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Anal FOMO: My 30-Something Anal Crisis

  It’s been 17 months. That’s how long Bear and I have been together. Something like that. He keeps count more meticulously than I do. I’m useless with dates. I’m useless with most things that are important, especially as far as numbers are concerned. 17 months doesn’t sound like that long when you think about it. At the same time, it’s the longest time in the world. We moved in together way too early — around the six-month mark — but I wouldn’t say it hindered us at all. It…

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Bear My Dating Life NSFW / Sex 

“Let’s Try Anal!”

Everyone everywhere seems to be talking about anal sex and I keep thinking I should probably have my input. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it a few times over the last four years or so, maybe I should go back and read what I’ve written before? But what’s the big deal all of a sudden? I mean, I know it’s always been a big deal but recently, with boys and girls included, it seems to be the main topic of conversation. Oh, this post is #NSFW by the way. I’ve only…

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Slut: Analysed

So, the hangover seems to have subsided somewhat and I’ve had some time to focus and think back over the stuff that happened on my date. I am genuinely not impressed with my dumbass behaviour. I shouldn’t have slept with him. I shouldn’t have acted the way I did. He’s been regaling me with tales of our night (and enjoying it a little too much for my liking, too) but I’m not sure where Little Miss Promiscuous came from. I need to put her back in the cage she clearly…

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Everything BUTT… (Yes, I’m talking about anal sex)

Sometimes I come across a blog post so brilliant, I have to share it and today it happened to me again. Life of a Lover Girl posted I’m anal about anal but(t) and I found myself empathising with every word she said. Anal is something I’m not all that into. With The Guy I Couldn’t Get Rid Of, I made it a feature too early on in the relationship so it was the be-all and end-all of our sex life towards the end. He wasn’t small in the trouser department…

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