how-long-should-you-date-before-you-move-in-together Bear My Dating Life 

How Long Should You Date Before You Move In Together?

Right, I’m going to get right to the heart of the matter. If you’re in a relationship, how long were you dating / in a relationship with your significant other before you started talking about moving in together? If you’re not in a relationship, feel free to answer the same questions with your thoughts and opinions. I’m trying to get a good gauge for this, but the answers seem to be so different from everyone I ask. My sister and her fiancee have been together for more years than I…

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how-does-he-have-this-hold-over-you Bear Brown Eyes My Dating Life 

“How Does He Have This Hold Over You?”

I hate it when Bear asks me questions like that, and he always catches me off guard when asking them too. It’s like he knows. He waits until I’m comfortable and safe and then BOOM. Awkward question time. I’m too lazy and comfortable to think of something off-the-cuff, and out comes the truth. I’m no good at lying. I never have been. “I genuinely don’t know. I really don’t know. I don’t know how to answer that question.”  Honesty is the best policy, right? Nope, probably not in this particular…

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heres-whats-been-happening Bear Brown Eyes My Dating Life 

Here’s What’s Been Happening …

Why does everything happen when my blog breaks? I say my blog broke, it was my own fault. Something about hosting and a bunch of other shit I don’t understand. It’ll be back soon, but in the meantime I’ll just be sat here storing away post after post. As soon as it comes back, I’ll share them all. I will. Although I say that every time yet I seem to have a hundred and one blog posts here that I started to work on but never quite found the time or…

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come-and-help-me Bear My Dating Life NSFW / Sex 

Come and Help Me!

It feels like I should update you with my Bear progress. Following on from our incredibly embarrassing almost-ambulance incident, I really ought to bring you some sort of kink-related post, but there’s a good chance this will be more vomit-inducing than boner-provoking. I spent three days at Bear’s house, and although we had that slight glitch on the first night, things were pretty decent-flowing after that. Well, apart from a slight incident involving a bottle of vegetable oil. Let’s have a chat about that, shall we? “Erm … What have…

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babe-do-you-want-me-to-call-you-an-ambulance Bear Girl Health - It's Important! My Dating Life 

Babe, Do You Want Me to Call You an Ambulance?

Okay, so the title is a tad dramatic, but I’ll get to that in a moment. I shall start today’s tale by telling you I’m sat at Bear’s dining room table, Mac in front of me, his rock music playing in the background. I’m drinking my coffee, tapping away, as happy as a pig in shit. Bear is sat the other side of the table opposite me, and his son is on the couch, who I met two days ago for the first time by the way. It’s pretty epic.…

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Inflated … Ego? Bear My Dating Life NSFW / Sex 

Inflated … Ego?

I don’t know if there is a right or wrong time to talk about this. I don’t even know if I want to talk about it at all. But my fingers are tapping so I’m going with the flow, and right now I want to talk about a little problem called erectile dysfunction. “So … um … I had a little problem before. Well, um, I guess you could call it a big problem. But, yeah, I couldn’t … um … get it, well, you know … up. But I…

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Bear My Dating Life NSFW / Sex True Tales 

A Bit of Halloween Face-Painting

I was wearing sweat pants. Not just any sweat pants, but the ones I dye my hair in. If we were getting crazy with makeup and fake blood, I didn’t want to do it in my jeans. That’s my defence for wearing my skanky pants around him, anyway. I was also sporting the white vest-top that I dye my hair in, hair tied back, no makeup on (because he was just about to do it all for me), I was hardly at my sexiest. But there was something about it…

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Bear My Dating Life 

One Night Turned Into Three Nights

Do you remember I said a while back, probably in one of my last relationships, about a moment in the early stages of a relationship when something just “clicks” into place? Like all of a sudden you’re no longer dating … you’re in a relationship. Things just “click” into place and you find yourself doing “normal” things together, rather than just the date-stuff you’d usually do to try and impress your potential new other half. Well, that moment happened in the last few days with my beautiful Bear. Because I’m starting…

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all-clear Bear My Dating Life 

All Clear.

So …. Remember I said that dating a schizophrenic would be easy? Famous last words, right? Okay, admittedly I’m being a tad overdramatic here, but Bear is pissing me off a tad. Just a tad though, nothing to worry about. Yet. I’ve been super busy, and pretty under the weather too. There was nothing wrong, I just go through phases where I want to be left alone. I don’t want to go out and socialise with people. I don’t want to listen to how great other people’s lives are going.…

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sometimes-only-a-cockll-doodle-do Bear My Dating Life NSFW / Sex 

Sometimes Only a Cock’ll (Doodle) Do

He just left. Bear just left. I’m sad. He didn’t make me walk him to the train station because he remembered the way, plus he knew I wanted nothing more than to put my PJ’s on and crawl into bed to tap the rest of the day away in peace and quiet. It had been a long couple of days. He’s so good to me. I didn’t want him to go. We had such a great evening and night last night, grocery shopping for picnics in bed, complete with crumbs…

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