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Baby, Baby, Baby

  Do you remember the wedding I didn’t go to last year, because of the whole Bestie drama? Well, she’s pregnant. The Facebook announcement came and went, and so did the gender announcement too. I’m deliriously happy for them. I really am. I don’t like him, but I have nothing against her at all. She’s just not my kinda person, y’know? She’s a square and I’m a circle. We just don’t fit. They’re a decent couple though, something I can happily admit now I’m slightly over the hump of bitterness.…

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I’ll Go Check Myself

  Sometimes, I say things on Twitter that I don’t think get taken very well. I don’t put things out there that well, in general, to be honest. I should blog more and tweet less. Not that I tweet enough as it is. I put my phone down for five minutes, lose it, and then forget to come back to it for a couple of days, leaving various conversations in limbo. I’m such an asshole like that. I’m sorry if I’ve done that to you. I really am. I’m such…

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Bear My Dating Life NSFW / Sex True Tales 

Anal FOMO: My 30-Something Anal Crisis

  It’s been 17 months. That’s how long Bear and I have been together. Something like that. He keeps count more meticulously than I do. I’m useless with dates. I’m useless with most things that are important, especially as far as numbers are concerned. 17 months doesn’t sound like that long when you think about it. At the same time, it’s the longest time in the world. We moved in together way too early — around the six-month mark — but I wouldn’t say it hindered us at all. It…

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Brown Eyes My Dating Life 

The Big Spring Clean

  I have a playlist of songs that I can’t touch. I can’t click on the list. I can’t look at it, open it up, think about it, delete it. It’s just there, on my phone, looking at me, waiting for me to make a decision. Delete the songs. Do it now. One by one. Just do it. Right now. Every time I’m faced with the playlist, I just ignore it. As time has gone by, newer playlists have been added, so *that* playlist has just disappeared further down the…

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Bear My Dating Life NSFW / Sex True Tales 

Intimacy, But Not Sex.

  You know, I quite liked fucking your pretty little mouth last night.  Sometimes, Bear says the most explicit of things at the most innocent of times. Like when I’m the kitchen making chips. Homemade chips. I can’t stand oven chips. I make my own, first peeling them, then boiling them for exactly 8 minutes, straining them and slightly fluffing them up a bit in the colander so that they have that lovely crispiness around the edges. Then I toss them in oil mixed with some salt and pepper, maybe…

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Bear My Dating Life 

Day Six: Full Cretin

  Sometimes, I’d quite like to strangle him. Like right now, for example. It’s day six of the new tablets. Day six of life with Borderline Personality Disorder. It’s been one hell of a fucking rollercoaster so far. I honestly think I preferred it before. Confirmation this morning. Bear DOES NOT have schizophrenia. He was wrongly diagnosed. He has Borderline Personality Disorder. I knew it. I knew he wasn’t a schizophrenic! ?? — NotSoSexintheCity (@notsosexintheci) 17 January 2018 He takes one tablet before he goes to bed for two weeks.…

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My Dating Life Sailor Boy The Fireman 

January 5th

  14 years ago today, a girl got on a train. She had a duffel bag that was almost bigger than she was, trying her best to manoeuvre her way through the big London station with her Dad and Grandfather. They’d come to see her off. To say goodbye to their little girl, who was fast becoming a big girl. Such a big girl, in fact, she was about to embark on the biggest journey she would ever go on, aged just 17. As she waited for the train, she…

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Me & My Opinions Tech Advice & Social Media Secrets 

The Idiot’s Guide to Clearing Your iPhone (for Lucy)

  Right, I’m going to write a blog that is totally different from every other blog I’ve written. It’s technology-based rather than the usual sex, dating, and general moaning stuff. But I feel like this is important because there are some real dumbass twats out there who don’t seem to care that they are handing over their nudes, willy-nilly, to some random old man they met on the internet. Let me set the scene … Bear hops on to an online selling site to pick up a cheap phone for his…

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Car Parks & Shooting Stars

  I’m a little bit obsessed with space. Anyone who knows me knows that. It just amazes me. I watch space documentaries on the daily and the more I learn, the more I feel incredibly tiny. And the more I want to learn. I like feeling tiny. I love the feeling of knowing we are the tiniest magical blue dot in the middle of something vast and perhaps even never-ending. I seriously regret not paying more attention to this stuff when I was at school. If I’d have known that…

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Mental Health 

Part-Time OCD & Comma Fury

  Does your anxiety ever get so high that it literally gives you short-term OCD? I don’t know if I’m making this up, but I swear it’s happening to me. I’m starting to get really weird about things, but that’s nothing new. I have these odd, bizarre little OCD patches going on throughout my life. It gets worse when my anxiety is at its highest. Like, right now. Is that normal? Take last night; I got myself ready to go to bed with Bear, but I realised I’d left my…

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