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Shadowban, Invisibility & Banned Instagram Hashtags

  Hello, lovelies! So, after the success of my last tech(ish)-related post, I decided to share a few more things that I know with you. I’d sorta mentioned “banned hashtags” and a few other things (shadowban, etc.) on Twitter, and a few people messaged me to find out more. It seems that people don’t know this stuff. If your ‘likes’ on Instagram have gone downhill fast, or you don’t seem to get anywhere near as many followers or engagement as you used to, these seemingly secret Instagram punishments could just…

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The Idiot’s Guide to Clearing Your iPhone (for Lucy)

  Right, I’m going to write a blog that is totally different from every other blog I’ve written. It’s technology-based rather than the usual sex, dating, and general moaning stuff. But I feel like this is important because there are some real dumbass twats out there who don’t seem to care that they are handing over their nudes, willy-nilly, to some random old man they met on the internet. Let me set the scene … Bear hops on to an online selling site to pick up a cheap phone for his…

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