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A Blast of a Third Date

“Get down on the ground!” I watched him fall to the floor, not quite knowing what to do. There was a lot of commotion around me, but the alarm hadn’t gone off yet. That was usually the first thing to alert us to the danger — loud, repetitive, and every bit as frightening as the event it was used to signify. “Get down on the ground!” he shouted at me again. I still had the strange, whistling sound we’d just heard in my head, replaying over and over and drowning…

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Big Love My Dating Life 

Big Love – The Tale. Meet Number 37

I realised something today. I talk about Big Love a lot in this blog, but I don’t think I’ve ever really told you the full story of him, just the horrible, bitter, jealous, ranting, whining breakup bits. And those really are NOT the best bits of our story. Not by HALF. Our love story was insane. And I mean literally insane. You should hear it. We first met in a war zone. An actual war zone, not a metaphorical one. We were both civilian contractors, him from one side of…

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