My Dating Life NSFW / Sex One Ball Toy Time [Reviews] True Tales 

Night 1: Electro-Sex

It’s time, peeps. Following on from my safe-for-work last post, I’m bringing you all of the smutty details from my four days of frivolous fucking with One Ball, and I’m just going to dive right in …  NIGHT 1: ELECTRO-SEX One day, a couple of weeks ago, during a steamy conversation with One Ball, I happened to mention a thing that I wanted to try in the bedroom. I’d seen electro-sex kits [electric shock kits?] online and found myself really intrigued by them, wondering just how zazzy those zaps would…

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My Dating Life Number 1: My First Boyf The Bad Memory The Tie-Me-Up Guy 

When Was Your First Time … ? (Part Two: Loves)

Following on from my list of firsts, I decided to talk about my first loves. Before I continue, I need to warn you that this post contains talk of the following: controlling partners, domestic violence, cheating.   MY FIRST LOVE I have problems choosing my first love. I thought I was in love with all of the boys I dated in my younger years, but looking back now, after the bigger and better love affairs I’ve had, I know it wasn’t love at all; it was infatuation. Young obsession. Teenage…

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