accidentally” sent that video message to MY Facebook page, what other Facebook pages could he have potentially sent it to?

And when it came to reporting the message, which I did, it was virtually impossible. I eventually found the report-a-message page. When I did I couldn’t type his name into the box, because his name didn’t pop up when you typed it into any Facebook box. He has his profile set so that you couldn’t do that – search for him, find his profile in a search, etc. In turn, it meant I couldn’t entirely fill out the report page. Eventually, I found a way around it, but I had to find the actual username first and then enter that into the box. I then found his name and was free to fill out the remainder of the form.

But, imagine if I hadn’t known where to find that username. Bear wouldn’t have known how to fill the form out using the username, and not just the name. If Bear wouldn’t have known how to do it, other people wouldn’t have known how to do it. I wonder how many women wouldn’t have reported him because the form on Facebook didn’t allow it. I wonder how many other women he’s sent that video to “accidentally”.

Online & Accidental

Do I believe he sent that video to me accidentally? No. I do not. If he had, he wouldn’t have carried on the conversation in quite the way he did. Like it didn’t matter. Like it was nothing. Like he didn’t just send me a video of himself furiously jerking off his ten-inch dick.

Do I believe that was his way of “fishing”? Yes.

Hi, how are you? Why aren’t you responding to me? I know how to make you respond to me, I’ll send you a video of my massive dick, just to let you know I’ve got a massive dick. Now, will you talk to me? Please? I’ve got a massive dick.

I don’t want to see your dick, fuckface. I never did.

I kinda want to report this to the cops, but I know they wouldn’t do much about it. It was an “accident,” the guy even apologised for it. Like that makes it okay. It doesn’t. The apology just makes it worse. You apologise for standing on someone’s toe. You don’t apologise for a minute-long video of a naked, skinny prick, whacking off his fucking dick. And that’s why guys like him do it, I reckon. I’m probably not the only girl he’s sent that video to. I doubt I’ll be the last. But some girls wouldn’t have bothered to report it, some girls wouldn’t have been able to report it, and even if it did get reported, to the Facebook cops or the “real life” cops, nothing would happen as a result. He probably wouldn’t get arrested. He probably wouldn’t go to court. He probably would never be held accountable for sending his dick out into the world, quite literally willy-nilly.

This negative view is not the right view here, but I have been “sexually assaulted”. He was drunk, grabbing me at work and pulling my trousers and underwear down. I was 18, fucking scared, and fought him off with strength I never thought I had in me. That incident was on CCTV, there were witnesses, and the guy was caught. It never went to court. Nothing ever happened as a result of it. And that was 13 or 14 years ago; a real-life case, with real-life evidence.

What chance do we have when it’s online and “accidental”?

And just in case you’re not bored of the … look of my words (?!), feel free to do me a favour and vote in my latest Twitter poll. I’m asking whether or not YOU’VE accidentally send x-rated / nude shots / videos to someone you shouldn’t have. If you’ve got a story to tell, shout it out in the comments below. I’d love to add it to my next blog post! (Which, in case you hadn’t guessed, is likely to be all about x-rated shots!)


2 thoughts on “Online & Accidental (The Story of the 10 Inch Dick)

  1. Robyn

    This makes me so mad! I’ve had a similar experience on Instagram from someone who didn’t even follow me; cock shot and then an apology to say it was an accident after I viewed and didn’t reply. And it does make you feel violated. I know many people would disagree and say it’s funny, but it makes you feel like you did something to warrant being sent that or as though you have entered in to something seedy despite the fact that you never asked for it. I never understand what they expect to gain from it and why they feel the need to do it and I think every woman has experienced this at some point which is just ridiculous. And you are absolutely right, there are no protections or comeuppances for it either, it seems the rules of consent and what is acceptable are very blurred around these types of incidences and indeed sexual assault too.

    1. notsosexinthecity Post author

      Hey, Robyn, and thanks so much for your comment!

      I’m so sorry that it happened to you too, although I feel slightly better than it’s not just me! And, just to update you (although I should probably blog update), Facebook decided to tell me that they couldn’t find any evidence of the conversation ever having taken place. Nice. I sent them screenshots, his URL, the URL of the conversation, and more, yet still, that didn’t make it easy enough for them to find the video of the enormous cock he’d just sent me.

      It would have been funny five or ten years ago. I probably would have laughed a lot. But my boyfriend saw it. That made it not funny because then I had to try and explain something away that I can’t explain. I mean, how can you explain why some random dude that you have never spoken to before decided to send you a video of himself jerkin’ off … ?

      Groan. Sometimes I really hate the internet.


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