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Rudeness … I can’t stand it. I hate it when people are rude to me, because I don’t think I’m rude to anyone at all. I say nice things to people who serve me in shops, always wishing them a great day, please, thank you, all the rest of it. I tip people, even those who don’t deserve to be tipped. I smile at people, because I like it when people smile at me. You could say that I live in my own little world – my own happy little bubble. I quite like it here. You lot should join me sometime.

But yesterday, I came across a woman so shockingly rude, I actually thought I was making it up. It was one of Bear’s clients (isn’t it always?), and she was a real bitch. She’d arrived with her boyfriend, and she’d recently lost a baby. I know this because she told me … over and over again. About 54 times in two hours to be exact. I don’t even think that was an exaggeration. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for sharing ones pain, but there is such a thing as too much. I wanted to say, “Please stop talking.” Instead, I said, “I’m sorry” over and over again. Because what else can I say? I can’t empathise with her. I lost a baby when I was married, but I didn’t know I was pregnant. I’m also glad that the situation resolved itself in the way it did. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that, but I am. That’s exactly how I feel. I don’t feel her pain. But I do understand that she’s hurting. I am sorry that she’s hurting.

It was another Alpha-Female situation, and one that I wasn’t prepared to go into again. I don’t really know why she was Alpha-Female’ing me at all, if I’m honest, seeing as I was with my fella and she was with hers. That’s the only reason I was there – Bear and her fella thought we might get on quite well. In fact, her fella even said that, and all that she could reply with was a sarcastic laugh and a snort.

In theory, we probably would have gotten along quite well, but her chavvy lip piercing put me off the second she walked in the door, and her even chavvier voice finished off the job. We both enjoy long stints shooting at shit on the Xbox, for example, and we seemed to have a few other things in common. Not that she knew that, of course, as she didn’t let me finish a single sentence. Just like the other Alpha Female bitch, everything was all about her.

I was only half paying attention so things didn’t really get to me as much as they had done the last time one of Bear’s female clients was downright rude to me. Bear picked up on it though. He mouthed, “Are you okay?” to me a few times throughout our time there with the couple, and I couldn’t work out why he kept asking. It wasn’t until later when he said, “She was being a real bitch to you. That’s why I kept asking if you were okay. I was going to say something, but you didn’t seem to care.” 

In reality, I didn’t notice. I was editing videos and doing other work stuff, and her presence was nothing more than a slight irritation. She started to annoy me a little when she hummed along to Ed Sheeran, both out of time and out of tune, but whatever. I just turned the volume up a little more in my headphones and went back to pretending she didn’t exist.

It was after the couple had left that I realized how rude she actually had been, with Bear filling me in on all the little things I’d missed. He’d picked up on her sarcastic snort and laugh, for example, when her fella had suggested we might become friends. He also noticed that she didn’t let me finish a sentence. He pointed out a few other things too. She sat with her back to me the entire time she was there. Even when she was talking at me (vaguely), she still didn’t turn to look at me. She just looked at Bear. Either that or her boyfriend. At one point, he even said that she scowled while I was talking. I held my hand out to her when I first met her, and I thought she hadn’t seen it, but Bear thought she had. The same happened when she left too. Her fella grabbed my hand and shook it warmly, and she went to ignore it again. I wasn’t having it this time though, because I’m a genuinely warm and open person. Plus, fuck her. I took her hand and I shook it.

“It was lovely to meet you, I hope all goes well with you both.” 

I didn’t really try to engage in a conversation with her, mostly because I was working but also because I’d long since figured out she wasn’t a person I would want in my social circle. According to Bear, she just made bitchy remarks. Some of which he thought might have been directed at me.

I didn’t get it. I was nice, I said hi, I offered to make drinks, I smiled, I let them get on with it … What did I do?

Bear thinks that she was used to being the “Alpha Female” in the room whenever they saw him. It was always her, her fella, and Bear before. That’s always the way it went. And now, all of a sudden, there’s a new girl in the room, and as he says … I’m younger, skinnier, funnier, and prettier. Her fella laughed at all my jokes. Not in a pervy way, but in a genuinely nice and friendly way. We actually got on quite well, and he asked questions about some of the things I do. Bear got the impression she didn’t enjoy me talking to him much, and somehow, whenever I was talking with him, the conversation would turn to her and then it would end.

She just seemed really miserable. I put it down to her recent bad news, but Bear said that she’s like it all the time. Her fella is a genuinely lovely bloke, probably too lovely for his own good, and she’s … well, she’s a real bulldog. She orders him around. Not in a sexual, playful way, but in a real, ordering-around kinda way. Even I saw that, with the brief interest I paid towards them as a couple.

I just don’t understand why someone would hate on me like that before they’d even gotten the chance to get to know me. I thought something was off about her, but even with her pain and suffering, was it really right that she acted like that towards me? So bitchily? On MY territory? I didn’t Alpha-Female her in any way, shape or form, so why did she feel the need to Alpha-Female me? I didn’t even have real makeup on. And I hadn’t done my hair. That’s how un-bothered I was by their appearance in my life. So why was I such a big deal to her? Why was she fine towards Bear, slightly bossy towards her boyfriend, and an absolute twatbag to me? For Bear to have said something to me, she must have been a real twatbag. I guess I should start paying more attention?

Anyway, just a little rant I wanted to have. Women really don’t seem to like me much. I don’t get it. I’m a really nice person. I’m sure of it.

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