Where are Your Manners, G?

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Where Are Your Manners, G?

I want to talk about a man who I’m going to call G. G is … a competitor, I guess. We’re in the same ‘biz’. Some might say we’re even colleagues, digitally, at least. We’re about the same age, I think. He’s better at his job than I am, or so I thought. He’s doing better than I am — more followers, more popular, blah, blah, blah.

But he’s a fucking idiot.

G is a man I’ve followed for a while. I’ve been doing the job longer than he has, but he was one of the people I looked up to. He always seemed to know what he was talking about (more than me), and he always seemed to help where he could. I thought he was a nice guy. A friendly guy. I liked him. In totally different scenarios, we probably would have ended up in bed together, but I don’t think it would have amounted to much. He’s not bad looking, although he does look EXACTLY the same as every other guy in this ‘biz’. He’s a bit … blah. Like he could use a bit of seasoning. A touch of sarcasm here, some wit there, perhaps a pinch of sex appeal and lashings of humour to top things off? I just find him a bit generic, I guess?

Anyway, G and I met recently. We’ve been in the same circle for a few years now and we found ourselves at the same event a few months back. I’d taken Bear, of course, because I’d get lost if I tried to do it alone. We almost got lost together, and then there was that very disappointing Costa iced coffee incident … Traumatic.

I knew G was going to be at the event. I think I may have mentioned him a few times because he was very clearly on Bear’s radar. You know the one — he gets carried away with all these make-believe situations in his head and I put them right once he’s eventually exploded over them. I’ve learned the pattern now. Bear’s quite predictable for someone so totally unpredictable.

On my way to the event, G sent me a message to ask me if I’d arrived yet (because I’m late for EVERYTHING), and then told me he had a little gift for me. I replied, telling him I was on my way and would hunt him out when I got there. Luckily, it wasn’t very busy and I found him virtually right away.

The event itself was a bit of a disaster. Bear and I left after an hour. One of the massive contributing factors to this early departure was G. He came over and we said our awkward hello’s, and then I introduced Bear. There was a quick handshake and we sat down for a few minutes, G giving me my work-related “gift” (it wasn’t really a gift, just a product passed along) and talking about biz-stuff. He didn’t look at Bear. He didn’t really try to include him, but I let that pass. Bear’s not the kind of guy you fuck with. He looks … well, a certain way. Gruff. Like a bear.

And then, G did the thing that G shouldn’t have done. He kinda told me he had a hotel room. Kinda quietly. Kinda in a way that could have meant something, and kinda in a way that didn’t.

Where are Your Manners, G?

I took it as the way that didn’t mean anything, seeing as my mean-as-fuck looking, we-live-together boyfriend was right behind me. We made some awkward excuses and split, Bear and I going one way, G going the other.

G, Bear and I bumped into each other a couple of times as we did the walk-around, and G didn’t look at us, or me, once. He didn’t even acknowledge me, even after I’d smiled at him. Bear picked up on it immediately. It took me a couple of times to notice for myself. It definitely happened though. It was a deliberate avoidance. It certainly seemed that way.

Once I’d done the rounds and realised the rest of the event was sufficiently shit, Bear and I left. I DM’d G, letting him know we’d left but thanking him again for the “gift”. After grabbing a coffee, Bear and I did some walking, and then he brought up G again.

G has a thing for me, apparently, and he clearly didn’t expect me to turn up to the event with my boyfriend. Bear heard the hotel room comment and felt it was highly inappropriate. Those are my words. I won’t repeat what he actually said.

Now, we all know that Bear overreacts to a lot of stuff. That’s just the way he is and I accept that. I love him for it. Sometimes, it’s even quite funny. I thought this time was one of those times, where he’d overreacted and read too much into the generic guy’s chit-chat with me. That was until G ignored my we-left-but-thanks message … for 3 days. That’s odd behaviour, by the way. Very un-G-like.

Since then, the communication between us has been a bit weird. There was one odd little flirty moment on the Twittersphere that I didn’t quite understand. It was public, for a start, and definitely overly flirtatious. I happen to know he has a girlfriend. In fact, we all know he has a girlfriend. He’s publicly spoken about her. Jokingly or otherwise, sometimes his flirtatious banter gets a little too close to the line. If I were G’s girlfy, I probably wouldn’t be happy. And, before you think I’m overreacting, it’s not just me he’s doing it to. I’ve seen the late-night ‘likes’ and close-to-the-bone responses to other girls too.

The nice, friendly, helpful guy is just a slug. Ugh, ain’t that always the way?

Where are Your Manners, G? 2

The thing that popped the cherry on the top for me was when he commented saying he didn’t know how to do something. I knew how to do it. To be fair, he should have known too, if he knows his job half as well as he says he does. I told him, and the other person he was talking to, how to do what they wanted to do.

I. Was. Ignored.

By both of them.

(The other person [girl, with 100 x more followers than both G and I combined] has ignored my existence for years. I don’t really know why, but I’m past caring.)

There were responses to other people though. He even posted a few things himself, including some more flirty banter that his girlfriend probably wouldn’t have approved of. But, when I gave him the answer to something he didn’t know, he completely ignored me. He used my advice and then ignored me. For, like, the 10th time?

Where are your manners, G? I think the words you’re looking for are, “Thank you.”

The next morning, I followed up.

“Hey! Did you fix it?”

“Yep. I’m not going to do that though. I just won’t do it. I do it a different way anyway.”


Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a few things, although I might be overreacting. He’d always used a certain style of something and then, out of nowhere, he started using a brand new style of something … The same style of something that I’d started using, a few months before that.

I also improved the quality of a few things by investing in some decent equipment, and I noticed that the quality of some of his stuff was starting to improve in exactly the same ways. In fact, there were quite a few little things that seemed coincidentally similar to my new little things, usually following a couple of weeks or months after my changes. It’s starting to piss me off, especially as he’s being such an ignorant little fuck at the same time. He’s stealing my great ideas and then being a cunt to me.

Of course, this entire situation has just pissed me off daily, my irritation growing with each little ignorant, cunty brush-off. Bear now thinks that G is a really big deal for me … in *that* way. For the record, G isn’t even on the radar in *that* way. He’s just this big fucking annoyance who I think might be stealing my goddamn ideas and mugging me off at the same time. Like when a girl pisses you off and then everything she does just irritates the actual buggery out of you.

Oh, look at her, sitting there eating her biscuits and shit. How dare she? I hate her.

Just like that.

Anyway, I just felt like I needed to rant a little bit. You know how people just irritate the crap outta me sometimes …

Hope you’re all having a great day! Thanks for listening. Well, reading.


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