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I Did It!!!!

So, folks, I’ve got something to tell you all and I think you’ll be very proud of me. Actually, I have three quite exciting things to tell you. Are you ready? One: I’m in a relationship … kinda. Two: I told My Mr. Grey exactly how I felt about him. Three: He told me that he felt the same. Just give me a moment while I jump up and down on the spot and scream with flipping glee. Give me another moment. Imma need it.   It started when I…

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I Said No to Sex?

I think I still have it bad for My Mr. Grey. I can’t get him out of my head, still. I had an invitation from The Guy I Couldn’t Get Rid Of to go and sit in his backyard and watch a meteor shower, which is an invitation I usually would say yes in a heartbeat too, but I couldn’t face going over there. I knew what it would mean if I did: we would sit in his garden and drink a beer, smoke a bit, start making out, and…

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My Dating Life My Mr. Grey 

Dear My Mr. Grey,

Following on from my two days of complete kinky fuckery, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a little bit in love with My Mr. Grey, AKA Number 27. And by a little bit, I actually mean a lot. Don’t get me wrong, this is a common emotion for me to have after one of our little rendezvous’, and it happens every couple of years or so. I’m familiar with it. But this time, it’s different. I’m actually pining. And it really sucks. Today was my first full day of…

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My Dating Life My Mr. Grey NSFW / Sex True Tales 

Warning! Explicit Content!

I’ve had two days off work. Do you want to know what I have done for those two days? Let me let you in on my dirty little secret: I have fucked, drank wine, ate dinner, laughed, walked, talked, fucked, fucked some more, and fucked a little bit more again. In short, the last two days of my life have been spent between the sheets, or rather, on top of them; and although I’m more than a little sore right now, I have this kind of after-sex glow and a…

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