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My Mr. Grey is Back

“You never said you were in a relationship now. Miss hearing from you :(“ Well, My Mr. Grey found out that I was in a relationship. (I’m still with One Ball, not that I’ve spoken about him in a while.) I tried to skirt around the subject a bit, telling My Mr. Grey that I thought I’d mentioned it before in a conversation, but he didn’t believe me. We ended up having a rather heated conversation and now I feel like shit. “I knew it was all too good to…

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Happy New Year’s Eve!

This time last year, on December 31st, 2011, I made some New Year’s resolutions: * I wanted to give up smoking. * I also wanted to avoid falling in love with the following people – drug addicts, compulsive liars, cheaters, wife-beaters, emotional fuck-ups, attention seekers, and general fucktards. It was all very Bridget Jones, but I remember feeling very strong about the resolution I made as I posted it to Facebook. * I also said that I’d get my shoe-buying habit in check. So … how did I do with…

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Bad Text Sex, Good Car Sex, The Exclusive Chat

I’ve been quiet recently. Sorry about that. It’s been a busy few days, but I thought it might be time to update you all with what’s been happening in my life. Are you ready? Drink in hand? Snacks close by? Then I shall begin … Big Love Let’s start with the Big Love obsession. Because, at this point, there’s no way it’s not an obsession. I was happily trundling through my two-week breakup crash course of sad, soppy movies that would absolutely make me cry, until, just like that, I…

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My Men: The Update

After a conversation at work today, I realised the men in my life were a mess and more than a little confusing. For my own benefit, as well as to keep you all in the loop, I have decided to try and make sense of what is going on. There’s My Mr. Grey …  I haven’t really been paying My Mr Grey a lot of attention these days. I don’t have the patience to deal with him while he figures out what he really wants. I adore him, I tell him…

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So, Today I Met a Boy …

I’m getting old and my teenage crush moments are few and far between these days, and that’s the explanation I’m giving for writing what is probably going to be a pathetic excuse for a blog post. In advance, soz. I met a boy. We’ve been speaking for a while, after meeting on Plenty of Fish, and I’ve decided to call him One Ball. Why? Because he’s only got one ball. He was born that way, apparently, and he’s quite forward when it comes to talking about it. he’s quite forward…

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Biting Me in the Ass!

Today, all the man-juggling I’d been doing recently turned around and bit me right on the ass. We all knew it was going to happen eventually, right? I’m still up in the air with the whole My Mr. Grey thing, but since he couldn’t make up his mind what was going on and left me dangling, I figured I’d get on with life. Not in a deliberate I’m-going-to-find-someone-new way, but in a carry-on-like-before way. But it’s all gotten a little bit … complicated.   THE GUY I COULDN’T GET RID…

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I Asked the Question… And Got No Answers!

I decided it was finally time for me to stop being a pussy, bite the bullet, and actually ask My Mr. Grey – OUTRIGHT – what the deal was between us. I huffed and I puffed and I paced the room a hundred times or more, typing out the message, rewriting it, deleting the entire thing and then starting all over from scratch again. It was nerve-wracking. I know we’ve discussed how we feel already, and how we both want it to go further, but now it really comes down…

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The Truth about Long-Distance Relationships

I haven’t blogged for a while, and let me tell you why: NOTHING has happened. Literally nothing. Nada. There’s nothing going on in my life. Boring. I still haven’t had *that conversation* with My Mr. Grey, so things are still floating in the air like a stinking fart. In my head, we’re in a relationship, so I’m not actively pursuing anyone else. It’s been a month since I last saw him and I’ve not had sex at all since then. It feels like it’s been a year, not a month.…

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I Did It!!!!

So, folks, I’ve got something to tell you all and I think you’ll be very proud of me. Actually, I have three quite exciting things to tell you. Are you ready? One: I’m in a relationship … kinda. Two: I told My Mr. Grey exactly how I felt about him. Three: He told me that he felt the same. Just give me a moment while I jump up and down on the spot and scream with flipping glee. Give me another moment. Imma need it.   It started when I…

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I Said No to Sex?

I think I still have it bad for My Mr. Grey. I can’t get him out of my head, still. I had an invitation from The Guy I Couldn’t Get Rid Of to go and sit in his backyard and watch a meteor shower, which is an invitation I usually would say yes in a heartbeat too, but I couldn’t face going over there. I knew what it would mean if I did: we would sit in his garden and drink a beer, smoke a bit, start making out, and…

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