31 Fun Facts About Me 

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31 Fun Facts About Me

It started at 30 and now it’s 31. Why? Because it took me over twelve months to finish the damn thing. I don’t know if you want to know more about me, but I’ve decided to bring you 31 fun facts to celebrate a recent birthday. Oh yeah, and there’s that making myself post all the stuff I don’t because I’m a blogger and that’s what I’m meant to do thing too. (See > What’s Goin’ On?) I’d love it if I could inspire you to write some fun facts about you too. Share your link in the comments below, if you do. Tell me more about you!

But, for now, it’s all about ME!

31 Fun Facts About Me

1. I was a little ballet dancer and I always wanted to be the star of the show.

2. I seriously girl crush hard on the following:

  • Lexy Panterra’s butt
  • Kylie Jenner
  • Bailey Sarian
  • Jemma Lucy
  • Olivia Buck

I won’t apologise for any of them.

3. I am the biggest animal lover you’ll ever meet …

4. … but I won’t go vegan. I don’t think eating animals is cruel. I think there are cruel practices and once I find out about them, I stop eating or using whatever it causing that bad stuff to happen. But I don’t think eating animals is cruel. I think its just nature. Sharks eat shrimp and other fish. People eat chickens and pigs. Mmmm. Bacon.

31 Fun Facts About Me

5. I love bacon. I want my bacon burned to a crisp. The blacker the better. I can’t stand the wet, slimy fat you get around the outside of the bacon. I’ll turn down bacon if it looks like that. I’m not particular about what brand or smoked / unsmoked variety I get, but it needs to look appetising. That’s almost burned and crispy as you like for me.

6. I have a serious caffeine addiction. When I had a “real job”, I could easily get through three or four big barista-style coffees in an eight hour shift, and that’s after the two cups of tea I’d need to leave the house, and the cup of tea I’d need to have ready and waiting for when I come home at the end of the day. Now I work from home, and the kettle is on so often to make me tea and coffee, it’s rarely left to go cold.

7. I’ve only ever seen one Star Wars movie – the first one that was ever released. I can’t remember the name because I didn’t pay that much attention. The only reason I watched that one was because Bestie said he’d buy me Irregular Choice X Star Wars shoes if I did. I still haven’t got the shoes, so I’m refusing to watch the rest of them.

8. One of my all-time favourite movies is Dog Soldiers. I think I have a little bit of a crush on Sean Pertwee, who I also noticed was in Cold Feet – one of my all-time favourite TV shows. I get obsessed with TV shows and movies. I have been known to watch an entire show, eight seasons or more, in just a couple of weeks. Back to back, it’s the only thing I’ll watch when I’m in “work mode”. It drove Bear mad when I watched Dexter over and over again at his house, and I’m going to be honest, I couldn’t give a shit in the slightest.

9. I don’t just binge watch TV shows, I’m a huge documentary fan too. I love animal documentaries, preferably Attenborough-based, but I’ll watch anything. I’ve seen everything there is to watch about ants around the world on Youtube, but it’s not just animal stuff. I’m totally obsessed with space stuff. I love learning about black holes and all sorts of things I will NEVER understand. It started when I didn’t understand what they were talking about on The Big Bang Theory, and my interest never went away. When I go outside to smoke, I always look up at the stars and check out what constellations I can see, and what planets too. It’s amazing how often you can see a planet right there in the night sky. If there’s a meteor shower, I’ll be the one camped out in the back garden waiting for them. Bestie and I once spent three hours out there, in the middle of the night, and we saw so many shooting stars during a meteor shower, I cried because it was so beautiful.

31 Fun Facts About Me

10. I live in glasses. I used to hate wearing them, but now I’ve found them to be a comfort blanket of sorts. I wear sunglasses when it’s sunny enough to get away with it, and when it’s not I’ll wear my regular glasses. Even though I know they don’t hide my face, it feels like they do, and whenever I’m nervous, uncomfortable or intimidated, I always feel better when I’ve put my glasses on. Weird right?

11. I earn a lot more money than I thought I did. I genuinely have no idea where it goes either. I think I have a serious and compulsive spending problem, but rather than cutting back on spending when I do realise that, I just work more so that I can afford my lifestyle. Whatever works.

12. I really need to get out and make some new friends. I’ve realised that recently – I have very few friends that I actually socialise with. It’s even more so the case now Bestie and I have seemingly parted ways, and he’s taking everyone I thought was my friend with him. I’m worried it’s a little bit like that film I can never remember the name of. The one where a man and woman are getting married but he doesn’t have any friends, so he needs to go out and hunt himself down a brand new best man and best friend. That’s what it’ll be like when I get married. I have been so sick over the last couple of years, and / or working like a damn maniac, I used to decline the invitations I did get, and I’ve done it so often now that people no longer invite me. Of course, crippling anxiety hasn’t helped. I should talk about my mental health issues more.

13. Speaking of Bestie, I’m secretly seriously jealous of his new girlfriend, to the point where I don’t think I ever want or could meet her. It’s probably for the best that our relationship has taken such a downward spiral. I don’t think any girl would ever be good enough for him, and even when I look at pictures of her now, I still don’t get it. I know I can’t say anything though, so I don’t, and I genuinely don’t know why it affects me so much. Losing him out of my life has been seriously hard-hitting. I don’t want to date the guy, so why the jealousy and bitterness?

Plus … there’s that whole What Would YOU Do? thing and all.

14. Coming up with 30 random facts about yourself is super hard. See what I did there? I cheated … 😉

15. I’m so worried about upsetting people on my blog that these days, that I often don’t say half the things I want to say. I once had a rather nasty (and totally misunderstood) encounter with a beauty / dating and lifestyle blogger, and I think the whole thing dented me a lot more than I thought it would at the time. I constantly find myself wondering if I should find better words or terminology for the things I want to say, and because of that I have a hundred and one blog posts on my laptop that I don’t think I’m ever going to publish. I don’t know when that started happening either. I’ve never given a shit what I said on here. I don’t know when I started to care so much, and it really annoys me. I’m so open-minded, and I have no filter between my brain and my mouth. So why can’t I say all the things I would once have said?

16. In almost everything I do online, I’m anonymous. Or as anonymous as I can make myself. I have a number of websites, all in different niches, and some of them are actually quite popular. They earn me a decent amount of money and everyone tells me I’m doing a really great job with them, but for some reason I still can’t put my face to the name. My life is so very complicated – each website with it’s own little persona. I don’t know why I’m so afraid to put my face to any of the things I want to say. I do know that it’s getting mighty exhausting trying to remember a bunch of different passwords for stuff, and always having to carry around two phones. It’s that constant fear of not being good enough.

31 Fun Facts About Me

17. I’ve always wanted to be a “published author”. I’ve always wanted to write a book, but I genuinely have no idea what kind of book I would write. Based on my blog, I always thought I would write something erotica or rom-com based, but every time I’ve tried to start those books I’ve never been able to finish them. I know there’s a book in there somewhere, I just don’t know what genre of book it would be. I don’t know what genre I belong in. I have my fingers in so many pies all the time. I have a bunch of things I seem to be good at, but I don’t know what I am the BEST at. Until I figure that out, I don’t think that book is going to come.

18. I can’t stand ketchup. I don’t like tomatoes at all. I have mayonnaise in burgers. All of them, even the meat ones. I don’t like oven chips, salad, or green beans. Apart from that I eat pretty much everything vegetable you can think of, and I have a particular love for brussels sprouts and cabbage. I’m a real old-school food kinda gal. If it was the kind of thing your Grandma would make, I’ll eat it. Her congress tarts were the BEST. And don’t even get me started on the cheese scones. RIP Grandma. I miss your baking! (For the record, it would have been her birthday today. Happy Birthday, Grandma!)

*It took me over a year to finish writing this post though – that was back in March 2016!

19. I can’t work out if I’m an extrovert or an introvert. I crave my own time so much, I’m fearful about moving in with a partner. I love my own time. I love being able to get up at whatever time I want, 1pm if necessary. I love being able to work until 3 or 4 in the morning, and crawl into bed without worrying about waking anyone up. I like getting lost in my own thoughts over the laptop, no lights on and music quietly playing in the background. At the same time, however, I crave human interaction so much. I’m so terribly lonely. Not all the time, but sometimes. It’s like I don’t know what I am, or who I am for that matter. I’m tee-total but sometimes I really want to get dressed up, fall over in my stupidly high heels, and get totally smashed. If I make an ass out of myself, so be it. Sometimes I just want to do it. Until I actually do it, of course, and then I regret every moment of the evening. That’s why I’m tee-total. I prefer it. At least then I can’t turn into a monster.

(This was written BEFORE I moved in with Bear obviously.)

20. I hate my teeth. My six year old face made contact with a solid metal bar at school, and one of my front teeth has always been a bit wonky. People tell me it’s not so bad, but to me it is. I try to keep my teeth as white as possible, but recently they’ve not been as white as I think they usually are. My “sicknesses” came with a lot of vomiting, and you know what that does to your teeth. I’m in between getting Invisalign braces and some serious dental teeth-whitening, or going for veneers. I keep changing my mind – one and then the other. But I do know this much, I hate my teeth.

21. I’m a vaper and a stoner. Ex-smoker. I whole-heartedly self medicate with dope. It helps to soothe my anxiety, my insomnia, and my depression. I reach for a joint like most people reach for a cigarette when they’re stressed out. People never know that about me, and you’d never guess to look at me. When I tell people, they’re so shocked they don’t believe me. But I am. I’m a stoner. I actually love it. Bear, Brown Eyes and Jock have all told me I’m utterly adorable when I’m stoned, and it helps to turn me from a raging, hormonal, pissed off woman to … well, a giggly mess sometimes, a slightly less raging, hormonal, pissed off woman at others. I’m not ashamed of it. My parents know. I think it should be legalised. Being a “pothead” … Well, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been! (Pun intended.)

31 Fun Facts About Me

22. I’ve got a few facial piercings. For a while I’ve been debating on taking some or all of them out. Why? Because I’m 30. I don’t know if I’m “too old” for that kind of thing now. And no, I don’t mean by society’s standards, I mean by my own standards. I love them. I really, really do love every single one of them, but maybe I’m a bit over them? The only problem is I feel completely naked without them. Like a “plain Jane”. I look extraordinary now, but that’s because I’m colourful and pierced. I don’t know if I’m ready to go back to being a “regular” grown up. I like crazy hair and piercings and tattoos. But am I too old? Ugh. Circles.

23. Monday is 100% my favourite day of the week. You can go right ahead and hate me now, but I couldn’t care less. On Mondays everyone else goes back to work and I get the house to myself again. I get left alone. I’m free to wander around without someone trying to strike up a conversation with me. I love that. I love Monday mornings. The sound of Jeremy Kyle starting, drinking a cup of tea in bed, not giving a fuck. I really do love my life sometimes.

24. I absolutely love writing love letters. There’s something about a hand-written letter that fills me with glee. I don’t do it enough – send those beautiful hand-written love letters. Maybe I should find a penpal? Or write to my Nan? I’m sick of emailing all the time. I have a beautiful Parker ink pen here that I’m dying to use.

25. Here’s a fun fact I’m probably going to regret saying … I can go for days without washing my hair. And by days, I mean days. I’m pretty sure I’ve gone for longer than a week. I can get away with wearing my hair down on day one and two, and on day three I can still rock it with waves or curls. Day four and onwards usually requires some sort of updo and some dry shampoo. I know that’s a really disgusting thing to say, but I’m a colourful-haired person. I can’t wash my hair everyday. The hair dye costs would be too much. But being a skank has paid off! My hair is now in better condition than it’s ever been, and for someone who regularly bleaches her hair, that’s quite impressive. Oh, and for the record, I use a shit ton of leave-in Argan oil spray. It leaves my hair deliriously soft.

26. I’m actually a really good cook. I didn’t think I was, but men tell me this all the time so I’m starting to think it might be true. I do have a knack of being able to throw a few ingredients together in the kitchen and put together a pretty decent meal. I’m a handy gal to have around, mostly because I watch so many food porn videos on the internet. Literally … hours of my day gone to Insta-food.

31 Fun Facts About Me

27. I prefer Burger King over McDonalds. I can’t stand McDonalds. I know it’s 100% beef and all that jazz, but I just don’t like the stuff. I worked there for almost two years for my first job. That job, the lifestyle, and the food all suited me back then. None of it suits me now. Burger King, on the other hand, those flame-grilled beauties just make me water at the mouth. Speaking of which, I’m currently waiting on my Burger King to be delivered right now.

Oh, I don’t like Nandos either. There, I said it. I’ve only ever been for one ‘cheeky Nandos’ in my entire life, and I honestly couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. I can’t stand anything with even the slightest bit of spice in it, so I might as well have just gone in there and asked for a slab of chicken. Even the fry-coating stuff had spice in it. No cheeky Nandos for me, and if a guy were to take me there on a date, there would be no callback.

28. My mental health is a mess. Bear thinks I could be somewhere in the borderline personality area. I know I have anxiety. I know I sometimes suffer with depression. I get stressed out over everything, and I know when I’m stressed out too. It gives me the worst stomach cramps. I’m actually doubled over. I also have an awful tendency of vomiting when I get really overemotional. You know those big, heaving sobs? A couple of minutes of those and I’m a vomity mess. Anxiety attacks also make me vomit sometimes, but I haven’t had one of those in a while. That’s what makes me think my depression is playing up lately, rather than my anxiety.

29. I’m one of the most emotional people you’ll ever meet. I cried when I saw Niagara Falls for the first time, simply because it was so breathtakingly beautiful, I didn’t think I’d see anything quite so awe-inspiring ever again. I cry at Emmerdale. I cry at abandoned dog TV commercials. I cry when I’m happy. I cry when I’m sad. I even cry when I’m angry. I don’t know where the tears come from. I’ve never been like this before. I’ve never been an overly-crying person. But recently, over the last two or three years, I’ve become an emotional wreck. Bear laughs at me all the time for it. I literally will cry over anything.

31 Fun Facts About Me

30. I’m currently trying to work out if I really give two shits about being as anonymous as I’ve tried to keep this blog for the last five years. Is it really that important? Who cares if people know who I am? Or what I look like? Some of those 20-something stories though … they’re just cringe-worthy. Would I want someone to go back and read all that stuff? And know it was me? That’s just really scary – like everyone and anyone could go back and get into my head. I didn’t really think about this when I first started the blog, obviously, but then again, I didn’t really expect to still be writing it five years later. I’ve never been known to finish anything in my life. I actually think this blog might be one of my proudest achievements.

31. It took me over a year to complete this post, and I actually have no idea why. I know who I am – ME – so why did it take me OVER A YEAR to finish writing 30 fun facts about myself? That’s why I made it 31 – I’m 31 years old now. It was my birthday a little while back.

Fuck … 31. Where has my life gone? I’m sure I was in my early twenties the last time I checked.

But there you have them – 31 fun facts about me now I’m 31 years old. Maybe I’ll do this every year and compare notes. I’m sure I’ve written something similar before … although it’s been five years now. I often forget what I’ve written about!

One thought on “31 Fun Facts About Me 

  1. karen

    You are NOT Borderline Personality Disordered! Honestly, I read your blog, I know your inner thoughts – you are not! If anything, you are codependent. But you are glorious.

    And hey. I was only in the comments to laugh at how you’ve only seen the first Star Wars movie and don;t remember what it was called – if that was a troll, it was expertly done 🙂

    But whilst I’m here, god, Nandos, one of my nieces once suggested it. Just no.

    Yikes! Maybe your diagnosis is ‘middle aged woman’. If you do a bit of Star Wars watching, you could even graduate to middle aged geek woman.


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