Jock My Dating Life NSFW / Sex True Tales 

The Tale of the 24 Hour Third Date

Jock and I went on our third date. It was wonderful. We went camping and all this cute shit happened and YES WE FUCKED AND I KNOW THAT’S WHAT YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW. He agreed to get everything sorted as I had work during the day — and that’s just what he did. He found the cutest little campsite, organised it so that it would be just us on the site, sorted out a tent, grabbed food and beers, and even decorated the tent and surrounding space with solar-powered…

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Jock My Dating Life 

The Tale of the 11 Hour First Date

So … yeah, I went on a date with Jock. The date ended up being 11 hours long. I had so much fun with him I didn’t realise where the time had gone, and neither did he. Peeps, I’m in SERIOUS trouble. Our date was cute, cheap, and very cheerful. We chose the arcades and some seaside fun, making plans to eat ice cream and paddle on the beach and frolic in the sunshine. He tried to win me a toy at the arcades, on the grabber machines, but he…

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My Dating Life NSFW / Sex One Ball True Tales 

The Art of Blowjobs: The Bikini Wax That Got Me There!

So, do you remember me telling you about my little problem with One Ball? I couldn’t make him cum in my mouth, that was the problem. It wasn’t anything big or super problematic or anything, but it was a big deal to me. Well, it’s not so much of a big deal anymore … ? I’ll start at the beginning. I had my first ever bikini wax, peeps. That first rip of the strip from my poor vagina hurt more than I ever could describe to you, and then there’s…

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My Dating Life NSFW / Sex One Ball True Tales 

The Riding Crop

  “Is that your boyfriend over there?” my work colleague asked me, pointing to the door. “Oh my fucking god, yes it is. Why’s he still dressed like that … ?” On the first night that One Ball was at mine, he decided that he would pick me up from work still wearing his military uniform. “I know you’re not done for another fifteen minutes, but take a look in that bag and give it some thought while I go and grab us a couple of coffees,” was all One…

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Big Love My Dating Life The Almost-Arrested Guy 

Bad First Dates: The Almost-Arrest

I *HATE* online dating, but it seems to be one of the only ways that I can meet men these days. I meet a lot of people in my job, men and women, some of which are actually quite attractive, but they’re always married, taken, not interested, or gay. It’s not exactly the right kinda setting to be exchanging phone numbers, and I’m also fairly certain that I could get fired for hitting on someone while at work. It’s there in the handbook, I’m sure of it. I find myself…

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My Dating Life One Ball 

L-Word Urges

I keep having these L-word urges, people. I’ve wanted to say the L-word to One Ball at every moment of every day, for the last few days. It’s literally all I can think about. *He’s* all I can think about. And … I think he might feel the same. I sure hope he does. We’ve had a few really good chats the past couple of days. Text chats, I mean. We send love heart emojis in our text messages, and just the other day, we were messing around when he…

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My Dating Life The Fireman The Tie-Me-Up Guy 

When Was Your First Time … ? (Part Four: Heartbreak)

Yep, still carrying on with those firsts again. Carrying on from the kissing and sex stuff in Part One, and the first loves in Part Two, and my first great love in Part Three, I’m now moving on to heartbreak. Oh, the heartbreak!   MY FIRST HEARTBREAK I’ll never forget the first my heart broke over a boy, but it wasn’t actually a boy’s actions that caused the heartbreak … it was my own. It was nothing particularly big or spectacular, but I remember it plain as day, as though…

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Big Love My Dating Life The Hubby 

When Was Your First Time … ? (Part Three: Great Love)

I’m carrying on with my list of firsts again. (Soz if you’re bored.) Just in case you missed them, I discussed everything from kissing to anal and sexual awakenings in Part One, and falling in love for the first time (twice) in Part Two. In this one – Part Three – I want to talk about my first great love …   MY FIRST GREAT LOVE There are definitely differences between your first love and your first GREAT love. “Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love,” as Carrie says in…

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My Dating Life Number 1: My First Boyf The Bad Memory The Tie-Me-Up Guy 

When Was Your First Time … ? (Part Two: Loves)

Following on from my list of firsts, I decided to talk about my first loves. Before I continue, I need to warn you that this post contains talk of the following: controlling partners, domestic violence, cheating.   MY FIRST LOVE I have problems choosing my first love. I thought I was in love with all of the boys I dated in my younger years, but looking back now, after the bigger and better love affairs I’ve had, I know it wasn’t love at all; it was infatuation. Young obsession. Teenage…

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My Dating Life Number 1: My First Boyf The Boy On Pills The Tie-Me-Up Guy 

When Was Your First Time…? (Part One)

There’s nothing like a good bit of reminiscing about past lovers when you’re experiencing a dry spell in the sex/love department. That’s what I did today, at work, talking about firsts. Those moments in life that change it forever. You know the ones I mean: the first kiss, first fuck, first sexually awakening moment, first heartbreak, yadda, yadda. I thought it might make for a good blog post. Plus, I’m in the mood to talk about it and reminisce some more, so I apologise in advance if this gets a…

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