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Meet Number 36

Number 36, also known as The Neighbour’s Husband, was a cute boy. A soldier. Attractive, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and with a handful of tattoos. Some of them were jokey tattoos, designed to be displayed on drunken nights out, like that one on his butt that everyone joked about every time we went out drinking together. He got his butt out a lot. In fact, he did anything it took to make the people around him laugh. Number 36 had an infectious personality. When he was happy and chirpy, which he was…

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My Dating Life One Ball 

I Need a Soldier!

“I know some soldiers in here, where they at, where they at? They wanna take care of me, where they at?” I love that Destiny’s Child song. It’s funny how that came on today, of all days, to remind me of my man-in-uniform obsession … One Ball and I had a conversation this morning about his leaving the military life and rejoining civvie street. The redundancy list was out and his name was on it. Thankfully, he wanted to leave the army anyway, but that redundancy list can be a…

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My Dating Life The Savage Dog Guy 

Bad First Dates: Number 41 – The Savage Dog Guy

I’ve been talking about my online dating experiences in the past couple of posts so I felt it make sense to carry on the theme. After finally realising that Big Love wasn’t ever going to make his mind up and choose me over drugs and other women, and that other men on The Other Side of the World weren’t quite as good as I’d anticipated (or at least the ones I’d met on Plenty of Fish), I packed up my shit, booked myself three flights, and finally found my way…

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My Dating Life The Fireman The Tie-Me-Up Guy 

When Was Your First Time … ? (Part Four: Heartbreak)

Yep, still carrying on with those firsts again. Carrying on from the kissing and sex stuff in Part One, and the first loves in Part Two, and my first great love in Part Three, I’m now moving on to heartbreak. Oh, the heartbreak!   MY FIRST HEARTBREAK I’ll never forget the first my heart broke over a boy, but it wasn’t actually a boy’s actions that caused the heartbreak … it was my own. It was nothing particularly big or spectacular, but I remember it plain as day, as though…

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